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The four youths ran after the animal like the hounds of hell were on their tail. One of them, the only boy of the group, shot a sharp remark to the girl in the lead. She only ran faster instead of answering the surly pre- teen, and tried not to panic as the creature dodged around a corner. A military style cap in soft pink had covered her light brown hair, and it served to keep her bangs from falling into her face as she grabbed the fence corner and swung around to follow.

"Syaoran! I'll get it!" she giggled as she remembered something she'd yet to do. "DASH!" she shouted, flinging a red backed card into the air in front of her. As she ran up to it, she smacked it with the bird-beaked wand in her hand and watched it glow from red to bright pink. As the glow settled over her she began to move faster than she'd ever before, and the bright blue creature in front of her seemed to move in slow motion. Unfortunately the thing had a good sense of survival, and ducked as the girl bent to pick it up, overshooting it completely.

"Phweee?" she squealed as she tried to stop and ran into a mailbox.

"Sakura!" Syaoran Li took advantage of the things pause and scooped it up into his arms. "Hurry and change it before something else goes wrong!" Syaoran remembered the last time he'd held the creature in his hands and glared at the young girl who was detangling her own limbs and trying to stand up. "I still can't believe you let it go!"

"I wasn't trying to Syaoran-chan!" she griped as she brushed dirt off her knees. Tomoyo wasn't going to be happy when she caught up with them. The pink dress with frills and bows galore was soaking wet and hung on her thin frame with less elegance than a trash bag. The young fashion designing/ photographer wasn't going to like the mess Sakura had managed to make of herself.

"Just change CHANGE and we'll be- !" Li didn't have the chance to finish his command, for just then a boy with orange hair and a scowl on his face turned the corner and rammed into Li.

"Li!" Sakura jumped forward and caught Li as the two boys fell to the ground, and the CHANGE glowed as it was released. "Oh no you don't!" Sakura glared at it, and it paused. She smacked it with the wand and shouted, "Return to your power confined! CHANGE card!" the creature, as its spikes and long tail began to turn into wisps of magic, smiled gently before complying with his master's wishes and returning to card form. Only this time, like the DASH card, its back had turned from red to pink. It floated into her hand as the two boys began to stir. Li jumped up, off of Sakura's lap, and shook his head as if trying to clear it. Then he began to run, passing Meilin and Tomoyo on his way.

"Li!" Meilin shouted as he knocked her aside and kept running.

"What Meilin?" the orange haired boy on the side walk sat up, rubbed his head, and glared at the young Chinese girl in annoyance.

"Oh... no!" Sakura jumped up and ran over to the orange haired boy. "Li?"

"Yeah, what?" he began as he brushed off his clothes. He paused as he looked down at the khaki pants and long sleeved blue shirt. "Don't tell me." he said shortly.

"I think- CHANGE..." Sakura began.

"I said DON'T TELL ME!" Li jumped up and looked down at himself, "It happened again!" Meilin, who'd quickly grasped the situation, turned on her heel and started running in the direction Li's body had gone. The kid had either been in such a hurry he didn't realize he was not in his natural state, or he'd known and done it on purpose.

"Well, either or..." Meilin muttered as she followed the sound of running footsteps through the rain, "he's not getting away with my Li!"


Sakura sat in a puddle, trying not to cry as Tomoyo ran up to her and patted her on the back.

"There, there Sakura, I'm sure you didn't intend for this to happen. But don't worry, Meilin will find... um, Li, and I'm sure you can fix it like you did the last time this happened!"

"Gods, don't remind me!" Li snorted, and crossed his arms grumpily. As he looked over at the dejected Sakura he sighed and held out his hand to let her up. "At least this time I'm not that stupid stuffed animal."

"What?" Keroberos, guardian beast of the seal, and currently in his low power mode, flew out from Tomoyo's hood and bit Li's finger. As the boy jumped around, trying to fling the small lion-cub-like animal off his extremity, Sakura jumped up and gave him a hug for trying to make her feel better. A loud poof and a lot of smoke later, Sakura found herself clutching a small orange cat, who growled at Kero and took a swipe with his claws.

"Phweee?" Sakura asked, shocked as she looked around, trying to find the young boy who was temporarily Li. "Li?" Tomoyo however was staring at the cat in Sakura's arms.

"Sakura, you're holding Li right now." She smiled gently as she focused her video camera. "Smile kitty-Li!"

"What just happened?" Li asked in a resigned tone. "The CHANGE card again?"

"Uuuuummm, Kero-chan?" Sakura asked, "I didn't know the CHANGE card could do this!" she struggled with the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes.

"Sakura, it can't! It can only change the forms of something if it switches with something else... there weren't any cats around before... and besides that, you didn't summon it." Kero crossed his legs and sat in midair, rubbing his chin with his stubby hand. "No, I'd say this is a different kind of magic. Concentrate, I'm sure you can sense it." Sakura took a deep breath and held Li out at arms length. Squinting her eyes a little she was able to see the usual green glow that surrounded Li at any given time, but it was dark, as if someone had spilled ink on it, and tried to wash it off.

"It's a curse Kero-chan." She sighed.

"Yes, now we'll see if we can break through that curse and get Li to change- HEY!" he protested as a young boy with blinding white hair darted out from a bush and grabbed Li from Sakura's outstretched arms.

"WAIT!" Sakura shouted as the boy ran. "LI!!"


"Hey you!" Meilin shouted, tired of running for the night. She pulled the last of her strength and put it all into a mad dash for Li's body, and the stranger running away with it. She jumped and grabbed the back of his ceremonial green robes, yanking him around and pushing him to the ground. "Finally!" she sighed, and sat on top of the struggling boy. He screamed at her to get off him, but suddenly, for no reason that Meilin could see, stopped and looked up at her as if she were crazy.

"Hey, ummm." He looked frightened, but more than frightened, he looked confused.

"Come on." Meilin rested her elbows on her knees and panted lightly. "Just don't fight anymore, I really don't have the strength to keep chasing you all over town boy."

"Who..." He gulped nervously. It was strange, Meilin looked down at Li's body, aware that Li was no longer in it. But it was still moving around. Li's dark brown hair was wet from the rain where it peeked out from under the green ceremonial cap. His eyes were bright with fear, an emotion Li denied himself so much that Meilin shivered at the alien presence under her.

"I am Meilin Rei, and you, currently, are in possession of Li Syaoran. Now come on kid, lets get you back where you belong." She stood up and held out a hand. The boy sat up and looked down at himself, patting his chest and arms to examine himself. He watched his hands as the fingers splayed, and touched his own face.

"Whats happened?" He ignored the hand, which was like Li, Meilin thought huffily as she took a deep breath.

"You've switched places with one of my friends, and hopefully that stupid Sakura can fix it quick this time." She really didn't want to spend an entire 24 hours around a Li who was not Li again.


"I can't believe you Kyo!" The white haired boy scoffed as he held the cat to his chest. The girls where still following them. "I know you really hate Sohma house, and Akito was really a jerk, but you can't run away like that!"

"Put me down fool!" the cat growled, unable to swipe at the boy seeing as how he'd tucked him in with his paws outward. In the years he'd known the cat the boy had obviously learned tricks in dealing with him.

"Once we get home I'll put you down, and hopefully we'll have lost those girls." He panted as he ran, then looked back briefly. They were no longer behind them, so he paused to catch his breath.

"Hey! Put me down before I..."

"Right Kyo, right I'll put you down!" he griped, feeling a black cloud surrounded his head as he leaned against a wall. "If you don't shut up I'll turn black on you I swear!"

"Hey!" a voice from above him called. "Let him go!" Sakura jumped off the brick wall and planted her feet in front of the taller boy. "Let Li go!"

"Li?" He asked as another girl jumped from the wall and pointed a video camera at him. His eyes grew large as he tried to make up an excuse.

"I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself ladies, but this cat belongs to my sister and she's really very lonely without him..."

"Hey!" The cat growled and bit the boy. He let the cat go and glared as he landed on his feet and ran to the girls arms.

"That's it Kyo! I'm gonna pulverize you!"

"Haru!" A strange boy in green garments ran up to Hatsuharu and grabbed his arm.

"Who?" Haru held himself in check with deep controlled breaths. He really didn't want to turn black in all the confusion.

"I'm Kyo!" he said as a girl in Chinese fight clothes ran up to join the rest.

"What kind of joke is this Kyo?" The boy asked the cat.

"Its no joke!" Li glared and jumped into Sakura's waiting arms. "My name is Li Syaoran. Now lets get inside before we all catch colds... I'm feeling kinda tired, Sakura?"

"Don't worry Syaoran-chan, I'll carry you." Sakura looked at the others and sighed, "I guess we can go to my house, Toya's working late and dads at a dig."

Without waiting to see who would follow she simply started walking through the rain.


wow- ok, so this is my first cross over fic... um, I came up with the idea after realizing that Yuki from Fruits Basket, and Yukito from Card Captor Sakura, both have gray hair!

Weird huh?

Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy the following chapters more, and don't worry, I'm usually better at describing characters, which I didn't do much of because it would have ruined the pace of the story, the next chapter or so will deal with explaining who and what everyone/thing is.... And it'll give me room to play with some more creative insults than I usually do!