Chapter 4

I struggled on a white cot as a doctor stuck a needle into my arm.

"Why can't you leave me alone!" I cried angrily as I struggled on the cot which I was firmly restrained on by leather straps, "why can't you leave me be!" I demanded tearfully as I continued to struggle.

"Because what you're doing and seeing isn't real!" the male doctor responded desperately, "Raven your friends died because of the disease Slade had given to Beast Boy," he explained as I shook my head violently in denial, "Slade had accidentally stuck Beast Boy with the wrong needle and he became infected with an incurable and agonizingly deadly disease," he continued, "after he bit Terra just before he went to the hospital, we believe Starfire caught it two days later from being bitten by Terra according to Robin 'she started to act strangely in the tower and soon started to use her powers rather mischievously and finally went totally berserk,'" he stated, "maybe it was her Tameranian blood, but the disease immediately took it's hold on Starfire and she went crazy and ended up killing everyone else but Robin who hit her with his pole and it hit her neck breaking it," he said, "but Robin also got bitten by her so he locked up the Tower and wrote down what happened in the Tower that day and the days that followed as he got worse," he told me, "You returned to the Tower a week later after being away on some private mission and after blowing open the closed door you saw that Robin had killed himself by hanging himself in the living room and I theorize that you collapsed after seeing this," he stated confidently, "after that you started to create illusions of friends still being alive and despite the strangeness of not being able to use your telekinetic abilities anymore, you still were able to maintain those illusions and that is why you were sent here so that you can give them up and come back to the real world Raven," he concluded as I stopped struggling and turned to glare at him.

"What's real anyway?" I demanded of him angrily, "do you know if I've really lost my powers or have given up the melancholic requiem of the real world and chosen my illusions instead?" I asked him frankly as he noted something quickly on his clip board, "how can you be so sure that this is real and not an illusion?" I asked him suddenly and he raised his head to look at me with rude smugness, "how do you know that what's going here is real right now?" I asked him darkly as my eyes darkened, "how do you know if it's better for me to live in the real world and not one that I created for myself!" I demanded angrily as my eyes started to glow white as I felt my power surge even greater within me, "how do you know anything," I demanded angrily in a low voice as I made the bed float with me in the air and grinned at the sudden shock that now enveloped his face, "you can't stop ME from living in my illusions!" I cried victoriously as I laughed loudly and things began to fly wildly around the room except for me (still strapped to the bed) and the frightened doctor, "you'll never stop me again," I said slowly and darkly as I stopped and everything fell back to the floor with a loud thud, "I'll make sure of that," I snapped at him and then started to chant a strong ancient spell softly.


[Two Months Later]

"She still hasn't woken up from her coma Dr. Roberts," a nurse told the male doctor who was with her on the day she chanted that spell two months ago. The spell that seemed to have closed her and her mind to the outside world forever.

"YES! YES! YES!" Raven cried suddenly as she suddenly started thrashing wildly on the bed, "HARDER! HARDER!" she cried as she started to jerk up and down on the bed.

"Oh my Lord!" the nurse shrieked and hurried out the room and soon returned with a syringe which she stuck quickly into Raven's arm, "I don't even want to know what she was fantasizing about!" she cried incredulously as Raven soon calmed down and rolled over on her stomach\belly and moaned softly and happily.

"It's not a fantasy Gabby," Dr. Roberts said softly and almost reflectively to the red headed nurse, "it's an illusion."

Story Completed.