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I rose slowly out of my bed. I couldn't sleep and my meditation earlier today went horribly wrong. Sometimes I just get so sick of my abilities. Sick of having to keep my emotions in all the time. Sick of everything. But then I looked up and saw a present that Starfire had given me yesterday and I smiled slightly.

*My friends are the only thing that makes it all worthwhile. The only thing that makes everything worthwhile. * (My\Raven's thoughts)

I slowly slipped out of my bedroom and headed towards the kitchen. I heard a small scuffle in the kitchen and stepped out to see Starfire rummaging through the fridge in her nightgown. I stayed back out of eyesight and watched her. She soon rose with a small clear container that had an ice- cream sundae in it. She giggled and hurried off to her room.

I raised an eyebrow but decided just to not think about Starfire's strange behaviour. I walked to the fridge and got myself a glass of cold water. I slowly returned to my bedroom when I saw Starfire slip into my room. I stood still for a moment then I stormed into my room to tell Starfire to get out because frankly I wasn't in the mood for company.

But when I stepped into my room, it was filled with flying moths and I saw Slade trying to strangle Starfire.

"You let go of her!" I cried angrily as my arms became engulfed with my black aura.

End of chapter 1