Okay now, I started off with intentions to write a kick ass story, but due to lack of planning it really went no where, hopefully the next ones'll be a bit more organised. This will be a long chapter, with lemons and conversions for all, lot's of it. This is the last chapter so thanks for reviewing, and I'll catch you at me next idea eh?

Chapter the Last: Ends, starts and stars

There was an awe stricken silence, a deafening respectful silence, decorated with the sounds of bat wings in the night. Yami was standing before the small gathering. The quickened heat of dawn was approaching and breath hitched in throats as Yami spoke.

"In one hour's time seven hundred of our brethren in our home will die. Many thousands will die world wide. We will hold a silence for them in the orbis room half an hour prior to dawn, and then we shall wait and be thankful for the opportunity they are giving us. Don't ever squander the chance you are being given." Yami said, acknowledging the crowd, deep regal voice sweeping over the ears of the vampires and faithfuls present. The crowd in return nodded, with respect departing the small clearing, preparing for the long days and nights of mourning. A flame would be lit at the by the faithfuls as soon as daylight kissed the night sky, remaining lit for twelve days and nights. The Vampires watching it through the nights, tending the flame. The faithfuls would stand by it during the day.

Yami ducked his head down, everyone knew that the deaths of the many vampires would affect him personally. Being the King of vampires he had a connection to all vampires, with so many of them each connection was weak, but with so many dead it wouldn't be pretty for the vampire king. Yuugi traced Yami's form with his eyes, taking out certain features, to notice them carefully. Yami's steps were slightly crooked, not as certain and perfect as once before. His hands lay at his sides, not casually but more nervously, as if he didn't know quite what to do with them. His shoulders once proud and held were sagging, but he tried to maintain his composure. Only those who knew him well would notice the slightly off things about him this night.

Bakura was trying not to fidget, he had no ties to the vampires in the city, all the ones he knew to any personal knowledge were here, in Alberta Mortis, but still the death of so many of his kinsfolk at one time could not be taken lightly by any vampire. No matter for his icy eyes and actions, his calculating and cruel intelligence. It did not matter that he would have pummelled any vampire to irritate or slight him, but still. He could see Marik from the corner of his eye, sitting on a bench with Malik, foot twitching up and down. His energy was pent with the anticipation the occasion pulled to it.

Ryou was standing beside Bakura. Pale locks of silvered hair hiding his features from view as he kept his head low. He was neither faithful nor Vampire, not kin or sworn guardians of them. He was a normal human, like the ones out there soon to be killing the vampires in the cities. He was an outsider, commanded to get along with the Vampire rule but, unlike so may of his kind, he hadn't resisted but lived his short life peacefully in an orphanage, but was uneasy. Who he was, dubbed him not like the rest with no ties to the vampires, Bakura knew he felt like an outcast but for Malik who was much the same. Yuugi was once classified this way before Yami turned him vampire one night.

Watching Yuugi though his keen eyes, he could see the young vampire with his head ducked low after looking at Yami for a second. Yami now approached the smaller one laying a hand on his shoulder, deriving some form of unusual comfort from it. Yuugi looked up, placing his own hand upon Yami's shoulder before coming to rest against his chest, sensing his partners discomfort at the situation, however necessary. Yuugi's smoky wings were currently pulled back, retracted from view as were Yami's after finishing his little speech. There was a reverent silence in the town as befitting it.

One by one they began to shuffle their way in doors, weary of the ever growing presence of the sun in their minds. They filed into the building in ones and twos, feet scuffing the ground every now and again, a sign of the dreariness of the small town. They each took place around the room, settling about the edges, leaning on walls, sitting on the tiled floor and just waiting in silence, waiting.

Yami was standing in his own little secluded area, his young partner beside him, arm draped around his smallers shoulder as his smallers was around his waist. His eyes weren't bright and burning embers, more like coals. Heat wasted on them as the cold wait choked out any warmth. Jou was standing nearby the King, Seto at his side, fingers slyly intertwined in comfort. Marik was now on the floor next to Yami, Malik settled between his legs resting back upon his lover. Bakura's keen eyes swept over the nervous crowd of faithfuls and vampires. There were few whispers as dawn approached, nervous spilling from words and actions. Ryou sighed turning his back to the crowd to face Bakura, who was leaning against the wall.

" 'Kura?" Ryou queried softly, leaning into to breathe the words into Bakura's ear.

"Mmm hmm." Bakura replied.

"How will everyone know?" he asked.

Bakura looked at Yami in explanation, and added that they would know when the sun rose. Ryou nodded in understanding hugging Bakura and burying his head within the crook of Bakura's neck. Bakura wrapped his arms around Ryou as well, burying his own head within white cotton locks.

Yuugi could feel the tension in the air, the dread in the room and he could feel the slight tremors racing up and down Yami's body. Yuugi could feel his own awareness of the sun increase steadily with each second. He could feel the fringes of it burning at the earth, slowly peeking it's head over. The crowd held it's breath, knowing now is when the heat and light would flood the cities and the lightly sedated vampires within it. Yuugi felt Yami's tremor increase slightly as the sun rose as well, and then it stopped. Yami's tremoring stopped and the room stilled.

Suddenly Yuugi could feel Yami's weight sag against him, and he crumbled to the ground. An echoing gasp filled the room as Natalie, Amanda, Jou, and everyone else flooded in close to the king. He was lying face down on the ground breathing harsh, air trickling through his mouth and sprawling onto the cold floor. It was then everyone knew they were dead, that it had come to pass. While the human's cheers filled the air surrounding the fallen vampire cities and homes, suppressed sobs echoed in the orbis room. Yuugi gently rolled over Yami to reveal crystal shimmered eyes. Yami's eyes closed heavily and two tears trickled down the sides of his face and Yuugi knew how bad it was. He curled up on the Kings leather bound chest, offering him comfort with all that he was.

The rest had turned away and began to shuffle out, leaving the King alone to deal with his pain in peace. Ryou, Bakura and the others stayed though, trundling over to the table and flopping down heavily, while Yami lay on the floor staring at the ceiling.

"Did we really do it?" Natalie whispered, the silence overruling her voice. All she received in response were grim faces and grimmer nods.

"Yes, we did." Jou whispered voice harsh from disuse.

"I can't believe it." Ryou whispered.

"I can." Marik said, not liking the silences control over them, braving his voice beyond a whisper.

"But all those Vampires… in a second were dead." Ryou said in small wonder. The occupants of the room cringed at the reminder.

"They were, but they were ready." Bakura replied softly in his own form of comfort. Ryou nodded looking around the sullen room, Yami still lay there on the floor and Yuugi still lay with him. A third and fourth tear squeezed from his eyes, it was a heartbreaking site to see them so gently patter to the ground. Ryou had to turn away as he felt a lump in his throat and the stings on tears in his eyes.

"What does this mean?" Malik whispered.

"Yami can keep better track on his Vampires, and in a year we'll be back in the city alleys." Jou responded.

Yami seemed to have redrawn some strength and was absent-mindedly stroking Yuugi's hair now, blinking at the ceiling and drawing calming breaths. Yuugi crawled off of Yami and rose to his feet, helping the disheartened ruler to his feet as well. He cast his eyes over the remaining group sitting at the table. He turned his back for a moment to brush the dampness from his eyes and cheeks, allowing only Yuugi, who was standing behind him, to see the crystalline drops.

"Was it really that bad?" Yuugi asked a little amazed and shocked at the rare jewels that had spilled from Yami's crimson eyes. Yami nodded slowly and headed towards the table, taking a quiet seat and motioning for Yuugi's to sit with him. Yuugi crawled gingerly onto his lap, allowing protective arms to hold him close to Yami's chest as Yami's head rested on the crown of his.

"Are they all…" Natalie ventured, voice quivering slightly.

"They are… every last one…" Yami said quietly head hidden in Yuugi's hair in remorse. Although the decision was planned, voted for, and was in the best interest of everyone, it came down to his ruling and so he held the conscious of the souls that were released from their now hollow shells. And just as he had felt in his body, mind, spirit and heart the effects of the choice, it weighed him down after the pain had left.

"World Wide?" Jou asked.

"I'm not sure, I'm not strong enough to have range that far so we'll just have to wait for word." Yami replied as the group nodded in understanding. Bakura began to rise from his chair pushing it in as he stood behind it.

"I'm going to bed, I want to be up early to head off to the city." He informed the crowd.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea Bakura." Yuugi intervened boldly. Bakura looked harshly at Yuugi.

"And why is that?" He asked in a frightening clam voice.

"Well… it's just that the humans will stick around until tomorrow. They'll stay fortified at night just to make sure that they got all of them even after they check it in the day. So if you went and were spotted it'd all be for nothing." Yuugi said hesitantly, although nobody could argue with his logic. Bakura narrowed his eyes at Yuugi for pointing it out.

"He's right you know Bakura, any trips to the city can't be until the night after the next." Marik said, knowing it would get at Bakura. "You're just gonna have to stay here and fester you little sugar bat." He taunted. Although it was neither the time nor place for the two to start slinging insults.

"What did you call me?" Bakura demanded.

"I called you a sugar bat, Ba-Ku-Ra." Marik said teasingly. Marik used to call Bakura a sugar bat in the very early days of them knowing each other. Bakura's white hair making him vulnerable to be called any white substance, like snow, cocaine, or sugar. Bakura growled low in his throat, before smirking much to the confusion of the occupants.

"You dolt, can't you think of anything new?" he snickered evilly before turning his back to Marik. "Then again why give up on the old ones, corn ears?" he said leaving the room. Marik fumed.

"Corn ears…" he mumbled as everyone but Natalie looked confused.

"I think I should head to bed too." Yami said, noting that Yuugi was curled up and looking very drowsily at him in his lap. Yami scooped the smaller in his arms and got to his feet, kicking the chair in behind him as he went. The door had remained opened since everyone had filed in so he needn't bother with door nobs. He retreated to his room, gently placing Yuugi on the bed before climbing down next to him. Yuugi snuggled up to Yami sensing that he would soon begin to think about the Vampires in the cities.

"Good morning Yami, my strong king." He said falling to sleep with his head resting on Yami's chest. Yami smirked at Yuugi's form of comfort, grinning in spite of himself before giving way to the sleep that had claimed his young lover.

Bakura had gone to his room to sleep as well, trying to remove the sight of Yami's tears from his mind. As cold as Bakura was he couldn't ignore what it must've been like, If Bakura had been throwing into this after being as emotionally devastated as Yami, after feeling all of those deaths torn from your soul. He felt a small amount of pity and was unsettled by the tears; they weren't Yami, not at all.

Marik had been angry at the corn ears comment for some while before heading to bed, leaving Ryou and Malik to head back to their home with Natalie.

As the suns edges crept back down below the horizon a chill more chilling and sinister than before crept down the empty corridors of the building that homed the three hundred Vampires in Alberta Mortis. There was a definite air of sadness in each breath and sigh of the wind. One by one vampires emerged, having drank already from the bottles in their rooms. They stood outside and looked up to the peak, taking in the burning flame the glowed so brightly. Many of them gave flight into the air, circling above the large flame, using the heat to push them up. It was a dead night. After the twelve days they would hold a celebration, as was traditional. Life moves on, they're immortal souls have left their bodies but they'll be back in one way or another.

(I'm so lazy so 12 days later)

The feast was grand, although Vampires didn't need to eat they would indulge themselves every so often, Bakura chomped into a raw steak, devouring it quickly before sitting back satisfied. Ryou was eating a sweet, a small grin on his lips. Yami was sitting at a small table to the side, not wanting any kind of light on him as he sat with Yuugi and the rest. His eyes were surveying the group's activities. Marik and Malik were soon to need a room, their passion running wilder and wilder with sugar induced thrills, the extra portion of blood Marik had been given still tingling in his veins. They sucked on each others lips feverishly, until Marik bumped Jou for the umpteenth time.

"Look you two! Get a damn room would ya!" he hollered. Marik didn't waste time but ran into the home that Malik, Ryou, Seto and Mokuba shared. Mokuba was out talking with one of the born vampires who was yet to turn, and you could practically feel the fresh summer romance oozing off the pair.

Marik burst into the house still kissing Malik feverishly, eyes burning like candles within his face. Malik was tearing at the vampires shirt, dragging it from his shoulder and carelessly dropping it to the floor as his back slammed to the wall as Marik fumbled with the door handle to his room. He had already tossed off his and Malik's shoes so as he flung Malik onto the bed he didn't have to worry about removing them. He turned back and slammed the door closed. Malik drooled as Marik stood looking at him, hands on hips, at the end of the bed. His hair was wildly striking up at angles and his violet eyes held a frown as did the rest of his face. Malik in turn frowned at his lovers scowl.

"What is it?" he asked impatiently.

"You're wearing too many clothes kitten." Marik said, a smirk gracing his lips as he approached the bed, hips swaying. He gave of the impression of a jaguar slowly stalking up to his prey. Malik shifted under the predatory gaze blanketing his currently clothed body. Marik sauntered to the edge of the bed gracefully resting on it as he pounced on Malik, engaging his lips as his hands engaged the buttons on Malik's shirt. The buttons lost parting the shirt so it could be removed, the next battle ended swiftly as the zipper to Malik pants was undone and pants ripped from his body, taking his underwear with it. Marik looked down at Malik's erection in approval a smirk on his lips. But even though he called Malik a kitten it was because a kitten still had claws as well, and was friskier than a full grown cat or wild mustang for that matter.

Malik thought that Marik was now the one with too many clothes and rubbed his chest against Marik's and noting a pressure against his thighs. He flipped Marik on to the bottom, teasing his skin with nicks and bites. Running his hands down the side of his tensed body, feeling the muscles ripple beneath his finger tips, dragging nails gently as well, raising goose-bumps, Malik continued. Marik grunted and groaned, moaned and gasped at the touches, licks and saliva trails on his skin as slowly, agonizingly slow, they lowered. Malik's hands skilfully flicked the pants open and drew them down and off his lovers legs, separately removing the underwear with his teeth. Marik shivered in delight as Malik slowly licked up his rock hard shaft, forcing a dewy small drop of Pre-cum out of its tip. Malik ignored it continuing up his lover's body to kiss him greedily upon his lips and be flipped back over.

Marik dominated over Malik's body, ruled and toyed with his kitten, making him yowl in pleasure and sometimes a kind of pleasurable pain. He played with his flesh, his lips, dancing with nimble finger tips upon his chest and curved hips.

"Fuck Marik! Stop dawdling and FUCK ME!" Malik panted out, the actions on his body, tiring him out before the real pleasure was to begin. Marik smirked and flipped his lover onto his stomach and sharply, roughly, swiftly rammed into his entrance. Malik gasped in pain, soon choked out as the head of Marik's rock hard cock brushed against his prostrate, making Marik smirk larger. He began pounding into Malik over and over, making him scream in pure bliss, groan in ecstasy. Marik grunted with effort at ever thrust, the effort being containing himself, holding off his orgasm for as long as possible to make it all the more pleasurable. Malik was being pounded so hard and the pleasure was so immense he thought he might faint, the bed rocked thudding against the wall in a steady pattern.

Thud thud thud.

Malik moaned and gripped the sheets with white knuckles, one hand against the head board to stop his head from being thudded into it. His legs were sprawled out wards, giving Marik easier access and aim. Malik screamed in pleasure.

Thud Thud THUD.

Marik was gasping, covered in sweat, hair matting to his forehead. He held Malik at the hips slamming Malik's hip down as he rocked forwards into him, striking his prostrate over and over. He could feel Malik clenching his muscles tight around him, all around him. His edge was coming closer with ever thud of the bed.


Malik was getting closer, his mind was getting foggier, his muscles were tensing. A warmth was spreading through his body in the form of tingles and needles, his vision was growing starry at it's edges and he clenched them closed tight. His teeth were clenched together in absolute bliss, it was almost torture.


Malik clenched hard as he spurted his essence all over the sheets, and felt Marik let go within him, white essence searing through his inside. They panted, sharing lazy sloppy kisses. They were too tired to kiss but still attempted to anyway.

"That was fun wasn't it kitten?" Marik smirked still gasping for breath.

"Yeah, I'm stuffed." Malik sighed.

"Why? I did all the work." Marik said, his voice was taunting and teasing as he joked. Malik knew he was only trying to rile him up because he thought he was hot when he was angry apparently. He rolled his eyes at the futile attempt.

"Bite me." he said nonchalantly.

"Oooh, is that a request?" Marik said, finding a bit of energy to straddles his lovers hips and gaze down at him heatedly, leaning down and nipping at his skin. Malik thought about it, was it a request? Did he want to be bitten? Marik wasn't tired now, he never seemed to be tired for more than a few seconds after sex. Malik guessed Vampires had more endurance, the never got tired for long, unless it was day. They had higher senses too, sex must be great as a vampire, your skin more sensitive, more endurance for longer sex but it'd be fun-er. (Silver: He thinks about sex a lot for a kitten. Wing: Yeah but he's Malik. Silver: Good point)

"Maybe." Malik said shifting his body a bit, waving it ever so slightly but ever so tantalizingly, brushing his hair back purposely revealing his milky white neck. His heart beat was still racing.

"Maybe?" Marik said a little surprised. "cos you smell very, very, sweet." Malik rolled his eyes but moaned as Marik's tongue dove into this belly button. Marik chuckled.

"It'd be my pleasure to bite you, little kitten." Marik purred, teasing Malik's nipples, rasing a moan from his throat.

"I bet it would." Malik grunted. "But wouldn't you have to ask the King first?" he said raising an eyebrow.

"Nup, I've been a Tisnatas running the vampires since he was gone and therefore have the right to turn a person! Fuck Yami." Marik replied now sitting upright on Malik, slowly rocking his hips.

"Would you stop that, or I'll say no." Malik groaned, Marik's face was a mask of shock, glee and the tiniest pout as he had to stop.

"You mean, you actually want me to be bite you, and change you like Yuugi was?" Marik asked. Malik nodded. "Are you sure?" he asked. Again Malik nodded. "Are you really sure? He asked, Malik nodded. "Really real-"

"I'm sure!" Malik interrupted aggravated with the repetitive question.

"You're so sexy when you're angry." Marik smirked as Malik rolled his eyes. Changing tactics Malik hooked his slender arms around Marik's neck lifting himself so they're faces were inches apart. He leaned over closer, breath playing along Marik's ear. He shifted slightly until he could feel Marik's breath on his neck, knowing ti was just where it needed to be. Heatedly, softly and seductively Malik whispered in Marik's ear.

"Bite me."

Marik was fighting the urge, not sure just in case it was the after sex talking. But the neck was emitting a scent that seemed to scream into his brain and body the same words as what had been whispered into his ear. "Bite me, bite me, bite me, I'm sweet and luscious and soft, Bite me." He inched closer and closer, eyes growing steadily more clouded, he opened his mouth, allowing his tongue to lick the tender flesh, he had resisted from licking Malik's neck for just this reason. It was so tasty, so creamy and smooth beneath his tongue, it was delectable. His fangs grew longer sensing the stream of warm blood beneath the layer of soft skin, but still Marik's brain fought.

"What are you waiting for?" Malik purred. "Bite me."

Marik's will was strong but not that strong. He lunged forward sinking his teeth into the flesh. Malik gave out a choked sound, a suppressed cry of pain at the teeth piercing his neck. He felt the life being drained from him and felt tireder than before.

Marik was in bliss, sweet, copper, fairy floss, blood rang through his being, creating stars, lights and fire in his belly. He felt the blood refreshing his soul. He leaned down, following the body as it grew weak and Malik's grip sagged. Before it was too late Marik reluctantly pulled out. A small amount of blood trickled from the wound on to the pillow and filled the vampires nostrils with the scent of it. Marik bit into his own wrist, aiming for the main artery there.

"Your turn." He said shoving the bleeding wrist to Malik's lips. Malik licked the blood off first before beginning to suck the tender flesh. He began to suck harder and harder needing more and more blood. He felt his teeth shift and before he knew it he had pulled back an inch before plunging his newly formed ivory fangs into the wrist. Deciding that wasn't good enough he left the wrist and biting Marik on the neck. He got more blood this way, faster, warmer sweeter. Marik was a little surprised but kept track of the blood in his veins, only allowing Malik to drink his own blood back. He pried the cross vampire human off his throat.

"Fun?" he asked.

"Fun." Malik agreed nodding his head and licking his lips free of any blood.

"So you know what happens, you've got one sunset." Marik asked. Malik nodded lowering his eyes lids seductively.

"There are a few hours before sunrise, back to your place for more?" Malik purred. Marik couldn't refuse, snatching on his pants, throwing Malik's his. After dragging them on and Malik had his on he tossed him over his shoulder and ran back to his room in the Vampire home, leaving shirts and shoes behind.

Bakura saw from the corner of his eye Marik and Malik fleeing to the rooms the vampires had been given, carved into the cliff side. Now the house was unoccupied he could take Ryou in for some fun of his own. He wrapped an arm around Ryou's waist as he sat there. He leaned in close and whispered that Marik and Malik had left the house, he ran his had along Ryou's thigh to further display his point. Ryou understood perfectly and blushed, smiling though. He roes from his chair, excusing himself to Jou and Kaiba as he swayed towards the house, Bakura following him. He calmly reached the front door and opened it, Bakura following behind. He turned upon hearing the door close to be pounced upon by a hungry Bakura. Bakura savaged his lips, lifting his against the wall, acting just as feverishly as Marik had moments before. As they passed Marik and Malik's room a scent caught his nose and he stopped.

"What's wrong?" Ryou asked when Bakura stopped kissing him and froze in Marik and Malik's door way.

"I smell something." Bakura grunted.

"It's probably sex, Malik's room always smells like sex." Ryou informed him. Bakura smirked.

"Yes it smells like sex, but something else too." Bakura said looking over the room.

"What?" Ryou asked curiously.

"Smells likes…BLOOD!" Bakura cried out spotting it on the pillow. "Marik bit Malik!"

"And then there was two." Ryou said. Bakura smirked again.

"We could fix that." He said unable to think of anything more perfect that Ryou's blood. Ryou kissed him passionately, avoiding the question and running his hands up Bakura's shirt and over his well carved chest. Bakura didn't care and continued to Ryou's bedroom, removing his shoes after entering the room and dumping Ryou on the bed. He shut the door as Ryou yanked his own shoes from his feet. Bakura sat down on the edge of the bed, as Ryou reached over to kiss him he pulled back.

"Someone's eager. You know… maybe I'm not interested tonight. If you could make it interesting then maybe I'd be more inclined to, but you'll have to entice me Ryou." Bakura said, wanting a show knowing very well how sexy Ryou could be. Ryou raised his eyebrows.

"Oh like you don't want sex all the time." He said, slightly out of character but not enough for Bakura's liking.

"Maybe I want a bit of a show first, to make me want it a bit more." He replied. Ryou rolled his eyes but when he discovered Bakura was being true to what he said and wasn't in the least interested. He knew what the vampire wanted, he wanted to see Ryou wanton and begging, because he was cruel. He stood up and sat with his legs on either side of Bakura's hips, looking at him pleadingly and rocking his groin to his.

"Please?" Ryou asked. He'd been deprived for a while, as long as Bakura had and tonight he really, really wanted it. Bakura smirked and shook his head.

"You'll have to try harder." He said. Ryou used puppy dog eyes but couldn't persuade him that way, so instead begin to remove his shirt, slowly inch by inch revealing his milky whist chest and stomach. He swayed his hips suggestively and leaned in close to Bakura, removing his shirt with skilled and gentle fingers. He kissed gently down Bakura's toned chest, licking and sucking a nipple, digging his tongue deep into his navel, flicking it in and out. Bakura moaned slightly but still made no move. Ryou pulled away, moving slowly and seductively as he removed his pants and underwear, standing naked before the vampire. He trailed a hand down his chest, as if he was displaying his wares to Bakura. Bakura swallowed hard as his pants bulged noticeably.

Ryou smirked sexily and confidently sauntered over to the vampire, knowing he could wrap Bakura around his little finger with this method. He undid Bakura's belt buckle and gently pulled his pants off, making sure to trail his finger tips along Bakura legs softly and teasingly. He kissed up Bakura's leg, making him feel like royalty as Ryou kneeled naked at his feet. He kissed Bakura's knee cap, licking up the inside of his hips making him groan. He kissed up Bakura's chest seizing Bakura's cock in his hand and gently tugging, squeezing, and stroking it. He then moved and sat on Bakura's lap, never stopping his tender administrations. Bakura finally couldn't stand it, Ryou's hips, skin, his drooped and lusty eyes.

"I give!" Bakura said pulling Ryou harshly forward, crushing his body to Ryou's rubbing their chests together. Ryou smirked.

"I knew you would, now fuck me…. please." Ryou said kissing Bakura wantonly. Bakura kissed back hard, throwing the other onto the bed. He kissed down Ryou's milky white chest, caressing the inner side of Ryou's thighs with his hands before moving back up to nibble Ryou's earlobe. Ryou moaned and groaned making Bakura want him even more, Ryou lay looking up at his lover as Bakura wormed a finger into Ryou's tight entrance hoping to loosen it, to make it less painful when Bakura's finally took him. Ryou squirmed in discomfort but still allowed the second and third of Bakura's fingers to enter and being a scissoring action. He relaxed as hot kisses bathed his body giving him a feeling of euphoria.

Bakura removed his fingers, Ryou spat into his hands and slicked up Bakura's length in his saliva. Bakura groaned at the sensation and engaged Ryou in a kiss, tongues dancing together and sparring in a playful bid for dominance. He slowly slid into Ryou the kiss pausing as Ryou held his breath. He relaxed as well as he could and soon grow easy with the feeling of Bakura nestled deep within him. He rocked his hips gently against Bakura's. Bakura took this as a sign of encouragement and slowly pulled out of Ryou, almost all the way. Just before he was completely out he rammed himself back in, making Ryou cry out as stars shone before his eyes. He groaned Bakura's name, in need.

"How do you want it Ryou?" Bakura asked panting.

"Harder!" Ryou cried out as Bakura rammed into him again, mewling in pleasure.

"How do you like it Ryou?" he panted.

"Faster! Oh god Bakura!" Ryou cried out, gasping for air as Bakura's thrusts increased in speed and strength.

Bakura groaned and pressed into Ryou urgently, feeling the need for more contact. He trailed kisses along Ryou's face and lips, pressing them together urgently, rubbing their bodies together.

"Oh God 'Kura! Harder! Faster!" Ryou moaned, body shaking with want. Bakura pressed harder, roughly tearing into Ryou.

"Take me!" Ryou panted.

"I am." Bakura grunted as they same closer and closer to the edge.

Bakura's body was covered in sticky sweat, as was Ryou's. Ryou's fingers dug into his back, clinging onto him though the haze of passion that fogged him. Thrills rushed his body in dizzying waves, more often, faster and harder and, and oh god. Ryou screamed out in pure rapture as he spurted his seed all over Bakura's abdomen. Bakura wasn't too far behind him, moaning as he released into Ryou. They sat perfectly still, panting for air and gazing through half lidded eyes. To Bakura's nose Ryou never smelt sweater, with all that blood rushing through his veins. Bakura looked down and smirked.

"Aw, Yuck Ryou! Look what you did!" He said motioning to the sticky white mess on his stomach. Ryou blushed and gathered it off with his hands before like his fingers clean. Bakura licked his lips at the sight he made, as Ryou wiped his hands clean of saliva. Bakura lent over and purred gently into his ear.

"You know we could still change that there are two non vampires, non faithfuls here." He said moving his eyebrows suggestively, and licking Ryou's neck.

"I don't know…" Ryou said, gulping at the damp warmth on his neck.

"What's not to know." Bakura said seductively. "Sex'd be much more fun that way, and you could be normal, instead of a human who stays up at night and sleeps during the day… you're practically a vampire as it is."

Ryou was thinking it over, ti was true it'd be easier and he'd already heard Yuugi talking of the night and the moon with his new sight. He had wanted to see for himself, and this way he could be with 'Kura forever… look at his eyes forever.

"Will it hurt?" Ryou asked. Bakura smiled, still licking Ryou's neck.

"Not really, the initial bite will but it'll go numb… then when you turn completely… I mean you were standing outside Yuugi's door when he changed. But after that it's all smooth running." Bakura said, sultry and husky voice raising hairs along the back of Ryou's neck.

Was he really ready to take this risk, never be mortal… be a vampire and live forever… I t wouldn't be so bad would it?.... I mean a moment of pain wasn't too bad… Maybe he should….

" 'Kura….I love you." Bakura was a little startled at the response, he'd heard it before of course but not like this, not in this tone. Ryou meant yes!

"There's no going back." Bakura made certain, and felt Ryou nod.

"I love you too." He whispered before plunging his teeth into Ryou's tender neck flesh. Ryou whimpered in pain and felt his muscles weaken, he felt clouds gather before there was scent at his nose, and he could see the blurry outline of an arm.

"Drink." Bakura commanded gently. Ryou parted his lips and ran his tongue over the small amount of welled blood. It wasn't too tasty but an interesting taste…. Maybe she should try some more… and his vision was slowly improving with each particle of blood he took in. He felt his teeth shift and felt as slowly the amount of blood he got was listening, but he still wanted, he still needed more. He opened his mouth wide and bit into the milky skin, teeth piercing it and releasing more blood for his pleasure. He drank greedily, liking the taste more and more until Bakura had to pry him off his arm. He licked his lips and teeth clean, swallowing the lingering taste happily. Now he was full and sexed out he was feeling kind of tired…

"You'll be staying in my room tonight… then you get to do the sunset thing." Bakura informed him as he lifted the sleepy boy from his lap, tossing him his clothes Bakura himself began to dress. Once they were both dressed Bakura gathered the smaller in his arms and carried him back to his room, a happy smile on his lips. For once he wasn't smirking.

Yami and Yuugi had seen the couple's pair off, and emerge from the house, there was a few hours til sunrise and so together they headed back to the room hand in hand. Yami was striving to maintain a walk heading towards the building. He had to refrain from pouncing on the younger vampire. They hadn't joined since two days before the mourning days and were eager to celebrate.

As the door closed behind them Yuugi was pulled into a sudden bruising kiss from his other. Want, need, lust, love whirring in the room. They dragged their clothes from each other, eagerly heading to the bed. Although people may not have guessed it Yuugi was just as much of a sex fiend as any of the vampires and Malik. Soon Yuugi's back was to the bed and he was being bathed in kisses and caresses. Yuugi was just as eager to caress Yami's taunt body and just as eager to taste it. They rolled on the bed until Yuugi was on top, teasing Yami's hardened nipples between his teeth as heat rushed his body. His body was more sensitive than ever now he was a vampire and so every touch sent him wild, and when Yami was caressing his back Yuugi couldn't help but purr and arch into more contact. Yuugi kissed Yami on the lips feverishly, nipping his bottom lip to break the skin. Sweet copper blood spilled from Yami's lip and into Yuugi's mouth as he sucked the lips making Yami moan and arch, pressing Yuugi's body firmly to his to gain every inch of contact.

When the wound had closed Yami flipped the back over, pressing down onto Yuugi and rubbing their bodies together, groins grinding together to cause their owners to emit little moans of pleasure as Yami took his turn to bite Yuugi's bottom lip and suck the blood free before it healed. They were writhing around on the bed, heat pressed to eager heat. They placed little bites and kisses all over each other deriving excessive amounts of pleasure from the two.

Yuugi's bangs were plastered to his head with sweat and Yami brushed them aside to get a better view of his sexy little lover. His face was flushed with pleasure and eyes were sparkling with energy and want. Yuugi arched his back upwards wanting more contact, more, more always more! Yami in turn was pressed down upon his smaller, running his hands down the others sides as Yuugi's hands scurried along his back. Yami by now was rock hard with desire, and wanted to roughly take the smaller now as fast as he could. Yuugi was the same, just wanting the greater contact now! He slid under Yami and moved around until he could impale himself upon Yami. Slowly he did so gasping in both pleasure and pain as Yami looked on in surprise and pleasure. Soon he was completely sheathed with the little one and said little one was bucking his hips in encouragement. Yami didn't need anymore than that, settling between the others leg and gently pulling and pushing himself in and out. This wasn't frenzied but slow and sweet, savouring every touch but as the pleasure grew more and more enticed by the other it became fast. Yami was pressing himself into Yuugi, and with every strike to his prostrate Yuugi's head would be tossed back and he'd groan in pure bliss.

Yami was in a world of his own, with flashes of reality being glimpsed as Yuugi's moans drew him further towards the sweet sea of bliss. He ravaged Yuugi's neck as Yuugi gasped and clenched around him. Such sweet pleasure should be a sin, and more than likely was but the two couldn't care as they drew nearer and nearer to the completion that they craved so badly. They screamed in unison the name of their others as they tumbled off the edge, having reached the highest point of their endurance. Yami collapsed wearily on top of Yuugi worn out completely but there was a warm patch on his stomach that needed to be addressed and as Yami looked down at Yuugi he noticed the same mess. He smirked and gently made his way down Yuugi to his stomach were a small patch of white glowed against his skin. He licked it off, causing Yuugi to squirm at the motions. Yuugi followed his example, liking his own essence from Yami's stomach before settling in his arms for a well needed sleep until the day was gone again.


Ryou woke in Bakura's arms and wondered what the time was. He didn't know but he could feel ti was a little before sunset. He tried to ease his way from Bakura's grasp and only succeeded in waking the older vampire up.

"Oh god Ryou… it's only two hours til nightfall. Sleep!" he murmured, burying his head into Ryou's cotton soft locks.

"Two hours til nightfall… is it safe for me to go out?" Ryou asked gently. Bakura grunted running a mental check before nodding.

"Yeah, I'll see you in two hours… lock yourself in your room like Yuugi did. We don't want you hounding after the faithfuls or anyone else." Bakura said as he turned his face into the pillow and tried to keep sleeping. Ryou smiled and kissed his hand gently before padding over to the door. He opened it and looked around cautiously before walking out and closing the door behind him.

He walked down the hallways to where he felt the sun, seeing the end of the hallway he met up with Malik heading the same way. Malik smiled at him revealing his canines and Ryou responded with the same, Malik the most surprised. Ryou had already known but Malik hadn't. They walked out to the peak to watch the sun fade, watching it sink lower and lower. A new night was coming, with new things to explore and soon things would be different and the same.

Later that night Yuugi sat with his two friends, both now vampires. Their lovers were each sitting behind them as they gazed upwards. The moon was shining its silver rays of light down upon eyes of brown, crimson, amethyst, and violet. The stars were winking fresh in the sky, some people think they predict the future in stars, the stars tell time but time in an illusion. They were staring at what lay beneath them but did not tell the ones below what to do, but they brought promise.


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