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The night was clear. Sango's mind, however, was not. She was trying to keep her thoughts off a certain man, one about whom her feelings were very confused. She knew she cared for him, but . . .

I don't touch you the way I used to

He'd been so distant lately. He seemed . . . withdrawn. As though there was some great weight pressing on his mind. His eyes weren't cheerful anymore. They seemed to be, yes, but there was sadness . . . and despair.

And I don't call and write when I'm away

Sango was worried, for him. He had no idea of the many times he'd almost caught her staring at him, as close as she would ever get to mentally undressing him.

We don't make love as often as we did do

She'd always had a hard time sharing her feelings, but it was even harder now, when she didn't even know what they were. It had only been recently when she would have long and involved conversations with him about the state of InuYasha's and Kagome's relationship, but he was quiet now.

What couldn't wait now waits and usually goes away

She felt . . . alone. Lonely. She couldn't really confide in Kagome -- she had too much on her mind. And InuYasha was blatantly out of the question. He, however, was her true confidante, her safety. He was basically her best friend.

But listen and think when I say

He, on the other hand, kept his troubles to himself.

Oh, but listen and think when I say

Sango shifted, under Goshinboku once again. InuYasha and Kagome, asleep, sat in the boughs of the tree itself. The object of her thoughts sat mere yards away, apparently sleeping. His brow was troubled, though. Her heart constricted when she saw that.

Who makes you feel the wasy that I make you feel?

She sighed, watching him twitch sadly and concernedly. Now, the roles were reversed. She was guarding him, and grateful for the chance to repay the favor.

Who loves you and knows you the way I do?

Her mind traveled to the many times his hand had connected with some part of her body, and blushed at the way it felt. Kinda good . . . in a naughty way. She wouldn't mind it so much if they were in private and she wasn't as confused about him. Then she remembered how gentle he'd been when she'd had to deal with Kohaku's death, and her heart warmed.

Who touches you and holds you quite like I do?

He moaned and shifted, face contorted as though in pain. When he continued to be restless, she rose, unsettled, and went to him. Kneeling, she placed a hand on each of his shoulders and shook him gently. "Miroku?"

His eyes opened, full of pain and sorrow, and she drew in a breath. "What's wrong?"

Who makes you feel like I make you feel?

Miroku closed his eyes and sat up, leaning forward on his knees. He took a breath, as if to speak, but then he looked at her . . . and he looked afraid. Sango wanted to comfort him so badly. She settled next to him, leaning on him supportively and grasping his unbound hand.

Being weak, when I am strong

He put his arm around her, pulilng her close and holding her tight. As if she was his last chance. She tucked herself into his arms, feeling safer than she had in along time.

Being seen for who you are

She looked up into those beautiful eyes of his and saw tears. She twisted so that her arms hurriedly flew around him. "It's okay. You have me, no matter what."

Being sad and lost but not alone

"Please, Miroku, what's wrong? She could feel the despair in his heart as he lifted his head from her shoulder.

But listen and think when I say

She caressed his face. His tears spilled "I-I'm scared, Sango." His voice shook.

"Why?" She rubbed his back.

"The Kazaana . . . " She froze.

Oh, but listen and think when I say

She clutched him to herself, feeling him respond as his shoulders shook to the rhythm of his sobs. Looking up, she glared at twinkling stars through tears. She shouted, "Damn you, Naraku, damn you!" She choked on the last and sobbed with Miroku, rocking him to and fro.

Who makes you feel like I make you feel?

"I love you."

"I love you so much . . . "


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