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Aftermath: Lord Strife ()

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A few streaks of sunlight passed though the curtains that draped over the window, causing a certain young man to wake from his sleep.

"Man! Feels like a rhino bulldozed over my head...that's the last time I drink anything stronger than a soda!" Ranma tried to bring right hand over his head but soon noticed that there was something or someone using his right shoulder as a pillow and in effect immobilizing his right hand. He decided to use his left hand instead but soon found out that, like his right shoulder, something or someone was also using his left shoulder as a pillow.

Ranma slowly opened hi eyes, taking in the morning rays coming from the window. He slowly looked down to see who or what was using him as a pillow. His eyes bugged out at the sight of two bushes of hair. One was blackish to blue color, and the other was definitely in the shade of blue. What's more, those 'blue' heads seemed almost identical.

Ranma was now wide awake as recognition draws in. 'Akane?' Ranma looked at the girl sleeping at his right side. 'Ami?' Looking at the girl to his left. Then he noticed certain other things. 'I'm naked.' Then something else, 'There naked.' Which led to another thought, 'I'm dead!'

His head flopped back on the pillow with the thought, 'WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?' echoing in his mind. Ranma groaned as his head ached from the hangover from last night. 'Let's see...umm...from what I recall...Akane dragged me over to her cousin's place...umm....' Ranma winced at the throbbing pain that shot from his headache. 'Something about celebrating...something...then I remember drinking a lot of the punch...'

Ranma groaned, 'Damn the punch was spiked!' He then recalled Akane drinking as much as he did. Akane's cousin, Ami, drank only a few cups but she seemed to be less tolerant to alcohol compared to him and Akane. 'I remember asking for a place I could rest a little...I remember asking Ami...then the tomboy went with us...we went to a room...Akane was feeling tipsy and gave me a kiss as soon as we entered...Ami followed suite...then I guess things went down from there.'

Yep Ranma knew. He's dead. But he didn't know if it would come from his ever lovable violent fiancée, or his fiancée's cousin, both, or from the other loonies from the NWC.

Feeling her pillow stiffen somewhat, Akane began to stir. What she noticed first was that she had a splitting headache. 'Note to self, always check the punch before consuming it en masse!' The next thought made her loose color to her face. She was naked. Not only that, she lying on top of man. And judging the body warmth she was feeling, he was naked as well. Feelings of dread came to her. 'Oh, no! I slept with a man while I was drunk!' She looked up and saw a pair of blue-gray eyes looking at her. 'Ranma?' Somehow, she felt relieved...ecstatic to a certain extent, but of course she would deny it if asked by others. 'Ranma and I? Did we?' Some of their deeds surface to her head amidst the pain from her hangover. 'We did! Wish I could remember more...wait a minute...wasn't Ami...' Akane's thoughts trailed off as she tried to raise her head to look at the body cuddling to Ranma's left. 'We...did a...threesome...'

"Err...morning Akane." Ranma finally manage to say out while still looking at Akane.

"You know I'm gonna kill you for taking advantage of me!" Akane blurted out.

"Taking advantage? You're the one who took advantage of me Akane. You're the one always on top."

"Never saw you complain."

"Ain't the point!"

Ranma suddenly felt dread when he noticed Akane wasn't even frowning when she said those. Instead, he saw a smile, the same predatory smile Nabiki gives whenever she has acquired blackmail material.

Ami started to stir. 'Ouch...my head hurts...ugh...can't people stay quiet when someone's having a headache!' She opened her eyes groggily. Whatever sleep that was remaining suddenly disappeared. 'My cousin's naked...my cousin's fiancé is naked...heck, I'm naked! This is a bad dream...a really bad dream...' She rubs her temple as she slowly sits up. "This is just a bad dream!"

"I'm afraid not." Akane said to her cousin as she too starts to sit up.

Ami looked at her cousin. "Did we...umm...do the deed?"

Ranma who is now sitting upright, nodded with Akane. "Apparently, somebody spiked the punch last night."

Akane slowly snuggled closer to Ranma. "I barely even remember how we did it last night."

Ranma was now sweating, "Err...I guess being drunk can do that..." 'Man its getting warm in here!'

Akane's smile widens. "You know I lost my innocence last night because of a spiked punch, and I intend to walk away with some good memories of it. And for your sake, it better be a good memory."


"Umm...Akane-chan..." Ami meekly calls to her cousin.

"What is it Ami-chan?"

"Can I too?"

Those were the last words Ranma heard as two naked girls suddenly jumped on him.

In the next room, we can see Nabiki wielding some high-tech video recording equipment with a nasty grin on her face. 'Well daddy and Mr. Saotome did pay me good to ensure the school is united. Never thought my cousin would jump Ranma too. Oh well...'