Cell number One Eighty Three

The planet of Matru'lythina appeared to be small and green from the shuttle ride, but once the four Jedi stepped off the transport, they realized it could come to being kind of close in size to Naboo. The requirements were not too bad for this mission and a single Jedi teamed could have come alone, but Master Yoda had sensed something and changed the mission to be double-teamed.

The two Jedi teams were Master Mace Windu and his apprentice, Ahnah Kenobi, and Qui-gon Jinn with his apprentice, Obi-wan Kenobi. The mission shouldn't take more than three days. It was only negotiations, after all, but one never knows when something unexpected will jump out at you.

A group of six men greeted the Jedi on the landing site. Five appeared to be following one man, obviously the one in charge, who also spoke first.

"I am Win Chon-le, leader of the Matru' lythnia Anti-slavery Guild." The man was dressed very formally in purple tunics and had a shaved head. His voice was deep and he didn't sound the least bit nervous.

"I am Master Mace Windu and this is my apprentice Ahnah Kenobi." Mace and Ahnah bowed slightly.

"I am Master Qui-gon Jinn and this is my apprentice Obi-wan Kenobi." Qui- gon and Obi-wan bowed slightly.

"Are the apprentices related?" Win Chon-le asked, running his fingers down his long, pointed beard. He would have sounded only innocently curious to the common being, but he sounded a tad bit too curious for both Masters liking.

But Qui-gon answered the question neutrally and suspicion hidden from his voice. "They are fraternal twins."

Win nodded. "Follow me...we have rooms and supper prepared. Those opposing us in this Anti-Slavery act will also be present. We will begin negotiations at supper."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Ahnah felt dizzy and the world around her was blurring. She used the Force and determined that she had indeed been drugged. As she lay in bed, her breathing went shallow and she felt numb and soon the world faded. Her Master wouldn't know until the next morning when she was missing.

* * * * * * * * * *

Master Windu felt the sun warm against his skin as he woke. He walked down the hall and quietly knocked on Ahnah's door. He tried a few more times and when she didn't respond he quietly opened the door. Her bed was untidy, but empty. Master Windu felt the emptiness of the bond for the first time.

He ran out and down to Qui-gon's room, but Qui-gon was in Obi-wan's empty room instead. "They're gone."