Title: BIt Lip
Author: RedWulf
Pairing: Susan/Marcus
Disclaimer, All belongs to JMS and company. Set sometime during season
four, on a Friday

Marcus listened as Susan yelled at him in front of all the people in
Zocalo. His eyes shifted to where his friends were sitting, bad enough
that Derrick and Steve were hearing this, but Shai Alyt Nerron was
listening. The Mimbari, who had only recently began to accept humans,
was laughing openly.

SMAACK!! The slap was sudden and it definitely got his attention.
"Marcus pay attention when I am talking to you." The temperature rose
suddenly in Marcus' blood. She had definitely crossed the line.

He smiled evilly. "Susan, being a gentleman, I can't hit you, but,"
commander actually began to look nervous. "If you ever slap me again I
will kiss you." He smiled thinking that would end the outburst.

SMAACK!! The blow almost knocked out a tooth. He hadn't really planned
on backing up his bluff, but now he had to. So he kissed her, and it
beginning to get interesting, as she started to lean into it.

DAMN! He tasted blood as her teeth sank into his lower lip, and she
didn't let go. Just as he was beginning to think that she meant
chew it up and swallow it, she finally released his lip and stepped
back. Marcus stepped back and examined his lip.

SMAACK!! This blow was even harder than the first two. Was she daring
The funny thing was she met him halfway this time and tangled her
fingers in his hair as they kissed. To be honest even his bloody lip
didn't put a damper on things. This was good.

Susan Ivanova stepped back never releasing his hair and began dragging
him towards the core tube.

As they entered the core tube Marcus heard Susan muttering under her
breath too low for him to completely understand her, but he did hear
word Bitch. He was looking for a way out when she spoke up. "Well the
little bitch just missed her chance."

"Excuse me?" He was definitely lost.

"She has had almost two years to figure out if she wanted you and now
am tired of waiting."

That definitely didn't help. "Excuse me?" He repeated.

"Little Miss Perfect. If she hasn't figured out by now how right you
for her, well then she just missed her chance."
He was beginning to think she was speaking a different
language. "Susan,
what are you talking about."

" The girl you were talking about on the Whitestar. She should have
marked her territory, because by Monday morning you are gonna be
Marcus had began laughing about halfway through her tirade. "And what
are you laughing at." If anything she seemed to get angrier.

"I guess I should have listened to Nerron." "What, the Mimbari love
god?" She yelled sarcastically.

"Susan I was talking about you on the Whitestar." He said with all
traces of laughter gone. Susan stood for a moment stunned as the
coretube came to a halt on her deck.

"Susan I am sorry you had o find out like this. I hope you can forgive
me." Marcus, said fearing she would now hate him for having fooled
She said nothing for a couple of minutes and so Marcus turned to

"Marcus, maybe we could talk about this over breakfast monday
"I under stand Susan you've had a long week." He started to walk away.
Susan caught him in about two steps. "Sheesh virgins, 'I'll talk to
about it at breakfast' means you aren't leaving here till then. " She
opened her door and drug him in.