A Special Training

A Special Training

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A/N: This will take place during the S series, which I am the most familiar with. Warning, folks, from here, it gets weird. As for DBZ, during the three years that it takes for the Trunks Saga to become the Androids and Cell Sagas.

Kami shivered with dread.

Even before the young man from the future, Trunks, had come, he had been sensing something awful. He had no real idea what it was, because it was so nebulous. It hadn't grown to its full potential yet. The Z fighters that survived the Androids would not be enough to face this. They needed help.

But where to find it?


Usagi giggled, watching the antics of her future daughter. Chibi-Usa was chasing Luna, who had told her to do some homework.

The day had been long. There had been several youma attacks, and Usagi was worn out.

She missed Mamoru! He had been so busy recently.

Her thoughts dipped into melancholy, thinking about how he was always rescuing her, never really the other way around. Even when she saved him from Beryl, he had still died! All her Senshi had died!

Looking at Chibi-Usa, she suddenly saw Mamoru come up and hug the little girl.

He had come to see their daughter, but not her; the thought struck her. Rather than make her angry or sad, she just felt resigned.

I'm the means to an end, she thought, painfully. He may have liked me, but we probably wouldn't have gotten married. It's because of his daughter that he sticks around.

I wish they needed me.

That was the part that got to her the worst. Sure, she could cheer them up, but they had Mina for that. That was about all she was needed for. No fighting skill, no brains, wisdom, or anything. She was dead weight. The only thing she ever seemed to contribute was the crystal, and then Chibi-Usa could do that.

A convenient means to an end.

They didn't need her now that they had Chibi-Usa. Everyone seemed to like her better, even Mamoru.

"I wish that I could do something for people that really, truly needed me. I wish that I had something worth needing…" Usagi mumbled, and wanted to cry, but then Rei would just call her a baby.

Maybe they were right.


Kami-sama walked cautiously into the Room of Spirit and Time. Even though he was this room's master, he sometimes wondered…

Another time, perhaps.

Here, he called all the magics available to him, and simply made a plea.

"I need help, myself, and the world in my care. I can't let it die, and the defenders may not live long enough to save it either. This great evil is coming, and we need help!"

So, the call went out, asking, pleading to those that could hear it…

To bad Kami didn't put more a restriction on who was asked…


Usagi sighed, and looked at the warm, soft bed with pick comforter that was decorated with bunnies. Chibi-Usa was already in it, and sound asleep.

Please, whispered a voice, silently, but urgently, inside her mind.

"What?" Usagi yelped, then slapped her hands over her mouth. She didn't want to wake up Chibi-Usa.

Please, the voice continued, and images of a world destroyed flowed along with it. Please, my world is in danger, and I don't know if its defenders can survive…

Hold on a minute! Usagi tried to think back at it. What happened?

A great evil is upon us, one worse than what we are preparing for, and that one could destroy us all… I must defend my world; we need help!

Wondering about her own judgment, Usagi said, I don't know how much I can, but I will help you.

Thank you, answered the voice, sounding more like a tired old man, when she thought about it, than a mighty defender. Maybe she could actually do some good…

To be continued…