Author's Note: This is my first story about Kurama and Botan hope you like it. I want to dedicate this to my sister Ruth who likes Kurama and Botan and also Belated Happy Birthday.

Summary: Botan Furuya is an average teenage girl with long blue haired and an Amity eyes. She works for her money to buy her a living. While Shuuichi Minamino is a young rich business tycoon with a long red hair and green eyes for short his an "Eligible Bachelor" who needs someone to pretend to be his wife. Will Botan agree and will love grow in this game called love?

Chapter One: My Hostage, My Hero

Naoko Bake Shop

"Hey! Guys" Botan called as she entered the shop

"Hey! Botan so how's your date?" a Girl with green hair ask as she washes the dishes

"It went well Yukina even if it's not what I had expected." Botan said putting an apron over her

"What do you mean?" a girl with brown hair ask

"Well I dint expected that he will cancel our date after we ate dinner Keiko." Botan said getting the espresso machine ready

"He canceled your date after you guys ate dinner?" Keiko said sounding disbelieve as she started to stir the cream in the coffee before serving it

"Yes he did anyway lets go to work." Botan said then started to work

Lunch Break...

"See you guys later." Botan said walking toward the door

"Hey! Botan aren't you going to hang around with us for a while? I mean Yusuke and Kuwabara will be here to hang with us and they might bring Hei with them." Keiko said blushing a little

"I can't Keiko beside you know I have 2 jobs per day." Botan said looking at her watch

"Are you sure you won't hang around with us?" a guy with black and a little bit white hair ask while entering the door followed by two more guys

"I'm sure Hiei anyway see you guys later at Koenma's house." Botan said then left

Minamino's Enterprises...

"Mr. Minamino you have a meeting later on at 3 O' Clock."

"Thanks for reminding me Tomo." Shuuichi said rubbing he's head

"It's my job Sir. Do you want me to get you a medicine for your head Sir?" Tomo ask looking at Shuuichi

"Sure. My head keeps hurting for almost 2 hours now." Shuuichi complained still rubbing he's head in pain

"Well of course it will hurt, you haven't rest for almost a while now Sir." Tomo said handing Shuuichi a tablet and a glass of water

"Thanks Tomo." Shuuichi said and drank the tablet "You know I can't rest until I shut the deal with Mr. Foster and of course you know who Mr. Foster is." Shuuichi added

"Of course I know who Mr. Foster is. I mean, all in the business world knows him as the most richest person in the world." Tomo said smartly

"Yup! Your right about that anyway I need to go somewhere." Shuuichi said standing up from his sit

"Do you want me to drive you?"

"No need Tomo I'm just going to the park and it's only across the street." Shuuichi said then left

At The Park...

"Ah!!! Finally fresh air." Shuuichi said breathing in then exhale

Everything is going perfect when suddenly an old woman shouted "Thief! Help somebody that guy got my purse!" she shouted pointing at a guy wearing a black jacket while Shuuichi who saw the guy running near his direction run after it...

"Blast this guy!" The thief said as he run faster

"Hey! You stop!" Shuuichi ordered who still run after the guy

The thief keeps running until there's nowhere to run. Then he saw a girl who was walking near his direction and without thinking he grab her and pointed a knife to her throat...

"AH!!!!!!!!!!!" The girl shouted with fear

"SHUT UP!!!" The Thief said looking at her then to Shuuichi who was now in front of them "Don't come near or I'll cut her throat." The thief added

"Leave the girl alone." Shuuichi said while thinking of a way

"No I...I won't!" the thief said and without even thinking Shuuichi grab the hand of the thief where the knife is then started punching it till the thief lie flat on the floor then the police arrive (Author's Note: Where are the police when you need them?)

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