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Bray's trips to my palace became frequent.i ignored his first to visits, wishing him to sink

into the dark as many others had in my mind.

by his third persistant visit i couldn't ignore him so i invited him in.

"what do you have? a message from amber?" i asked hissing in venom.

"yes actually i do," he said. i told him to proceed.

"after you refused my first visits she said she'd come her herself but that she knew the kind

of treatment you gave preganant women," he looked down as he repeated the harsh


i laughed. "just can't keep your penis out of her ass can you?" i asked and he looked at

me telling me he disapproved of the comment.

"look around Bray, within these walls, im safe. nothing can touch me," i guestured to the

walls wondering how much of what i was saying was true and if it were if i really believed

it, "as soon as i step outside here i have lasers shooting at my head, last favor done by the

technos.do you really think that if i step down i would be safe?yeah, why dont i give up

my power and sacrifice my life while im at it. do you really think that when, i mean if, i

step down there would suddenly be peace? what about the power struggle? if anything

there would be more chaos." i saw Bray shudder at the word.

'you still dont like that word do you? although you have reason for that i guess." i was

referring to his loving brother and he knew it. it was my turn to make him feel


"tell me Bray how was your peoples' response? not good i suppose. i wonder if you even

told them all of what i said."

"of course i did."

"you say 'of course' as if i should expect that."

"im your friend."

"my ass. you support the people who want some sharp objects through my head, i'd say

heart but i dont believe they think i have one"

he was queit so i continued.

" i think your people should think about cause and effect or maybe you didnt learn that in

school before the virus." i knew i waas putting pitures in his head of his old carefree life.

"we dont want war," he whispered.

"concidence, neither do i. so why dont you just leave and have your people leave me


"you repeat consatnley dont you? like a broken record. its always the same, you rise to

power. always the same just different people, different tradgedies. tell me though who will

catch you when you fall this time? i don't see jay anywhere near"he said suddenly gaining


i tensed. my laser gun poitned at his head.

"get out." i said though gritted teeth. for once i didn't think about the effect this would have.

he had found my weakness