In the darkest places

Obi-wan woke up, groggy and still partly drugged, but kept his eyes shut. He felt the emptiness in his mind as he realized that he had no access to the Force. He tried to move, but found that he was bound by a rope tied tightly around his wrists and a chain around his left ankle.

Soft breathing close by was all he heard and he opened his eyes, wondering if another person was with him. Obi-wan looked around, searching, but then he saw his sister curled up on a thin mattress identical to his. His hands were bound in front of him so he had no problem using his elbows to army crawl over to his sister's side.

"Ahnah? Ahnah, can you hear me?" He shook her shoulder with both his bound hands.

His sister turned around and looked relieved to see her brother. Her eyes were identical to the color of Obi-wan's eyes. Ahnah sat up, her bound hands making it more difficult, and came to rest against her brother as if hugging him, but without the use of her hands.

He let her rest against him as he looked over his surroundings. The cement walls were a brownish color with stains covering it. Writings were scratched into the wall also. The floor was the same, but without writing. There were three thin mattresses laid on the ground and they were filthy with grime and blood.

On the steel door was scratched the number 183. The numbers appeared on the opposite side of the door as the steel block swung open. Ahnah moved away from her brother to look at the newcomer. "Well, my new prisoners, here you are. I will just tell you Jedi now that escape shouldn't even be a thought because it is a waste of time. If you try to run, we will catch you right away and your punishment will be worse. You will do as I tell you and you will do it right. If not, then you will be punished. One slip of the tongue and you will be punished. So behave and you won't be punished more than you have to be." The man said.

The man wore a loose shirt and a chain necklace. He was bald, but shaved nicely. He had a very small and very short beard. He couldn't have been a day over 30. He was built strong and had a slight slouch.

"Our Masters will find can't keep us here very long." Obi-wan said, glaring at the man before him.

The man only laughed and walked closer, now standing only about five feet from Ahnah. In one swift movement, the man backhanded Ahnah. The girl fell back at the force of the blow, but never cried out.

Obi-wan was at his sister's side in an instant.

The man simply untied their hands, but left their ankles stay in the chains and then he walked out.