Author's Note: WHOA! Talk about high-demand stuff here! I mean people have been actually E-Mailing me to put up another chapter of this thing! I don't usually give into peer pressure that easily…I just didn't think my Lemony-Stuff was going to fly around here. Well anyway, I'm at the point where I'm now referencing chapters I don't physically have up yet. Oh, I've written the stuff, just too lazy to type it. Besides, I'm good like that. Enjoy this…not like you even care what part of my books it comes from. –Love, PH

During her travels in Johto, Samantha was very lonely. Gone were the days of Tony and Kat following her around…she was all alone. Even Bobby and Gloom were in their Poké Ball now.

Well one day Tony came back…and without Kat? That's an interesting situation to put two hormonal teens in! But something much better happened to Samantha.

(SPOILER ALERT) Samantha met Ash in National Park! They battled! But Samantha gained a fan that day…particularly because Samantha d Ash so freakin' much! I think you know who…

Session 6: Reference to Chapter 9, Book 2

"Yes! I remember you, Ash Ketchum! You were a stubborn, lazy, and hard-headed boy!" Samantha laughed.

"Ain't that the truth!" Misty laughed harder.

Ash and Brock headed off to the west with Tony and Blaze. They were discussing the humiliating defeat Ash had just suffered at the hands of Samantha. Misty opted to stay behind. It was painfully obvious Samantha hadn't had any real "girl time" lately.

"So has it always been you and that guy, Tony?" Misty asked Samantha.

"I used to have a girlfriend named Kat. God, I miss her. You just can't relate to a boy the same way you can another woman…" Samantha sighed.

"Look at me sweetheart, I have to follow around two of them! Ash is…well Ash. Brock is a womanizer. It gets hard sometimes. But at least it fends off some really creepy guys when they see me traveling along with two men!" Misty winked.

"Oh, so you can talk to Ash and Brock about anything?" Samantha asked surprised.

Misty sighed, "Nope. You can only bitch about your periods and your hormones so much. They simply will never understand what a woman goes through. The worst thing I ever made Ash do is go into a store and buy me some tampons!"

"Get the heck out! You didn't!" Samantha laughed.

"Sure did. It was priceless!" Misty laughed shoving Samantha.

"I would have loved to see that!" Samantha said closing her eyes. "I guess we don't have it too bad…"

Misty looked to the ground, "I want to tell you something. I feel I can trust you. It's about Ash. I think he's really nice sometimes, but then again there is that age-difference. Every time I meet a guy, especially sexy ones, I have to turn them down to keep my Pokémon dreams alive. That's the life of a trainer. But I find myself doing it sometimes to not hurt Ash's feelings."

Samantha was surprised, "You like Ash? Wow. Well to each their own, I guess. But until that little boy decides to grow up, stop playing with his Pikachu, and be a mature young man, don't put your love life on hold, Misty. I would never do that for any man!"

"Oh I get by girls are smart! I get inventive with how I have to crush my urges to go after another guy!" Misty smiled.

"What do you mean? To crush an urge…that means you have to want something first. So how do you conquer that?" Samantha wondered.

"Silly! I meant…you know…being horny …it happens to the best of us!" Misty laughed.

"Well…of course it does. Even hanging around Tony doesn't crush that urge…" Samantha admitted.

"He's real cute…why don't you satisfy yourself with him?" Misty was now interested.

Samantha laughed, "He's my best-friend's boyfriend! I wouldn't do that to Kat. Besides we women can handle those things on our own, you know what I mean?"

Misty opened up her backpack, "I know all about that!" With that, Misty pulled out a…well you know…a…"hunk of plastic"…

Samantha gasped, "Jesus, Misty! I didn't mean to that extreme! You actually use a sex-toy?"

"Yes. I figured if I couldn't have the real thing…"

Samantha scoffed, "When I said we could handle that on our own, I was talking with fingers…or another girl at the very least!"

Misty paused, "Hey, don't knock-it until you've tried it! By the way Samantha, another girl? Isn't that kind of gross?"

Samantha had a wonderful flashback to what Kat had done for her, "I don't know…I think it would kind of feel right, don't you think?"

Misty looked up, "I guess…"

Misty looked at Samantha, who was now sweating. If Samantha hadn't brought it up, the thought wouldn't have come to either of the girls. But alas, we all know how it is. Just talking about it gets you in the mood. (Heck, even reading about it does, right?)

Misty gasped, "We should stop talking about it! I'm getting so…"

"…Horny?" Samantha knew the answer.

"Yes!" Misty squealed.

Samantha sighed. She started it, and now she supposed she should finish it. Otherwise, she would probably feel bad for Misty…and her less than adequate choice of male running-buddies. Samantha put her hand behind Misty's head and pulled her closer. The two girls kissed full on the lips. The feeling was electric to both of them. After a moment, Samantha released Misty and smiled at her.

"Goodness…" Samantha said impressed with Misty's kissing skills.

This time Misty took charge, and kissed Samantha again passionately! Misty scratched the back of Samantha's head, and pressed deeper into the kiss. Samantha hated to admit it, but she had done this before…Samantha reached down and cupped one of Misty's pert breasts.

"Oh that feels niiiiiiice!" Misty cooed.

Samantha instinctively started to kiss Misty's neck. Samantha moved both her hands to Misty's chest, and lightly massaged the Water trainer's firm breasts. All at once Samantha stopped…

"What if the boys come back?" Samantha worried.

"We're in REALLY tall grass! The park is closed anyway. Don't worry, nobody can see us…" Misty said now grabbing hold of one of Samantha's breasts.


Samantha pulled her shirt over her head, and Misty did the same. That was shortly followed by both of their bras.

"Those are lovely…" Misty said pressing her breasts against Samantha's.

They continued to kiss for a while, and Samantha soon moved down to suckle on Misty's nipples. Misty moaned with pleasure. Samantha stopped so Misty could return that favor. As they continued to make out, Samantha unbuttoned the top button of Misty's jean-shorts and put her hand down them, massaging Misty's wet pubis through her silk panties.

"God!" Misty screamed out. "Have you done this before?"

"Yeah…" Samantha said briefly as she worked up the courage to put her hand down Misty's panties now.

Samantha inserted a finger into Misty's wet hole and let her juices gush onto her hand. Misty loved it so much, that she squeezed Samantha's breasts even harder, and began to unbutton Samantha's black jeans. The two girls stood up for a moment (Samantha's finger still working its magic), and their respective pants/panties hit the ground. Samantha quickened the pace at which she was fingering her new friend. Misty grabbed Samantha's ass and pulled her forward, causing Samantha's fingers to go even deeper inside of her.

"I can take a lot more than you think! Remember the dildo?" Misty smiled.

Misty lead Samantha to the soft grassy ground, and placed her hand between Samantha's legs. The two girls lay side-by-side fingering each other for another erotic moment.

Samantha pulled her fingers out of Misty, and licked them…hey Kat was right! It does taste good! That's when Samantha rolled Misty onto her back. Samantha's smiled brightly as she moved her face to Misty's crotch.

"My God…I think this is going to be great!" Misty said never have experienced this before.

Samantha licked all the area outside of Misty's opening. She put two of her fingers back inside too. She put Misty's love-button between her lips and mimicked exactly what Kat had done to her. Misty bucked and cried in pleasure as Samantha's tongue did everything exactly the way a woman likes it. After about 10 minutes of this, Samantha looked up to a very happy Misty, with Misty's juices still on her face.

"Your turn now…"

Misty rolled Samantha onto her tummy, and pulled her rear up into the air, forcing Samantha to assume to doggy position. Misty parted Samantha's labia with her fingers and plunged her tongue deep inside of Samantha. Samantha put her hands on the back of her head that felt so good. Misty hadn't done it with anyone before, but she was eating Samantha out like a pro! Misty squeezed Samantha's nice butt as she continued to lick and explore every one of her crevices. Misty kept licking as she reached for her backpack and pulled out the closest thing she had ever had to a man. She moved her face and began rubbing it up in down Samantha's virgin slit.

"Wait, Misty! I'm a virgin! This is probably going to hurt…I don't think you should!" Samantha said enjoying the feeling of Misty's little toy.

"I'll be gentle. Remember, I'm a virgin too. This thing didn't pop my cherry, and if I'm real careful, it won't yours, ok?"

After hearing no objection from Samantha, Misty slowly inserted her toy into Samantha, but not too deep. Samantha moaned loudly as Misty began working the dildo in and out of her. As she continued to simulate Samantha's first time, Misty moved underneath Samantha, and let Samantha's face drop into her crotch. Samantha was more than happy to have something to do while enjoying this, and began to eat out and finger Misty vigorously. It took only a short while for both of them to hit their respective orgasms.

"That…" Misty panted.

"…just felt right!" Samantha exclaimed, still playing with herself.

"Promise not to tell the boys?" Misty asked.

"Of course! They don't deserve that thought in their minds anyway, Misty!" Samantha winked.

After sharing one last passionate kiss, the two now satisfied young ladies got dressed. Samantha was right it turns out…women don't need men to get what they want. After a few minutes a freshening themselves up, Samantha and Misty set off to look for Brock, Tony, and Ash…