Forbidden Love

The First Time I Saw You

Yami stood in the long shadowed light of dawn. To many dawn was a thing of beauty but to Yami it was only a thing to be despised. Crimson eyes narrowed as he quickly ducked into nearby shadows. The light can't be allowed to touch his flesh and he was running out of time. Mist arose from the road in paled tendrils. The heat evaporating the moisture the night had provided everything with. Yami snarled under his breath he had stayed out too late… well to early to be precise. He needed somewhere dark to hide for the day and right now the only reachable place was the building he was hiding behind. He would have rather liked to return to his own home but of course he had no time to reach it now. His eyes scurried along the exterior of the building searching for a way to enter it. A window left opened seemed his best bet but he could tell from the sounds coming from that window that there was someone in there. But judging by the breathing patterns he was sleeping soundly and Yami could be as silent as the night itself when he wanted. He leapt up to the window gracefully hurling himself into the room. It was an easy task for someone who had long mastered their vampirish powers. His eyes flicked over the room taking in every detail. It was a neat room, with a few scattered school books lying on the desk. Against the wall in a corner was a bed. The bed would have been of no interest to Yami but he was enthralled by what was lying in the bed. It was someone who looked unmistakably like him, but his features were softer and warmer than his own. For as much as Yami longed to at that point in time reach out and place one of his hands on the soft skin of the boy's flesh there was still the ever nearing approach of dawn that made itself known as birds began to wake from there slumber. Yami cast one last look over the boy but now he had a dilemma. Where would he hide out of light and sight of the sun and the inhabitants of the house? He quickly headed out of the room and instantly headed downstairs. Yami had learnt early in his life that the basement was always a great place to hide. No one ever ventured into that dark, dank and unorganised place. These qualities made it perfect for a nearby vampire or vampiress to hide in. Unfortunately for Yami there was no basement to this home. Where else could he go? Well if they didn't have a basement they were bound to have an attic. That was a risk, as some attics have large uncovered windows. Yami sprung back up the stairs quickly finding that they had no attic either. What did the occupants of this house do with their unwanted or unneeded possessions?

Yami's internal alarm was on overdrive. Screaming at him the sun had almost left the horizon and that the house was slowly growing brighter. Yami quickly ran through the house searching every room until' he returned to the room of the boy. Yami was about to admit defeated when he saw his opportunity. There was a gap under the boy's bed. Yami could slide under there. It was pressed to the wall so no light could enter it properly. Yami's eyes sparked in joy and he carefully slid under the bed. Not a moment to soon. Yami's eyes began to get heavier and heavier as he lay under the bed. His sensitive hearing would awaken him to any unusual sounds but as he fell asleep he could hear the gentle breathing of the boy above him begin to change. Yami frowned. The boys breath was becoming laboured and raspy. He was obviously having a nightmare. It was an unfortunate side affect to sleeping in the same room as a vampire. Even if the boy didn't know, Yami's presence would invade his mind, replacing gentle thoughts with ones of bloodlust and pain. Yami wished he could have spared the little one of these nightmares but he was slightly comforted in knowing that it was about time he woke up anyway. Didn't he know what time it was?


Yuugi awoke gasping, panting for breath. His dream had been its usually taunting joyful one. In this dream he had friends and people who saw him more than as a target. The only one who truly cared for Yuugi was his grandfather who was rapidly declining into death. Yuugi had been dreaming of having brilliant friends that were always there for him when he needed them. The thought made him smile but his smile faded as he knew and acknowledge that it was a thought and nothing more. His dreams had always been this happy taunting but it had changed. The lighting faded and his friends were struck down, one by one, by to Yuugi's shock himself. Yuugi had struck them down easily overpowering them as he had been overpowered by the many bullies he had to deal with. He had felt a sick need for their pain, and felt a great sickening pleasure at hearing there cries for mercy. The dream had continued to darken as he, Yuugi, began to cut them and watch their blood flow lustily, Yuugi had knelt down and began to lick the blood savouring its tangy, coppery taste. He remembered snapping out of his daze and realising what he was doing. He had looked up to the black night above him and saw crimson eyes. Those eyes burned their way into Yuugi's mind and refused to leave his sight. He got out of bed with a groan and began to put on his clothes before he did though; he went over his many bruises and cuts. They were fine, well as fine as they could be. If he didn't get anymore today then those should be properly healed by tomorrow. Yuugi let a small smile escape his lips and began to pull on his clothing. They hung around Yuugi loosely, as Yuugi's weight had some what diminished with his appetite. Being teased and beaten can have that effect on a person. Yuugi didn't notice curious, crimson eyes watching him from under his bed shocked. Who would hurt this small and quite obviously innocent boy. Yuugi grabbed his bag and headed down stairs. After a muffled farewell to the guy working behind the counter of Yuugi's Grandfathers game shop, Yuugi began the steady trudge to school. He arrived after no great problems and tried to be invisible as he entered the classroom and took his seat.

Yuugi gazed out of the window thoughts pooling around him. Those crimson eyes kept flashing back into his view. He couldn't erase them from his mind. It was at that moment that Toshi walked in. Yuugi had hoped he would be late for class again but he was early today. Damn him and his luck, Toshi and he were the only ones currently present in the room.

"Hey there Runt" Toshi called sharply from the doorway. "Wouldn't 'ave any money on ya would ya?"

Yuugi shook his head animatedly. He had no money, all of the earnings from the game shop went to Yuugi's Grandfather's medicine and care. This boy didn't know nor probably care about that though. Toshi cursed and took steps towards Yuugi.

"Why are you such a runt Yug?" He said. Yuugi didn't answer him. He just wished not to exist. "ANSWER ME!" Toshi roared raising his hand to hit Yuugi.

 Yuugi shrunk away but when laughter was heard from the hallway Toshi retreated not wanting to be caught. "We'll continue this after school Runt" He snarled exiting the room. Yuugi let out a sigh of relief, but it was short lived. He was definitely going to get it this afternoon. Maybe he could hide. Where? In a locker. He would probably fit being the runt he was. Yuugi was so used to being tormented that he even began to torment himself. Yuugi shook his head trying to clear them of the thoughts. No he would not give in to their taunting. Not now, not ever, would he give them the satisfaction they craved. Yuugi closed his eyes and cast his eyes out the window again, taking in the sights.  He wasn't really seeing the outside, all he could see was a pair of crimson eyes shining back at him. Other students began to steadily enter the room and soon the bell rang signalling the start of yet another school day.

Yuugi half heartedly listened to the monotonous droning of the teacher. Soon recess came and he quietly sat in his own little world outside everyone else being quietly ignored but for the odd remark about him. He returned to class to be assaulted with more droning and then he left the classroom once again for lunch. Lunch was as uneventful and unimportant as recess just as Yuugi was. Yuugi once again shook his head against the depressing thoughts pressing against his mind. Lunch passed and soon he was sitting in class dreading the sound of the bell that would signal his doom. When the bell went school ended and he had to leave the safe gaze of the teachers and return to the world that cared nothing for what was happening to him as he was beaten. Yuugi shuddered. Once again crimson eyes returned to flash before him. They were so beautiful those eyes. The dreaded bell soon rang clearly through the halls of the school signalling the end of another school day. Everyone was exclaiming in joy and talking to their friends excitedly about their plans for the holidays. It wasn't much of what you'd call a holiday. Two weeks off school so what? Yuugi quietly trudged in amongst the crowed pretending for one moment that he belonged. Not to mention he was hoping that this would give him the cover he needed to escape the wrath of Toshi.

Yuugi though his luck was in as he was half way home. Maybe he would last the day without receiving any beatings. IT was getting cold fast so Yuugi quickened his pace as he tried to get home. Whilst most people who lived where Yuugi did would have caught the bus too and from school Yuugi didn't like the people on the bus. Or should I say they didn't like him. Not to mention he couldn't afford it. He was almost there when a hand shot out of an alleyway pulling him inside with a vicious jerk. Yuugi felt his neck and throat bruise slightly. He gasped eyes welling in tears as he was thrown on to a pile of trash cans in the alley. Toshi, eye's glowing dangerously was standing over him. Rain began to fall gently onto his face, Yuugi knew what was coming and embraced the pain with a sad smile. The first blow was struck and then the second and then the third. Yuugi lost count as he cried out and tried to escape only to hear mocking words trace through his mind. Toshi held him back ploughing into Yuugi shamelessly. Yuugi cried silently in pain. Why did everyone hate him so. Why did Toshi hate him? What had he done to Toshi? The answer was simple, Nothing but be smaller, weak and alone enough for him to prey on without worrying about Yuugi's friends getting him or Yuugi fighting back with an effort that was quite obviously futile. Toshi eventually threw Yuugi to the other side of the alley and left him to recollect himself as the rain continued to fall upon the miserable sight that Yuugi made. His body was bruised and battered and bleeding in a few places, his eyes were stinging with pain. Yuugi let out a painful sob desperately trying to keep awake not wanting to fall asleep in the rain were he could get sick. He was loosing that battle and slowly his eyes fell closed.


A clap of thunder sounded in Yami's ears. Great it was raining but it was dark enough for him to leave his hiding place. He listened carefully for any signs of life sensing none in the house let alone the room he got up. His eyes fell upon a digital clock on the bedside table in the youths room, 5:00PM it read. Hmm, although Yami didn't know the boy who lived here he doubted that he should be out in this weather. Yami shrugged it off and leapt out the window into the glorious darkness and not so glorious rain. He landed gently and gracefully on his feet and began prowling the streets for victims. It would be hard, not many people like going out into the rain, and that meant that the thugs and villains that Yami hunted were even less likely to be out. Air wafted through Yami's delicate nostrils. Blood. The scent hung in the air thickly to Yami. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he deeply inhaled the scent. He frowned slightly. It seemed familiar to him. He followed the alluring scent to its source. Yami's sharp eyes immediately recognised the person from whom the scent was coming from. It was the boy in whose house he had stayed in. He gasped 'how could someone do this to someone so innocent?'. Yami shook his head, what did it matter to him, so what if he had stayed in this boys house and was the most adorable thing Yami had ever seen it still doesn't mean Yami could feel for him. Yami had spent his life alone. About to turn a cold shoulder to the scene he stopped, his ears picking up the distinct sound of a painful whimper. Yami's frozen heart melted, turning his emotionless face into a mask of concern and pity. When Yami realised his traitorous heart wasn't going to just let him be, he hoisted Yuugi from his bed amongst the garbage and began carrying him home. He smiled when Yuugi nuzzled into his chest.  Yami once again wanted nothing more than to caress his soft smooth skin that put silk to shame. Nothing more than taste his milky flesh. Nothing more than feel his blood running through his own. Yami stopped at that last thought. He had decided when he had first seen the boy not to bite him, as tempting as it was. He groaned as the blood wafted through his nose once more, tantalizing and teasing. He shook his head. No, he would instead find the one who had done this and drink from them. Taking their life as they did not deserve it if they used it to harm those as innocent as the boy he held in his arms. Yami by some small trick managed to enter the house through the window once more still carrying the boy. He lay him down on his bed and began to care for his wounds before settling the boy under his sheets. His eyes briefly flickered open but Yami fled back out the window hoping he would only be seen as figment of his imagination. He wasn't ready to face this youth. 'Those eyes…' Yami thought. They were beautiful deep amethyst, shinning with innocence. Yami would treasure those eyes later as now there was a hunt to be getting on with.

He returned to the scene of the crime, the rain still falling around him. Yami sniffed the air experimentally. He smelt a trace of Yuugi's blood heading in the opposite direction of where he himself had carried the boy. He wished he knew his name. He shook his head, mind returning to the task at hand. He ran quickly following the trail. He wound through the narrow alleys and side streets following after the scent as it steadily grew stronger. He found his man in another alley, peering around the edge waiting for another victim. Yami snarled darkly, but grinned in malicious glee. He would enjoy tormenting this one. He tossed a can behind the man. He quickly spun around to see nothing. He dismissed it as a cat or something but couldn't overcome the feeling of approaching doom. He backed further into the alley. Yami chuckled something that was enough to scare even the bravest men as it echoed around him appearing to come from every direction.

"Are you scared Mortal?" Yami asked evilly "You should be."

With those words the man seemed to shake visibly. "W-Where are you? Sh-Show yourself you coward!" he stammered. Yami grinned eyes glittering dangerously. To the man it was as though Yami had stepped out of black air, as he took steps toward the petrified bully.

"Coward?" Yami snickered "Aren't you the one who preys on the defenceless. Coward" Yami chuckled casting aside the bullies insult. Yami's front fangs grew slightly as his need for blood and the knowledge of its closeness grew greater. Yami flashed before the man's eyes and he was brought to his knees. He let out what could be called a sob. Oh Yes Yami was enjoying tormenting this one. Yami kicked at his side sending him tumbling into a wall. The man decided now to be a good time to run and got stumbling to his feet. He tried to run only to be pinned to the wall by the ferocious Vampire. Yami smirked.

"Leaving so soon? But we've only just began to play" He said sinking his teeth into the mans neck. His ivory fangs pierced the rough skin, puncturing the vein hidden beneath it. Yami's eyes rolled into the back of his head at the taste of fresh blood and felt the pleasure it brought, ringing through every vein in his body. The man began to grow colder and colder, His world was getting greyer. Until finally with one last breath his body gave way, his heart failing as his life giving blood was drained. Yami withdrew his fangs from the man's neck before the man had completely died. Main rule of a vampire is never ever to drink the last drop of blood from a body. Yami let go of the limp body, watching as he collapsed to the ground. With a satisfied smirk Yami spat on the wound on his neck and smiled as the wound on his neck healed without a trace, he then noted that he had four hours until he should be back at home. He couldn't erase the memory of those eyes from his mind and so decided to watch the object of his affections from afar. Yami's heart wrenched in pain as he realised that as much as he cared for this boy he could never be his. Yami let out a sigh, moved from his vantage point, and began to walk the streets. Yami's dark existence bothered no one as he walked in a curtain of his own darkness. His thoughts flickered back to those innocent eye's. Yami walked on not really knowing where he was heading, nor caring. He just needed to escape those amethyst orbs.


Yuugi's eyes fluttered open to see crimson eyes hovering above him, but just as fast as he had seen them they had disappeared. Those eye's…. they were the ones from his dream. He sat upright in bed as waves of pain flooded through him like rain upon his window pain. What had happened? He remembered Toshi had caught him in that alley and beaten him, but how did he get back? He looked over his body. His wounds were neatly and cleanly bandaged. He lay back down on his bed with a sigh. He felt a prickling sensation caressing the back of his neck and quickly looked out the window. He remembered getting that prickly feeling whenever he was being watched. But who was watching him? And more importantly why were they watching him. Crimson eye's returned to Yuugi as he thought of them. Had he imagined seeing them floating above him. Weary pain sauntered through his body driving him down and onto his pillow. He let a small yawn escape his lips as darkness engulfed him more warmly than before and those blood driven eyes returned to his view.


To Be Continued…

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