***Chapter 1***

Paul and I have been married now for a year…I swear it was so great…I couldn't believe we had actually done it until I woke up the next morning in Honolulu…still wrapped tightly in Paul's arms and both of us still naked from our first night as husband and wife…I have got to tell you sex as a married couple is so much more enjoyable then when you're just dating…cause you can get right down to the hardcore raw sex appeal you have for each other…I know I lost count on how many time we had sex together that first night after 16…but it was so great.

So now were back in the swing of things, and Shane helped us work into the wrestling tour that our characters really got married…so now most of the people call me Mrs. Mystery Game…I think it's adorable…Paul is still a face, and so much more focused when he's a face and not a heel…when he's a heel a lot of people have a hard time taking him serious…especially me…he hates it when I tell him that, but he lives with it…

We are in San Antonio, Texas tonight…I was sitting in the dressing room running a comb through my hair cause I had just gotten out of the shower…I was sitting on the couch in a towel…I had a feeling that I was forgetting something…but just kept my thoughts to myself…Paul on the other hand had left with Mark a few hours ago when we first got here with everyone, and I hadn't heard anything from him since he left…I was getting kind of worried and tried calling his cell phone a couple of times, but got no answer…I hope he's okay…

Someone knocked on the door and I yelled, "C'mon in it's open…" over the TV, cause I couldn't find the remote to turn it down…Trish walked in and shut the door behind her…she said, "Hey, would you by any chance know where your husband took my husband a few hours ago, I tried calling Mark's cell but he's not answering…" I got up and shut the TV off and said, "That's really strange, I tried Paul's and he's not answering either." Trish said, "I have a feeling those two are up to something…" I said, "Anytime they get together, we always end up on the bad end of the stick…"

Trish sat down next to me, and I said, "Girl, you're pressing my clothes…" She moved over a little and handed my levis, t-shirt, bra, panties and socks over to me, I went ahead and got dressed….Don't get all perverted or anything, It's not like me and Trish has something the other hasn't seen already.

About an hour later, Paul was supposed to be getting ready for a tag match with him & Mark against Rob Van Dam & Glenn (Kane); but seems how Paul and Mark weren't back yet…everyone was trying to figure out where they were because it was usually cold day in hell when Paul or Mark missed a match or a show for that matter. Shane walked in and said, "Okay Michelle, I give up, where's you're husband?"

I said, "Well hell, you're guess is as good as mine…where ever he seems to be hiding out, he's kidnapped Mark as well…" Shane said, "Great…Just great, not only is the Game missing but so it seems his tag teamer Mr. Dudley is with him somewhere…I smell a rat somewhere and as soon as I figure it out…well get down to the bottom of this." I said, "Sure, as soon as you find Paul, you'll find Mark, and I'm assuming vise versa." Trish said, "Yea, could you by some chance tell my husband, I did have something important to discuss with him…and if he could find where he left his brain, I'd like to speak with him when he gets back."