Chapter 25

About 4 hours later, Anthony Michael Levesque was born and weighted 6 pounds 4 ounces…22 inches long…blue eyes and blonde fuzz for hair…

After everyone had seen the baby and left, I was holding him back in the hospital room and Paul was looking at the baby, just watching him sleep in my arms. Paul said, "Michelle, you're my hero..." I said, "You're hero?"

He said, "Yea, you're my hero…you went through 10 hours of intensely excruciating pain to bring our baby into this world…you yelled and cussed at me, and fought to bring him here…and he's perfect and he's beautiful, and so are you…and you're my hero…I can't imagine what you went through the last 9 months, with your body changing…and carrying around a life inside you, knowing you're responsible for it when it's born…I mean I was on the sidelines the whole time, and just watched you be perfect at everything, you were the perfect mother and lover and doctor…and friend, you're my best friend, my wife, the love of my life and I can't imagine being here at this point in my life without you by my side."

I said, "You keep this up and you're going to make me cry…" He said, "That makes two of us…cause if I wouldn't have gotten my shit together all those months ago, I know we wouldn't be here right now…we wouldn't have a baby…and I don't even want to think about whether or not I would of still had you…I love you so much…and I will never stop loving you…"

I said, "I love you too." Paul came over and kissed my lips softly…and said, "In the beginning, every thing was so hard, then we got married and things were great, then somewhere in the middle it got harder and things seemed to be falling apart…and now…I'm with you, forever."