An Angel's Story

Chapter 10

Howard Meets Dash Again

The plane landed in Osaka where the tournament is usually held. People all over the country came to compete and to watch while cheering on their favorite fighter to victory. As they walked down the hall of the airport passing other gates, they passed by the gate that just came in from Korea, along with team that represents that country, Team Korea. "Hey Terry!" called a voice.

Terry stopped to find out where the voice came from, when he noticed it was Kim that called him. The team stopped for a quick conversation. "Hey Kim, how's it going?"

"Not much. But I hope to see you in the finals." Rock caught his eye. "Terry, who's this?"

Rock smiled. "My name's Rock Howard." He shook hands with the Team Korea captain. "It's cool to meet you. Terry has told me a lot about you. Hope we can have a match."

"Same here."

"Hey! Come on!" called Dong Hwan, Kim's son.

"Sorry, got to go."

"We won't keep you." Said Terry, and with that Kim left.

As they continued to towards their destination, Rock wanted to know if the competition was all, like that. "Are they all as friendly as Kim?" asked Rock.

"Nope. I can tell you right away." Responded Joe. "In fact, Kim is one of the few people who actually wants a decent fight."

"And the fans?"

"Usually watch it for the blood, sweat, and tears the competitors put out. That, and they like the fact that two people are seriously beating the living crap out of each other." Responded Andy.

"Also, sometimes the fans scream and cheer their heart out. The competitors hear this so they refuse to give up." Closed Terry.

"I can't wait." Responded Rock excitedly.

They got out side and called for a taxi. When the team got their destination, which was a hotel, they got two rooms. One room Terry and Rock shared and the other Andy and Joe shared. When Terry and Rock got to their room, Rock looked around. He liked the decent size and it smelt like nobody had used it before. "Do they always treat the competitors with such luxury?" asked Rock.

"They have to. You don't want us to feel uncomfortable, then not get enough sleep, and then we lose the fight. The sponsors want the fighters at top condition so they give us a nice hotel room complete with the works." Explained Terry. "Look out the window."

Rock did what Terry had said and he couldn't believe his eyes. "You weren't kidding. This is awesome! It's such a nice view." Rock found himself looking at the city. The buildings carefully decorated the city in rows giving it life. The cars gave the streets color and showed the every day life of the people.

"I'm glad you like it."

The team split to their-own separate ways. Terry left to go check the match draws, Joe left to go party, Andy trained inside his hotel room, and Rock stayed in his room just so he could take a shower. After he was done he got dressed and headed to Andy's room. Rock knocked on the door. "Hey Andy." Called Rock.

Andy opened the door. "What's up?"

"Since Joe and Terry are out I was kind of hoping we could train a bit more before the competition tomorrow."

"Why not?" Andy smiled.

Rock and Andy headed to a near by training facility that was specifically designed for fighters to train up and to keep up their skills. Andy and Rock were no different. They got into their training gear and began they're training.

Rock started things off by charging at Andy almost at full speed. Andy stepped aside and grabbed Rock's arm and twisted it behind him, with Andy's other arm around Rock's neck. Rock countered by grabbing a hold of Andy's arm around his neck and flipping him on his back, but Andy still held on and dragged Rock along with him. Rock and Andy looked at each other and started laughing.

"You clowns." Said Terry standing over them. Rock and Andy looked each other once more and then looked at Terry like they had an idea. Andy and Rock grabbed each of Terry's arms and dragged him on the ground as well. "What was that for?"

"Because it's not fair that you're up there standing looking down at us." Said Rock.

"So who are we fighting in the first round?" asked Andy.

"It was all at random, so we ended up fighting the Heroes Team." Responded Terry.

The three of them got up from off the floor. "Heroes Team you said?" asked Rock.

"Yeah. What's wrong?"

"I met K' Dash along time ago. I met him in a street race. I had beaten him, then I met Iori, who was possessed by the same demon that had me. He's the one who told me about my angelic powers." Rock sighed. "I killed…I killed Iori Yagami."

"That's impossible. I saw him after the match up draws. He said that you were just a waste of time Rock. I was going to fight him, but it wasn't worth it." said Terry. "I guess that's the past now. Let's get back to the hotel. Competition starts tomorrow."

On they're way back to the hotel Rock got a chance to bump into K' once more. "Howard." Said K'.


"You got lucky at the street race but this time it's different. No holding back."

"Agreed, and let the best man win." Rock stuck his right hand out. K' looked at it blankly for a second then shook it with his left hand with honor, because he knew that Rock had the power to push him to his limits and that he could do the same for Rock.

"Push me to my limits. Give me a fight that I will never forget, and I will do the same."

"You got it." smiled Rock. K' smirked back.

Back at the hotel Rock, Joe, and Andy had fallen asleep leaving Terry awake. He had a chance to have a quick talk with Maxima and the fight between Rock and K'. "I get what you're trying to say." Said Maxima.

"Rock Howard one-on-one with K' Dash, three strikers each, and them having one of the greatest fights they'll ever have in they're entire life time. I'm glad you saw things my way." Said Terry.

"Same here." Terry and Maxima shook hands.

Terry got back to his room and found Rock fast asleep. He smiled and stroked Rock's forehead. "It's hard to believe how much we've been through lately, Andy included. You guys are the only family I have left and I'll do any thing to protect you, either though you guys don't need me looking after you all the time, but I do my job as an older brother and a father. Just thought I'd let you know."

Terry climbed into the other bed that was in the room. "Good night, Terry." Said Rock silently.

"Night, Rock."