By mimma

The night has a thousand eyes,

¡°You do know such things can¡¯t kill us, Norma?

And the day but one.

¡°Why did he love that human?!¡±

Yet the light of the bright world dies,

¡°She was my everything...¡±

With the dying sun.

¡°I miss her so much...¡±

The mind has a thousand eyes,

¡°I saw her before her death! She was a hag!¡±

and the heart but one.

¡°Isabelle was always beautiful.¡±

Yet the light of a whole world dies,

¡°I always loved him, you know.¡±

When love is done.

Immortality seems dreadfully long to the bereaved.

(The Night Has A Thousand Eyes


Francis William Bourdillion)


I just think the poem really fits Alex somehow... oh, well you know the drill, I own nothing, not even the poem, just the idea.