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Chapter 18: Second Chance

"KAGOME," Inuyasha yelled shaking her. "Wake up, wake up you stupid girl! You better not be playing dead on me or I will kill you."

"Inuyasha it is useless, she will not wake up," said a familiar voice.

"Rin, what are you doing here," asked Shippo jumping off of Kirara.

"The moment has come, everything has gone according to my vision. Inuyasha, that time I was talking about earlier has come, you will be granted a second chance, use it well," Rin advised.

"Huh? What are you talking about," Inuyasha questioned her.

"Oh Fluffy!"

Inuyasha stared at his older brother. "I can't believe you let her call you that. It degrades all of us dog demons."

"You're lucky I am helping you brat. Give me your hand," Sesshomaru demanded holding out his hand.

"Sesshomaru, your not secretly gay are you? Or you're not the type that is into raping their little brothers?"

Sesshomaru snatched Inuyasha's hand and let out a blue light. He looked around, "Ok it is 3 a.m., now you were sleeping at the hotel right?"

"What the fuck has happened, no one is here, 3.am.!?!"

"I hold the power to control time, or do you not listen?"

"Meaning, Kagome is alive now!"

"Precisely, but there is a catch to this. We must not be seen, time is a dangerous thing to mess with." Sesshomaru threw Inuyasha's hand down, "I will be watching you, don't do something stupid."

"Like I would!" Inuyasha dashed back off to the Water Park. 'I can't screw this up, Kagome's life is on the line.' Quickly running up the steps to their room he opened the door to see himself on Kagome. All of a sudden he growled, 'Wait, am I getting jealous of myself?' He tiptoed in there as Kagome slid under himself. 'I can get a front view of her changing...AH I am becoming Miroku! She knows I am here, well just in case if she does...' Inuyasha quickly pulled himself under the bed.

"Is someone there," Kagome asked whipping around. She looked down to see no Inuyasha there. Kagome stood up looking around, then she turned around putting her clothes back on.

'That was a close one.' Then Inuyasha heard his name and looked right into the eyes of Kagome. 'Shit, she wasn't suppose to see me!'

"Inuyasha, are you alright," Kagome asked concerned.

"I'm fine, really," he replied.

"What are you hiding from me," asked Kagome suspicious.

"Nothing," Inuyasha replied stubbornly.

"If you tell me, I will massage your ears again for you," Kagome offered smiling.

"Massage my ears! Really!" Inuyasha's eyes sparkled with excitement. "Uh, I mean no." His ears drooped a little, because he turned down a massage. 'Damn the stupid time thing, when I get you Kagome, after Naraku dies...' Then all of a sudden his thoughts were interuppted as he felt fingers on his ears, scratching this way and that. 'I can't let her know this is getting to me.' A feeling in his chest kept rising, so, he let it go. He purred.

"Inuyasha you can tell me anything, really." Kagome pressed herself against him while rubbing his ears. "I got to go to the bathroom, be right back."

'I got to hide, before she does something else, she could seduce me or something. Well on second thought I could...NO I got to hide!' Inuyasha saw himself crawling out from under the bed, so he ducked under the bed. 'Why is the other me going towards the bathroom, I hope Kagome locked it.'

"Let me see that," the other Inuyasha said reaching for what Kagome was holding.

'Aw, yes I should be in pain right about...CRASH!!! now.' Inuyasha saw Kagome run for all he was worth. He took a quick glance in the bathroom, 'man, shit that looks painful. Well I got to tell the other me or what not to go after Kagome.' Inuyasha put on his most feminine voice and shook himself. "Inuyasha, you got to go after Kagome, she ran away!"

"Sango," the other Inuyasha stirred. "Your voice sounds like a male's."

"I have a bad cough." 'Great excuse.' "Get up and go after Kagome, me and Miroku will follow." With that said Inuyasha ran out of there before the other him woke up and found he wasn't Sango, but himself. Inuyasha then saw himself run out of the water park and followed in quick suite.

"Good, you haven't screwed up yet," a familair voice said from beside him.

"I told you I wouldn't do anything stupid," Inuyasha scoffed.

"Yes, you did, you were noticed by Kagome," Sesshomaru pointed out.

"Well the way she was rubbing me ears was well worth it!" Inuyasha saw the look on Sesshomaru's face. "Oh crap I said that out loud didn't I?"

"Yes, you are very stupid indeed brother."

"Half Brother," Inuyasha corrected automatically. Inuyasha continued following Kagome and watched the scene happen before him. He saw Naraku choking Kagome. "Ka-"

"Idiot, don't you dare say anything to give away our spot," Sesshomaru whispered harshly at him.

"But he is choking Kagome," Inuyasha exclaimed. "You can't expect me to just sit here and do nothing!"

"Yes I can, and you will. When you came here before wasn't your wench winning, we will come in when the other form of your wench starts to get hurt."

Inuyasha saw everything beginning to fold out for him. "That's my Kagome, hit Kikyo good," Inuyasha cheered her on not letting anyone else hear his voice besides Sesshomaru.

"So you remember everything, right," Sesshomaru asked him arching his eyebrow.

"Yeah, it is about damn time too! Won't be going through that again. But Sesshomaru, if Kagome lives then won't the Shikon No Tama continue existing? I mean I understand the other her is the guardian, but if we have her die then Kagome will die too." Inuyasha continued watching his Kagome beating the shit out of Kikyo.

"Not necessarily, we will rid the world of the jewel. You see the other Kagome was created off of Kagome's anger right? Which means that the person doesn't truly exist, that is like a spirit. We will put the spirit to rest," Sesshomaru explained. "Did you get all that, or was that too complicated for you?" Sesshomaru smirked down at the fuming Inuyasha.

"I am not stupid, stupid!"

"Only stupid people call other people stupid."

"Shut up! You're a real wise ass you know that!" (Kyou)

"At least I am not the idiot that got noticed in the hotel when he wasn't suppose to be."

"HA! You called me an idiot, I thought that only stupid people call other people stupid," Inuyasha mocked Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru simply just hit the back of Inuyasha's head and continued watching the fighting scene. Then he saw Kikyo get knocked out and the assassin throw daggers at Naraku pinning him to the wall. 'She is going to leap at him now.' "Inuyasha."

"I am on it." "Hey assassin move it, I will take over from here," Inuyasha yelled running towards them and unsheathing his sword.

# I can do it.# She then felt herself shoved behind Inuyasha. #Why are you doing this, I am perfectly capable of killing the bastard myself.#

"Shut up and let me protect Kagome," Inuyasha waved the sword calling on the Wind Scar.

Kagome began walking towards him. "Inuyasha, why are you protecting me? I thought you didn't give a rats ass about me."

'I won't let you die again, I am going to set our future together back on course.' "I am protecting you because you're my woman! I love you." Inuyasha swung the sword at Naraku, "WIND SCAR!"

#"You love me."#(Both Kagome's are saying it.)

Inuyasha felt two pairs of arms encircling his arms. He turned around to see both Kagome's. Then he saw the assassin smile and beginning to vanish.

#Thank you, I can finally rest in peace, along with my jewel.# The assassin then vanished leaving everyone else behind.

"Mission complete," said Rin from behind Kagome and Inuyasha. "Congratulations, didn't I tell you I would make Fluffy help you?"

"Yeah, mission accomplished," Inuyasha stuck his thumb up. "Which leaves one thing to do."

"Which is," Kagome questioned him.

"This," Inuyasha took Kagome's hands and placed them on his necklace, slowly removing it from his neck.

"H-hey," Kagome finally realized what was going on.

"Now that thing is off I can say anything I want! Kagome, you suck at fighting. If I didn't come when I did, you would have been killed," Inuyasha stuck his tongue out and began running towards a hill with Kagome in quick pursuit.

"Just wait til I get my hands on you," Kagome threatened chasing him.

The group sighed. "Looks like they are back to fighting again," Shippo sighed shaking his head.

"Maybe there is a day where they won't fight. Where they are nice to each other," Sango thought out loud.

Everyone began imagining.

-Everyone's imagination-

"You know Inuyasha I really misunderstood you," Kagome took Inuyasha's hand.

"No, no it was my fault Kagome, I was the one who didn't understand you," Inuyasha squeezed Kagome's hand.

"Yes, let's be good lovers," Kagome kissed Inuyasha on the lips. (Scene from Fruits Basket, well kind of.)

-End of Imagination-

"On second thought Sango, that is a little scary," Miroku sighed smiling as he saw Inuyasha at some hill.

-Back to Inuyasha and Kagome-

"Oh, get your hands on me huh? Where are you going to put those hands? Which part of my body," Inuyasha said purposely making Kagome getting embarrassed and mad. 'Finally there is the hill.'

"You're not going to like it, when I catch up to you," Kagome threatened then saw Inuyasha abruptly turning around with open arms. She couldn't stop in time and she ran straight smack into his chest, successfully knocking them back down the hill. They rolled until they hit the bottom and Kagome felt herself being pinned beneath Inuyasha.

"Kagome, you can't sit me now can you," he smirked. "Now you can't use the jewel to wish away people's memory. I am tired of being alone; I want to carry all of my memories for the rest of my life, no matter what, with you. For the record Kagome I love you." Inuyasha leaned his head down until their noses were touching. "I couldn't bare it if you died again."

"You remember everything? I died? Did you-" Kagome was cut off as Inuyasha stuck his lips on hers. She felt herself close her eyes enjoying the feeling. She gasped as she felt his tongue licking her mouth.

Inuyasha being Inuyasha took advantage of her gasp and flicked his tongue into her mouth. His tongue being as curious as a little child went everywhere in Kagome's mouth, over each and every crevice, memorizing it. Its wondering came to a stop as another tongue twirled around his. Inuyasha let himself fall onto Kagome gently, pulling her body up against his. His hands began roaming over Kagome's body, they rested underneath her shirt on her back, his fingers crawling up her back. As much as he didn't want to he had to breathe, he pulled back from the kiss and held her to him. "Kagome?"(So I can't write romance, I think. Bare with me . .)

"Yes," she asked hugging him back.

"You know how long I have been waiting to do that?"

"How long?"

"Ever since the first day I met you. I want to stay with you."


"I want to stay with you keeping all of my memories this time."

"Ok," she said again.

"I want to stay with you, with my memories and get to know you better."

"Ok," she said bored. 'I will just keep saying ok, oh well at least he is in my arms.'

"I want to stay with you and have hot and kinky sex."

"O-Hey," Kagome exclaimed her face flaming red.

"Hey, can't blame a guy for trying." Inuyasha picked Kagome up and walked back towards the others.

.........................................................................................................THE END!

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