A/N: I've got four stories on the go now but I've got that many ideas buzzing around my head if I didn't write them down I'd probably blow.

This is about Paige, I don't know why my Charmed stories are all about her but they are. Just to say, Paige and Phoebe have split up with their men and Piper's pregnant with Chris. You may have noticed this involves a certain amount of femmeslash so don't read if you can't handle that. I don't have to say I don't own these characters do I?


Uh-oh, Paige cringed as she heard her sister's shout and footsteps up the attic stairs, she found out.

'What happened to this?' Piper asked angrily, holding up her shrunken sweater. 'This looks like it's for Wyatt, not me.'

'It was an accident?' Paige offered meekly.

'An accident?!' Piper screeched.

'Piper!' Paige told her. 'Calm down, you're upsetting the baby.'

'The baby's fine,' she said advancing on her youngest sister. 'You're the one in trouble.'

'I'm sorry, alright?'

Another set of footsteps brought Piper back to her senses as Phoebe appeared. 'What's all the shouting about?'

Piper pointed to her sweater. 'This. Paige did it.'

'You knitted Wyatt a sweater?' Phoebe asked in delight.

'Er... not exactly,' Paige grimaced. 'That's Piper's.'

'Piper's?' Phoebe repeated in puzzlement then she realised. 'Oh.'

'Yeah, oh.' Piper said. 'That was my favourite.'

'I'll buy you another.' Paige said, mentally hoping she got another temp job soon otherwise she'd have to sell half of her own wardrobe just to get by.

'That's not the point, Paige!' Piper shouted.

Phoebe stepped forward. 'That was a birthday present... from Prue.'

Prue, it had to be from Prue, didn't it? She couldn't wreak an original Armani creation cos that wouldn't have been an issue. She was sick of having to watch everything she did and said in case it had some link to the holy Prue. 'I'm sorry, okay?'

'I just want you to leave my stuff alone, alright?' Piper said before storming back down the stairs, her feet thudding dangerously against the wooden floor, almost threatening to bring the house down.

'I was only trying to help.' Paige mumbled.

'I know, sweetie,' Phoebe patted her arm. 'But better leave her to it, she's finding it hard, the whole being-pregnant-by-an-Elder-and-my-baby's-here-from-the-future thing's getting to her.'

'That's why I was trying to help!' she argued.

'Leave her to it.' Phoebe advised as she followed Piper out of the attic.

Leave her to it? What kind of advice was that? It was true that Piper was going through a hard time, surely that meant she needed her sister's not that she wanted them to leave her alone?

She wasn't pushing Phoebe away though, was she? Well she wouldn't, with Phoebe having known her for so much longer. That was all they ever talked about, their childhood and Prue. Their happiest times.

What did that say about the last few years with Paige? Agreed, there'd been plenty of rough patches- Cole, Leo leaving- and then there was the fact that she wouldn't have even found them if Prue hadn't died. That was pretty tough on her and, she guessed, part of the reason it was hard to do anything right.

Paige pondered this as she made her way down to the kitchen, intending to get herself a snack or something then the doorbell rang. Phoebe bounded down the stairs behind her while Piper emerged from the living room with Wyatt in her arms.

'How many people does it take to answer a door around here?' Piper quipped, her happy mood had obviously returned probably because she wasn't dealing with Paige.

'Well,' Phoebe answered as the quartet walked towards the door. 'We don't have many visitors, many that use doors anyway, so when someone comes we get really excited.'

'Uh-huh.' Piper grinned as she opened the door.

There was a women standing there, short blonde hair, green eyes and a great big smile. 'Is Prue home?'

Paige exchanged a worried glance with Phoebe while Phoebe while Piper answered; 'Prue? Who are...?'

'Madeline Griffin, most people call me Maddy,' she replied pleasantly. 'Is she here?'

Ouch! How were they supposed to explain she was dead? This lady was so chirpy and happy, maybe a friend of Prue's who had just got back from travelling or something.

'Um...' Piper looked at desperately at Phoebe who had absolutely no intention of answering. 'She... died a few years ago.'

The smile on Maddy's face flickered and disappeared. 'But...'

'How did you know her?' Phoebe asked gently.

'We er...' Maddy answered shakily. 'We dated for a while.'