Missing From My Heart No Longer
Sandra Solaria Dees
Chapter One

Oh, yeah, there it was. Harry was reduced to a moaning, incoherent puddle of mush. Severus smirked and continued to move his hands. He pressed on the small of his fiancé's back and pushed up. The loud series of cracks and pops were drowned out by Harry's groan.

"You are much too tense."

"You should have...oh, yeah...seen Hermione when she had to take the...mmm...NEWTS," Harry giggled when Severus's long fingers tickled his sides. "Stop that."

"Must I?" Severus kissed in between his shoulder blades.


Severus sighed and sat up. "Tickling you is easier than massaging your bony shoulders."

Harry blew a raspberry and sat up too. He leaned back into Severus's arms. Severus kissed his temple.

"One more test. All I have to take is one more test. Stupid tests."

"Stop. I just massaged the worry out of you; so do not think about anything but you and I right now. Worry about the test when you're taking it tomorrow."

"Fine. Dad worries enough for me," Harry grinned up at him.

"I figured that Lu...Remus was the worrywart."

"Not really. He knows I can do it. Dad, however, is going out of his mind. He thinks I'm going to make something explode, or something. I don't know."

"You have a strange mind, love."

"You voluntarily spend time with me, so I can't be that strange."

Severus looked thoughtful for a moment. "You're borderline."

"If I'm borderline, then what is Draco?" Harry inquired.

"What're you talking about? I heard my name," Draco came in and flopped down in a chair.

"You're rude," Severus glared at him.

"Eh," Draco shrugged. "The twins said I was annoying them, so I thought I'd come up here and see how my favourite brother and godfather were."

"In other words, you're being a virus today," Severus raised an eyebrow.


Draco glared at his black-haired friend. "Anyway, I wanted to wish you luck on your test tomorrow in case I didn't see you beforehand."

Harry groaned and buried his head in Severus's shoulder.

"No talking about tests!" Severus told his godson. "I just got him to stop thinking about it."

The blonde stuck out his tongue. "Well, the twins said for you to not worry."

"The twins got low results on everything but Potions, and that's only because they are important to their products," Severus told him.

"No test talk!" Harry whined." I just want to lay here and go brain dead."
" Too late," Draco grinned. "Anyway, I think I'll go visit Dad and Father before you chase me out."

"Good riddance," Harry and Severus said in unison.

"That's so cool. You know, Ron and Hermione don't do that. Neither does Bill and Cody."

"Draco...get out," Severus interrupted his babbling.

"Well," Draco 'humped' and stood up. "See if I care." He turned and walked out. Harry grinned when the door slammed.

"He is so strange."

"He's your brother."

" I wish I could say: 'Not by choice'."

Severus laughed and kissed his pale shoulder.


Draco glared as the door was shut in his face. Apparently, Sirius and Remus were having a romp before the full moon...that was in a week.

Peeves cackled as he flew through Draco, who cursed at him.

"Stupid poltergeist," Draco muttered, and left for the passage to his fiancés' shop.

Fred (he knew how to tell them apart now by more than just the freckles in between their eyebrows) met Draco, grabbed a box near him, and walked past the blonde.

"Back so soon, love? Oops, sorry," Fred accidentally bumped into him. "We're swamped. Everyone's stocking up for Saturday."

September first was in two days. Harry would graduate after the Sorting Ceremony.

"Need help?" Draco held the storeroom door open.

"Actually, would you mind going and getting dinner?" George asked, taking money from a boy Draco recognised as a lower year Ravenclaw.

"Sure. What d'you want?"

"How about that muggle take out by the Leaky Cauldron?" Fred suggested, weaving around patrons to set the merchandise on an empty shelf.

"Yeah, that sounds good. Draco?" George ran up another student's items.

"Sure. Where's the muggle money?" The blonde asked.

"Same places as always," Fred said as he set up the products, growing annoyed as customers were snatching them just as he set them down.

"All right. I'll be back in a little while," Draco kissed George's cheek and waved to Fred before running up the stairs and grabbing the muggle money from the wizard's safe before apparating to Diagon Alley.

He waved hello to Tom as he walked through the Leaky Cauldron and then left the wizarding world. He'd gotten very good at handling muggle money from shopping with Harry and buying take out. This was probably the seventh time they'd eaten the Chinese food that month.

The twins had been very busy with the shop, and Draco was exhausted from planning their wedding with Molly, Ginny, and Hermione. Girls were annoying with the flowers and table settings. And Ron was trying to convince him to wear a dress.

Draco walked into the takeout restaurant and ordered. He sat down t wait for the food and looked back at the last few months surrounding his new family. His soon-to-be brother-in-law Percy and his husband, Oliver, had their daughter two days before Harry's birthday. They'd named her Molly Lillian. Harry had been in tears when they asked him if they could name her after Lily Potter.

Bill and Cody had announced their engagement and had bought a house in Cody's home city of Dublin. They'd also spent a month on assignment in Lower Egypt.

His brother Harry had been working hard to complete his schooling in the nine months since February. He had one more day, and he would finally be finished. Their parents and Severus had thrown Harry an eighteenth birthday party and really surprised the Gryffindor hero. Harry'd had tears in his eyes the entire day as his Gryffindor friends and the Weasley family celebrated his birthday at the banks of the Hogwart's lake. They'd been permitted to swim in the lake, and Harry had managed to drag Severus in, much to the surprise of everyone but his family, Ron, Hermione, and the twins. Then Harry'd remembered that not everyone knew about his and Severus's relationship. However, after a few moments, they were all having fun again. Harry'd told Draco later that it was the happiest day of his life.

The Asian girl behind the counter told him that his order was ready, and he paid her. He walked back outside and headed back for the Leaky Cauldron. He'd almost reached it when a hand clamped over his mouth and dragged him backwards. The food fell from his hands.

"Tell your brother I said hello," his captor pushed him into an alley.


When Draco hadn't come back a half-hour later, the twins grew worried. The store had died down, and Fred rushed to Hogwarts. When he didn't find him there, he and George closed their shop and apparated to Diagon Alley.

Fred asked Tom in the Leaky Cauldron if he'd seen the blonde Slytherin, and Tom told him that Draco'd gone to he muggle world and hadn't come back through. George had already left the Leaky Cauldron and walked to the takeout place. The girl affirmed that the pale teen had been there and left.

George and Fred met out on the street and walked the pat from the muggle restaurant to the wizard pub.

"Where could he be?" George asked, wringing his hands together.

"We shouldn't have let him come. There could still be someone who would do something to him. I should have let him stock the shelves."

"Maybe we should call someone," George suggested, becoming more distressed by the minute.

"Wait," Fred pointed in front of him. There was a bag of Chinese food on the ground.

"Check the alley," George ordered. Fred walked into the alley and his heart fell. Lying in a corner was their fiancé, unconscious. Blood was trickling from the corner of his mouth.

"Georgie...go to Hogwarts and get Madam Pomfrey. I don't want to move him," Fred explained. George nodded and apparated, but not before Fred caught the tears streaming down his face. Fred sat on his knees and tenderly brushed a blonde lock of hair out of the bruised face of his love. "I'm so sorry, Draco."

It took a good ten minutes before George and Madame Pomfrey showed up.

"It's safe to move him," Madam Pomfrey said, after running a few quick tests. "If you'll apparate to Hogsmeade with him, it'll be easier to heal him and check him over more thoroughly."

Fred carefully cradled the blonde and apparated to their flat above the shop. George and Poppy followed. Fred laid Draco in their large bed and stepped back. Fred noticed that Draco's pants and shirt were torn in some places. George sat down on the end of the bed and watched as the mediwitch healed the blonde Lupin-Black.

"He wasn't seriously harmed physically, but someone made it to look as if he was raped, but he wasn't."

The brothers breathed a sigh of relief.

"He does have a very mild concussion. Draco will be fine, though," Poppy put away her wand. "When he wakes up, I want you to owl me. I also want to see him tomorrow in the Infirmary. He's not to get out of bed except to use the bathroom. I'll send a potion to remove the bruising."

"Thank you, Madam Pomfrey."

"Of course, boys," and with a good-bye, she left.

"He'll be fine, Fred," George stood as his lover and brother watched their shared love. "You heard her. It's not your fault."

George placed his hand on his mirror image's face.

"I know, Georgie-porgy."

George looked at him sadly. George hated that name because Fred only called him that when Fred was really depressed. Fred climbed into the bed on one side of Draco, and George sat down on the other side.

"Why didn't I ask him to stock the shelves?"

"Why didn't I ask him to work the register?"

"I hope he remembers who it was, because I want to mangle who ever touched Draco."

"So do I, love, but until he wakes up..."

"I know. One of us should probably go open the store back up," Fred decided to change the subject.

"I will. You're better at taking care of us..." George told him. Fred leaned over Draco and kissed his brother.

"Okay. If you need my help, just call for me," Fred told him.

"All right."

Fred watched as his brother went downstairs to open back up. He looked down sadly at one of the men he loved. Fred was the Weasley child that took the blame for everything on himself even if he was barely involved. When he'd gone to see Draco during the Last Battle, and Harry'd left, Fred blamed himself. And because Harry's wand had blown up and he had to get a new one, Fred blamed himself for everything that'd happened as a result.

Of course, Fred knew it wasn't his fault, but it always felt as if he made bad things happen. His beautiful blonde fiancé was lying in his arms with a bruised and bloody face and torn clothes because he'd gone out to get food for Fred.

Fred sighed and carefully removed himself form their bed. He carefully removed the torn blue jeans and black shirt from the Slytherin. There were bruises on his shoulders and hands, as well as his legs and stomach. The scratches on his hands showed that he'd tried to fight back.

Fred went to the bathroom and got a wet flannel and carefully wiped the blood from Draco's face and hands. There wasn't much, just some from his split lip and his nose. Draco moaned slightly and whimpered. Fred gently petted his hair and then continued to wipe away the blood as softly as possible.

End of Chapter One