Title:  "Not As The Last Resort"

Author:  silver

Summary:  When another guy is once again interested in Hermione, Ron finally realizes his feelings for her.  But his decision not to tell her splinters the trio, and – fearful of losing her forever – Ron scrambles to make things right again.

Takes Place:  6th year-ish, immediately after the announcement of this year's Hogsmeade visit.

Written:  May 1st 2004 – May 4th, 2004

Rating: PG-13.  You can't find anything in this fic that you can't find in the books or the movies, except maybe us Ron / Hermione shippers getting exactly what we want ;)

Disclaimer:  I own nothing in relation to the Harry Potter books, movie series, or franchise.  Hell, this plot isn't even original, but much to my dismay I've been sucked into the world of Hermione / Ron fluff, and am helpless to resist the siren call of writing a fic about it.  Oy.