A/N: I just scribbled this; I'm not very satisfied. Definitely not one of
my better poems, but I had to write it. I'm probably going to be revising
it quite frequently until I'm satisfied. R/R! The format is REALLY screwed
up. This is dedicated to one of my dearest friends, and I wrote it for her:
Connie, or as I like to call her, Vorinwë. She's not going to my HS and I'm
really going to miss her, but I know that our friendship will survive.
Thank you Con for always being there for me, to make me laugh; Sam and
Frodo, Frodo and Sam, Elaine and Connie.

Here at last, at the shore of the Sea.
My heart shall grieve.
We have ventured where we never have before.
Journeying far and wide, together.
Yet now, upon this sand
I must take my leave

The fluid mass of grey-green
Reflects in the sunset
Yet none as vivid as the light
The light that lives within in your eyes

The vast expanse, the endless span
Are nothing, none compared to grief
Grief that grows within my heart
Grief of losing you

The day we met, my heart now rues
Not for fear of knowing you
But as our fate was intertwined
I knew, we would come to this bitter end

So well we knew each other
Quirks and habits
Desires and loves
On court or home

We rejoiced on each other's arrival
Though masqueraded otherwise
Yet in our hearts we knew
This love and friendship grew

All tests and hardships
We faced head on
Together, united strong
Yet in the end, this hardship last
Proves mightier than I can grasp

Here at last, we must take our leave
Through all laughter and tears
Sorrow and fears
We knew this day was coming
Though we tried to put it off
The inevitable, a rendezvous with death

Death to our time
Death to our hope
Death to our love
Death to our camaraderie

Yet hope is kindled
Forever shall thou be
Within my heart
Our memories relived
Laughter rekindled
Tears re-shed