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During the Telepath war another Vorlon altered teep/teek is captured by the corps. Matheson helps her escape. This has a strange format because it's from the point of view of someone on about four times the amount of sleepers that would normally be given. i.e. she is drugged to the eyeballs and delirious.


Her hands were folded, waiting.

The grey walls of the room, the strange listlessness of the sleeper drugs…

Her eyes were roving, waiting.

The hard pallet beneath her barely registered. Nor did the smell of swat.

She was waiting.

The door opened, light spilled over her. Light was cleansing she remembered.

But she was still waiting.

A young male PsiCorp Telepath ducked to her side and lifted her up into his arms.

He didn't know she was waiting.

He moved quickly through the building with her in his arms. He was speaking.

He was taking her away, she wasn't waiting.

They climbed into a shuttle. Yelling. People were yelling. The young man didn't yell. He spoke calmly.

She sat, waiting again.

He had strapped her into a chair. She felt a rumble beneath them. They took off.

And she sat waiting.

She heard something else. She sighed. It was an explosion. They had done it. They had destroyed the base. She knew it in her bones.

She waited for her fate.

She waited for so long and then he was back. He was checking something.

The medical device whirred. Waiting…

He seemed worried. Frowning. He was speaking. "-ral times usual amount-ear me?"

She blinked. Waiting.

Her head was… Sore, the first sign the drugs were wearing off. Slowly, like suffocating blankets being removed second by second.

She was patient she waited.

He was still hovering over her. Asking the others questions. He looked back at her.

She waited.

She could feel her whole body tingling. He brushed hair off her face. Concerned. He was concerned, upset by what had happened. How odd.

She was still waiting.

She tried to smile. She knew he understood because he smiled back. "-n't be long now, be-" his words faded in and out.

She nodded. She was still waiting.

He smiled one last time and left. There were others but they didn't matter.

She was waiting.

Jaria Durhan. The 'Vorlon altered freak' as she named herself waited. Waited for redemption or death or even freedom, she waited. They landed...

And she waited.

He came back. "I'm John Matheson," he was there again. Her eyes met his.

He was frowning. She waited.

"Can you hear me?" he asked. Didn't he know? He was the enemy, he was PsiCorp. She could see his badge. Saw it in his clothes.

She waited.

Every moment the effects of the sleepers drained. He lifted the Medical scanner again. He looked so earnest… So… Honourable? But there was the badge.

She waited.

She reached out and felt his thoughts. She could sense them. He was noting the amount of sleepers, he even seemed worried and confused about her.

She waited.

He scanned her still frowning. "Sleepers are just below normal dosage." He crouched down next to her.

She looked straight at his face. And waited.

Her thoughts could organise themselves. The weariness was leaving her system.

Smiling she waited.

He seemed concerned.

With a sudden surge she sent him flying across the room. She stood. Swayed and crumpled to the floor. Unconcious. She wasn't waiting now.


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