Stop Stalking Me! Part II

By: Dunaraniel

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.  I'm borrowing them, for my amusement.

Now…onto part II!

            Erutis was lying in the hammock outside of the castle of Raenef.  A few feet away, Chris was crouched down with something in his hand.  He was muttering to himself in a slightly deranged way.  Erutis caught a bit of what he said.  It sounded like he was planning to summon a demon so he could destroy them.  She rolled her eyes and turned away.

            Meanwhile, Chris had finished his demon summoning runes.  "This time," he said, "I will make sure to get a true demon lord!"  He grinned his eyes glinting madly.  "I summon thee, oh vile demon!  Come and meet your doom!" he cried.  The runes flashed, and a cloud of smoke appeared.  Erutis rolled over, and coughed.  She looked at the smoke, waiting to see what Chris had summoned.  When the smoke cleared, she let out a gasp and glared at Chris. 

            "You summoned him?" she yelled angrily, and pointed to Lord Krayon, who was now standing in the circle.  He brushed of the tiny bit of dust that had dared mar his perfection and stepped forward.

            "My love how wonderful to see you again!" Krayon cried.  He walked over to Erutis and embraced her.

            Erutis' eye twitched slightly.  She then screamed and jumped out of his arms.  "Get away from me!" she yelled.  She grabbed her sword and pointed it at him.  "Stay back or suffer the wrath of a sword-master!"

            At this moment, Eclipse and Raenef walked out.  "What's going on here?" asked Eclipse.  He glared at Chris, who was covered in dust.

            Krayon went over and stood next to Erutis, and then smiled as a brilliant thought appeared in his head.  "Eclipse, do you think I could bring Erutis back to my castle for a while?" he asked.

            Eclipse smiled.  It would get rid of one of the humans for a while, he thought.  He then nodded.  "Yes, I see no reason why you can't.  That is, unless master Raenef has a problem with it?" he said looking over at his young lord.

            Raenef smiled.  "That's a great idea!  It'll be like a vacation, Eru!" he said.

            Krayon smiled.  "Wonderful!  Then let's leave right now!"  He went into the castle and quickly gathered Erutis' things, while Erutis stood, dumbstruck.   He reappeared outside, and grabbed Erutis.  "Now my love let us go to my castle!" 

            As the two of them vanished, Chris heard Erutis cry out, "I'm going to kill you for summoning him Chris!"  He gulped and headed inside, to enjoy what may very well be his last few days.  Raenef and Eclipse went off to practice being a proper demon lord.

The End.

A/N: Sorry the chapters are short.  Now, this story is done.  But! Fear not for!   A sequel shall be written.  Not sure when but it will happen!

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