Forgotten Childhood: Chapter 10 -- Blood Tears

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Harry idly played with the end of his quill. He had decided to finish his homework in the hopes that he would actually be allowed to return to Hogwarts. Besides if Voldemort killed him he could at least tell his parents that it wasn't because he slacked off.

Raeyn had been dropping by at night and helping him out between stories and a few ill planned excursions through the manor which landed them both in quite a bit of hot water. His potions essay remained dismally short though, Raeyn was absolutely no help with the subject. He'd offered to ask Kiram for help but Harry had quickly declined. The other two vampires still creeped him out a bit too much to invite them into his room, murderous potions master or not.

He was absently tapping his quill against the parchment when Lanky popped into the room. The little elf wasn't distraught as he had been that morning but he still shot dissaproving glances at Harry as he bowed low and began speaking.

"Master is wanting to see Mr. Potter, now. Little master is to go to the dining room."

Harry sighed half-heartedly and stood, straightening out his rumpled robes. He blinked once and shook his head. Why was he trying to make himself presentable again? Oh, mass murderer with strange standards, that's right.

Harry followed the little elf silently, lost in his thoughts. A rich meaty smell drifted from the dining room. His mouth began to water remembering how little he had eaten all day. Harry sat down quietly across from Voldemort until he silently signaled for him to begin eating as he himself began sipping on the stew.

"You will be joining me when I go out tonight. I expect you to be on your best behavior. I assure you that you will not like the consequences if you do not." The dark silky voice broke Harry out of his reverie and his stomach twisted uncomfortably as sharp blue eyes fix unerringly on him. He replied with more confidence than he truly felt.

"If you expect me to sit quietly while you and your death eaters hurt people you're wrong." The dark lord only smiled dryly.

"Such defense for others, I wonder what you will do when you see what your precious Dumbledore has been doing. We are going to see the vampires tonight, Potter. I believe that you will be quite surprised."

When Raeyn appeared to lead them to their destination Harry's heart filled with dread. The young bubbly vampire was tense with lines of worry creasing his face. Harry sucked in a sharp breath when he caught a flash of white bandages around his chest and arm. He opened his mouth to question him but a sharp glance from Voldemort closed it again.

It was a long treck into the deep forest and the tone was solemn. He did spare a dry smile at the realization that he felt safer in the dangerous forest with the two imposing men at his side than he ever had while wandering the forbidden forest at Hogwarts.

When they finally broke into the clearing it was buzzing with activity. Vampires were sprawled everywhere littered with grizzly wounds. What surprised him the most were the wizards though. They were scattered everywhere helpingwhenever they could. He watched as men he knew as deatheaters bared their arms as others directed steady streams of blood into bubbling potions that were being passed amongst the vampires. Raeyn quickly went back to work and even Voldemort began turning his wand to the healing of those sprawled around the clearing.

Harry wandered slowly amongst the group, his heart sinking as he recognized Marik laying across Kiram's lap. The blond vampire had a gaping hole in his chest and blood dribbled past his gasping lips. Lucious Malfoy was working tirelessly to get the potion into his mouth as Kiram held his thrashing form still. Harry turned away as tears threatened to spill, he stubbornly blinked them away. Harry wanted to protest, to ask who could have done something like this. But he didn't dare, after all, he already knew.

He spotted Snape towards the outskirts of the group and he wandered dazedly in that direction. He was hovering over a dark haired woman who was leaning against a tree. He heard her urging Snape to go back somewhere, when he heard her begging him to leave before Dumbledore got suspicious he realized that his professor had been pushing Dumbledore's trust to come here and help.

He let his gaze fall to the woman's face. She was beautiful as many of the vampires were but there was something familiar about her. She had dark obsidian eyes and he focused harder on her features. There, behind the ethereal beauty he picked it out. Her nose was just the tiniest bit crooked and hooked at the end. He saw the pain in his professor's eyes as he finally agreed to go. The tears finally began dripping down his face as the older man bid her farewell and called her mother.

The woman's eyes then focused on him and she gave him a soft smile. It was the kind of smile that he had seen Mrs. Weasely with on several occasions, a smile that he always pictured his mother with. He silently promised himself that if he ever made it back to Hogwarts that he would never judge Snape for his snarky manner again. How horrible this must be for him, no one deserved this kind of pain.

He stumbled his way back to Voldemort, who was busily aiding those around him. He had poured massive amounts of power out for those who were wounded the worst. Marik had settled and was looking better. He reached out to the man during a brief pause and tugged on his sleeve.

Voldemort turned around catching sight of the tear stained child and prepared himself for the pleas to go home, to not have to see any more of the horrors that were all around them.

"I want to help." Was all Harry could manage and it came out strained and rough. Voldemort blinked once hiding his surprise. He should have known. He nodded once and set Harry to his left quickly showing his the simple movements for the spell.

"If you begin to feel dizzy stop immediatly." He warned before turning back to his own work.

They worked until nearly sunrise before Voldemort finally tucked his wand away and turned to Harry. He quickly took note of the child's soft swaying and glazed eyes. He reached out and snatched the wand away. Harry turned his clouded gaze to him and blinked once before crumpling to the ground.

"Goddammit Potter." The dark lord cursed pulling out several potions vials and tipping them down the boy's throat. He watched as the boy coughed tiredly and managed a small smile. He rolled his eyes, stubborn brat.

Harry stood and followed Voldemort out of the clearing, barely making it ten feet before he stumbled and fell, laying face down on the damp earth. He was only hazily aware as strong arms picked him up and carried him home. His last thought before he slipped away into the darkness was that he really needed to stop making a habit of that.


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