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Once upon a time, there was a time that our world can not remember, a time before the dinosaurs, before there was this culture we live in now. There was another time, the time of The Guardians. The time of The Guardians was when each thing had a Guardian. This story was about a certain Guardian named Minarutoe, Ruto for short. Ruto was a Guardian yes, but she was different. Well, first off she had long blue hair with tiny braids mixed in. Ruto was tall and strongly built with sharp black eyes. She wore tight blue leggings with a laced blue shirt, and a leather belt with a dagger attached to it. On her back was a quiver of arrows and a bow in her hand. All were waterproof and were made out of quick drying material. When gotten wet the water just rolled off it, making her outfit kind of like a comfortable wetsuit. As you can guess she was the Water Guardian. Like I was saying she was different, she was the only girl Guardian except for Light Guardian and Star Guardian. Ruto was important; without water there was no one to see light and stars. So she had a hard job to do plus she was an orphan and on top of that no one liked her for those reasons. She was better off because of this, because she looked out for no one and was independent. Taking care of the water was no problem for her. Ruto did not know how important she really was, but she was soon to find out.

It was a bright morning; everything was new in the morning light. Ruto was all ready up. She was sitting on a rock in front of her cave on the coast of the Mirror Ocean. She had been thinking about how different she really was, and did not notice a person coming up behind her. All of a sudden there was a hand on her shoulder. Ruto jumped up with her dagger pulled out and ready.

"Who are you? Speak up quickly or I will run you through with my dagger." commanded Ruto. The man Ruto saw was tall and strong looking. He had brown hair and brown-gold eyes. His face was friendly but there was too much strength in his body for him be a weak person.

"Hold up there girl! I don't want to hurt you. I came to talk to you so put your dagger away Ruto." said the strange man.

"How do you know my name?" questioned Ruto.

"I know a lot about you. Like how you think that you are so different from the others and how the only reason you think that you got your position is because you were the heir to it. Am I right Ruto?" asked the man.

"Yes, I suppose that is right but that does not explain how you know that much." she slowly replied, her mind was racing with questions for this strange man who knew so much about her.

"No it does not, but, what does matter is that you are needed to help protect this land that is rightfully ours and that is how it shall stay." He said matter-of-factly.

"You are right I suppose, but you still have not told me your name." Ruto snapped at him.

"My name is Newkoe, Guardian of the Animals of Flight, or in other words, birds." replied Newkoe

"You are the great Newkoe?" gaped Ruto.

"Indeed, now, the reason I have come. As I said, you are needed to protect our land-" Newkoe tried to say when Ruto chimed in.

"How? How can I help? You only need ask me and I will help you!" Ruto interrupted hurriedly.

"Slow down girl! I will tell you in do time. Now I will tell you something of what you are to do. The land is starting to be covered in darkness." Newkoe was pacing up and down the ledge they were on as he talked.

"Darkness? What are you talking about? This land has been pure since The Ancient Years. You mean the ancient legends are coming true? But it says that a great hero will banish the Darkness away for the rest of time. There has been no hero found, is that what you want me to do? Look for the hero?" rambled Ruto.

"No, the hero has been found. It is you. You are the hero that was foretold. Ruto, you are the one."