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Minaruto's Quest

Chapter 7

"I had my bet on the centaur but he does get angry too easily for his own good. Hello my name is Settee. I am a humble illusionist at your service." Bowed Settee. The man in front of her was clothed in a brown robe, what a shocker. He was tall and had a graying brown beard and brown hair.

"Well are you here to take me to the castle? Let me guess you the one making me walk in one place." Ruto said.

"Well now how did you know that I was the one making you think you were walking in one spot?" Settee asked.

"Well for one thing I can feel other peoples magic and I do not tire easily so I was astounded that I had to sit because I was so tired. I have gone three days with out getting tired. Plus I think you were the one tired not me and I got some of that fatigue from you. Does that answer your questions?" Ruto said smugly.

"Yes well," Settee said flustered, " you are right about all of it and I am here to take you to the castle." Settee said regaining his composure.

"Didn't you see what happened to the centaur back there? That could also happen to you." Ruto pointed out.

"Ah but there is one difference, he did not know illusions but I do." Then there was a big gust of wind again and Settee was in three different bodies. The bodies were all perfect replicas of their maker. They were floating and chanting something then they stopped and pointed their fingers at her. Ruto was smart enough not to just stand there and look at what was happening.

"You will ether perish or you will come with me to the castle. You choose." They all said at one.

Ruto stared at them. "Just because you have two more of you, you think that you can beat me. Well I have news for you, I am not going anywhere with you." And Ruto walked away from them, just a she was going to take another step a brick wall was in her way. "Now did you forget that you told me you were an illusionist?" Ruto reminded as she walked through the brick wall.

"You, you, I will get you!" Settee said as a he alone turned red with anger. The next moment he had an arrow in his heart.

"You let your emotions show and copies do not have emotion." Ruto said to Settee as he looked at her in disbelief. "Now take up the illusion so I may go on my way." Settee nodded and waved his hand and there was the mountain closer then she ever thought she was. Ruto said "Thank you," politely as she passed the dying man.

Well that was fun. I think he is testing how good I am or is trying to wear me out so I will not fight at my peak health. Well I know how to deal with that. Ruto was deep in her own thoughts and she did not see the shadow behind her. Then she felt a searing pain run through her body as a huge bird raked his claws down her back. Ruto fell to the ground and rolled out of the way of the next attack. The bird shrieked as he missed his prey.

Crap! Did it have to be a giant crazy bird?! You could see the madness in the great golden birds eyes.. All he wants to do is kill and he decides it going to be me. Well Rie I thought you wanted me to live, but I guess not. Oh well, I will not stress myself over that right now. I am going to concentrate on staying alive first.

The bird turned and headed toward Ruto for its next attack. Then suddenly the bird stop in his flight and landed on the ground next to Ruto.

"How do you posses the token of My Lord?" The great bird asked. The Ruto noticed that the pendent Newkoe gave her was glowing. "That is one of the Golden Feathers. The sign of our guardian. How have you come to posses it, I want an answer!" Squawked the bird.

"Newkoe gave it to me. I did not know it was one of the Golden Feathers. I thought they were golden. This one is iridescent not gold." Ruto said.

"Lord Newkoe gave it to you? Who are you that he would give such a token to. I cannot hurt you for what pain I do to you will happen to me. Look at my back." The bird said as it turned his back to her. There were four long deep gashes on his back. " Is that what my back looks like?" Ruto asked with pain in her voice for she noticed the pain on her back.

"Yes it is exactly the same, nothing different." The bird said as he nodded his head.

"Well what am I going to do if you cannot hurt me?" Ruto asked.

"I will do nothing I will go away and leave you to go on your own." With that the bird jumped into the air and was gone.

Well that was easier then I had thought it was going to be. First lets heal the back. Ruto's back glowed blue with her healing power. She cleaned the wound and stopped the bleeding. Now time to climb the mountain. This out to be fun.

Ruto thought as she looked at the clean-cut side of the face of mountain. With that Ruto grabbed the first hand holds and pulled herself up. About ten feet off the ground the face of the mountain began to shake. Ruto almost lost her handhold but she hung on for dear life. Ruto began to climb again and ten feet later the same thing happened she still hung on. Twenty feet later it shook and then she lost her hold and fell five feet where she landed hard on a ledge. Damnit! I will never get up the mountain if I keep falling. I must get up this mountain. That is the only way to get to Rie. Ruto looked up the mountain with renewed strength and began to climb again. This time the mountain did not shake.

When she got to the top Ruto had to rest, her back was throbbing. The sweat that trickled down her back got in the gashes. I have got to get these cleaned out again, she thought. It was as if someone had heard her because when she looked to her left there was an oasis. Well that will do nicely.

Ruto did not have to worry if the water was clean because if she touched water that was not clean it was purified by her touch. Ruto jumped into the pool and took off the top half of her outfit in order to let the water get to the cuts. The water cleaned her cuts and cooled her down considerably. She took her clothes and washed them from her sweat and her blood. I will have to fix the cuts in my shirt before I get any more dirt and grime in my cuts.

Ruto did not get the opportunity for as she was sitting in the water a little knife flew and cut her shoulder. It would have gone into her back but she heard the knife coming. "Do you not know that it is improper to look at a woman guardian with no clothes on? Now I will have to kill you." Ruto said with deadly calmness in her voice. She waited for the person to speak so she could throw the knife that she caught.

Ruto heard nothing but the sound of another knife coming at her. Ruto did not turn but her hand shot out and caught the knife as it whizzed by her. "I will repeat myself even though I do not like to. It is death to those that see me undressed. If you throw one more knife I will throw it back at you and you will most likely die." Ruto informed the person. Her only answer was another knife that was aimed at her heart, she caught it with out any effort.

Ruto turned, her long blue hair covering her and she threw the knife into the woods surrounding the oasis. There was a grunt and she saw a man fall into the water with a knife deeply embedded in his shoulder.

Ruto swam up to the body and held a knife to his throat. "Should I kill you sir or should I interrogate you first?" Ruto asked the man. He looked up into her eyes and all he saw was icy coldness. "Well speak I did not hit you in a life threatening spot, now talk." Ruto snapped.

The man opened his mouth and he did not have a tongue. Ruto looked away and almost lost her stomach's contents. "Nod yes or no ok?" The man nodded yes. "Did Lord Rie send you?" The man shook his head no. "Oh, of course you do not know him by that name. Did the Dark Lord send you?" The man nodded yes. "Is he in that castle on the mountain?" The man nodded yes. "Should I kill you or let you go free?" The man nodded yes to the first no to the second. Ruto nodded she turned, went to her clothes and grabbed a small leaf and took it to the man and told him that it was. A poisoned leaf that if he ate it would kill him in two minuets. The man nodded and left her alone again in the pool. Ruto went to her clothes and stitched them back together. Putting them on she went back on her way to the castle.

Ruto got to the gate and rapped on the wooden door that was ten feet tall and seven feet wide. A small door in the gate opened. A man stuck his head out the door.

"May I help you?" asked the gate master.

"I would like to talk with the Lord of this castle." Ruto said confidently.

"Sorry you can't." With that the small door was closed in her face.

"You don't understand, he knows I'm coming. He sent some friends to come get me. Did you hear me? Hey, he knows I'm coming." Ruto banged on the door. The little door opened and two big knights came out in full armor and approached her.

"You are the woman that my Lord said was coming?" One knight asked

"Yes I am. Can I go in now?" Ruto asked. The knight behind her kicked her legs out from under her and slapped her in the face with a metal covered hand. Shocked, Ruto fell to the ground and spat blood from the slap. The knight who had asked her the question kicked her in the side roughly, she tried to sit up but the second knight hit her on the head and the whole world went black.

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