The Magic of the Earth and the Sky

by Flare Haynekie

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts does NOT belong to me. And neither does the characters from "The Bouncer". The ideas are another story.

Author's notes: Yay! First of all, don't kill me. I know all of you might be waiting for me to finish Linda's story. To those, don't worry. It only need a few phoenix down's to my plot bunnies and I'll be able to make it. Aside that, this is the second version of a fanfic I had written a long time ago, but I found out I don't like it anymore, so I'm remaking it. I know I said I had like a million different fanfics to do, but this one I wanted to write first because Sapphy-chan liked the idea and urged me to write it. So, yeah, this fic is dedicated to her.

Chapter 1 (Prologue): What started this adventure

To my dear husband, Sion,

and to my sweet son, Sora.

If you're reading this, it means that what I've feared has come to pass and I'm no longer able to be with you unless it's in thought. By all means, I wished this would not happen anytime soon, since I know that you two can not live without me to take care of you. Sion, I wish you do not suffer because of me. I was not a dedicated wife, and I've left you to suffer because of me. Sora, you know I love you more than anything. Please take care of yourself. If you wish to cry, then go ahead. I know this is painful for you as it is for me to think of. I never meant to let you down.

I wish for you both to smile as you've always done. And I wish for both of you to live a happy life as I always did. This is why, Sion, I entrust you to take Sora to Destiny Islands. My old home must still be around under my mother's name. I know she's no longer living there since last time I visited she had moved and left the house in case I wished to live there once again. My most cherished memories are there. And I know you two will enjoy it as much as I did.

When you go there, seek out the school called "Rakuen High School", which is where I studied. Sora should go there. It's a nice school, and I had lots of great friends there. To Sora it may seem like such a drag to move, but please do it for me. I only wish for your happiness. My mother, Caroline, once told me of a small store she opened in front of Rakuen that was a good source of Rakuen's needs, like school supplies and uniform as well as treats and more. She never told me what she named the store, but it should be close to the entrance.

Sora, I once had a friend in Rakuen named Midori. Midori and I promised that our children will be named upon an old legend, and they should marry. I don't think I'll be able to keep that promise fully, since you cannot marry another boy. But nonetheless, look for the earth, and beware of the separation. That is all I can tell you. The rest is up to you, Sora. Remember that Destiny Islands is where " the sky meets the earth, and the horizon is almost never there."

With lots of love,

Dominique Barzahd-Cross

Sora quickly closed the letter, putting it back into its envelope and into his backpack. He didn't exactly want to think about it anymore. It hurt him enough to think he had to move from the place he had spent his entire 16 years, to some place his mother spent half of her life, or maybe more, in. Sora sighed, and looked out the window of the plane. He wasn't used to flying, but he appreciated the view, Sion slightly dozing off next to him.

"Dad? What is Destiny Islands like?" Sora asked.

Sion looked at him. He knew Sora hadn't even uttered a word ever since Dominique passed away, so it surprised him that the small brunet was opening up again. Or at least, opening up enough to talk to him.

"Destiny Islands? To tell you the truth, I hardly remember the place. I went once with your mother, a bit before you where born. It's a nice place. It's all tropical and stuff, so we don't have to bother with the harsh winters we suffered back home."

"Is that why you sold our coats?"

"And the mittens, the boots, the sled, the snow shovel. Yeah. And that's why I need you to get used to the tropical weather. It's not going to be easy since we lived in a much colder place."

"And we'll find grandma?"

"Or at least we'll try. Our new home is on Street five, house number 507. Your school is on Street Zero-b, around where the house number 0014 should be. I think we'll understand your mother's directions when we get there."

"Grandma has a store in front of the school. Mom said so."

"Yes. That's why we're going there first. After we drop our stuff in our new home."

"Call it home, why don't you? It's where we'll spent a couple of years anyway."

"What did the rest of the letter said?"

"To look for the earth and to beware of the separation. If it has something to do with that silly legend, then the earth and the separation must be two people whose names mean that. I wonder if I'll be happy there. Mom thought I would, so I might as well try not to let her down."

Sion softly patted Sora's hair. "Most likely. You know she loved you a lot. Sora, remember to always keep that smile that she loved. She said you made her day as much as any clear sky could."

Sora nodded and softly smiled. "I know. I will."

Sion looked out the window. "Hey, look! We're almost there! See the Paopu fruits? They cover another part of the islands' legend. You should check it out later on."

Sora looked at the yellowy fruits on some of the palm trees. He watched as he muttered: "We're here."

To be continued!

Author's note: I'm still not completely sure what Kairi's name meant, but I do remember it had something to do with separation. It could've been division, but I have no certain way to check if I'm right or wrong. Anyway, this is the "first chapter". I forgot to mention above that this is AU and contains lots of OOC-ness, since I suck at keeping characters acting like they should. blink I think that made a bit of sense. Anyway, read and review if you wish.

Warnings: AU, OOC-ness, shonen-ai, Riku/Sora