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'Chris!' Paige burst breathlessly out of Piper's bedroom. 'I'm happy to declare you've been born.'

'How's Piper?' asked Leo quickly.

'She's fine,' Paige assured him. 'Just tired.'

'Can I see them?' Chris asked.

'Sure,' Paige answered then added as Leo stepped forward; 'No, not you.'

'Oh, come on!'

'Sorry, Leo.'

An hour later Paige collapsed on her bed. It had been a long day, Maddy was still tending to little Chris while Piper and Leo were arguing with big Chris refereeing. Quite the happy family.

'Hey,' Phoebe knocked quietly on the open door.

'Is everything okay?' Paige asked immediately.

'Yeah,' Phoebe cringed. 'Leo still thinks he had a right to know and Chris is rocking himself to sleep. That sounds so weird!'

'Nothing about this family's normal,' Paige smiled wistfully. 'How's Maddy holding up?'

'Really well, actually,' Phoebe answered. 'We were wrong about her.'

'Really wrong,' Paige confirmed.

'A thousand apologies!' Phoebe laughed. 'Forgive me?'

'I suppose so,' she sighed heavily. 'Just don't try to vanquish my girlfriend again, okay?'


'Glad to hear it,' Maddy yawned appearing behind Phoebe. 'I thought maybe you could calm Leo down, Piper just blew up a vase.'

'Sure,' Phoebe answered and turned back towards Piper's room. Maddy dropped on the bed beside Paige.

'Are you alright?'

'Yeah, fine,' Maddy replied. 'I just brought a life into the world while the twenty-three year-old version of him was outside the door. It's just a bit... creepy, that's all.'

'Welcome to my world.'

Maddy snuggled up to her. 'I'm glad I'm in it.'

'Me too.'

The next morning dawned brightly, Paige and Maddy joined the rest of the family in Piper's bedroom. Paige marvelled at how quickly they'd accepted Maddy into the fold, she felt rather guilty for not telling them before but... well, it had all worked out anyway.

After several hours of heated discussion through the night, Piper and Leo seemed to have worked something out and looked happy.

'He's so cute,' Phoebe prodded the baby.

'Thanks,' Chris answered automatically.

Leo laughed. 'This is complicated.'

'Yeah,' Piper smiled.

Phoebe moved over with Wyatt in her arms. 'Wyatt, how do you like your little brother?'

Wyatt took one look at baby Chris and burst out crying.

'Huh,' Piper said.

'Nothing changes,' Chris muttered.

Paige exchanged a glance with Maddy before saying; 'To be honest Chris, we felt the same when we first saw you.'

'Hey! That's my son you're talking about,' Piper complained lightly.

'Yeah,' Phoebe said. 'But to be fair...'

Chris looked around the room. 'Real nice, guys.'

Paige laughed along with the rest, watching Maddy revel in the whole family-unit thing. She looked happy, everyone looked happy.

Which was unusual in itself because there was always a demon dropping in, a spell gone awry, an argument breaking out. For the Halliwell household to be perfectly happy there had to be something pretty amazing about. Taking a look at the adult Chris she knew that he was pretty damn amazing.

Maddy's hand flashed in front of her eyes. 'Paige?'


'You spaced out,' Piper explained. 'You alright?'

'I'm just... thinking, that's all.'

'That's new,' Phoebe quipped.

Paige pulled a face at her sister. 'No, it's nothing.'

'Tell me,' Maddy implored.

.No chance.'

Leo laughed. 'I think you're outnumbered here, Paige.'

'Alright, alright,' Paige said. 'I was thinking how happy we all are.'

The room fell quiet then Maddy spoke up; 'That's pretty deep for this time on a morning.'

Everyone burst out laughing and Paige felt... she felt like she was finally in the right place. And one thing was for sure- it was going to be an interesting future.