Stuck in the Middle


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Warning: Mild swearing and really, really mild sexual content.


Syaoran Li has been best friend with Sakura ever since he was four. Sakura was the best thing that ever happened to him, considering the life he had before he had met her. However, his girlfriends seem to have a problem with him being near Sakura. What can poor Syaoran do? He can't be single forever, but he couldn't abandon his friendship!

Chapter 1 Breakup

"Syaoran!" a girl whined immaturely, clinging onto Syaoran's arm.

"Let go, Ayumi. You're cutting my blood circulation," grumbled Syaoran as he tried to loosen the tight grip Ayumi had around his arm.

"Let's go then. Hurry up, will you? I don't want to miss the movie," Ayumi complained, still holding Syaoran in her tight grip, except now she was pulling him to the movie theatre at a rather amazing speed. She was going so fast that Syaoran nearly tripped on a rock.

Women! Sheesh, they are physically strong when it comes to things they want, thought Syaoran. He was clearly annoyed. He didn't even want to watch the movie with her. He knew she was probably using the movie as an excuse to hug him when there's a scary scene coming up.

That was precisely what happened. Ayumi held onto his arm, and every time something scary popped up, even the not-as-scary ones, she would huddle real close to him, nearly suffocating him.

Syaoran was relieved when the movie was finally finished. Ayumi was still hanging onto his arms though, but not as tightly, fortunately. He got up, and made a dash to the exit.

It was not that Syaoran hates his girlfriend, but she was certainly different than when he first met her. She was not clingy, and she acted sophisticatedly at that time. But she had been acting odd lately, and they had only started dating a few days ago. He had absolutely no clue how she changed her personality so quickly. Perhaps that was just a façade she used to trick him into going out with her.

Syaoran ruffled his hair in annoyance. Ayumi had caught up with him while he was thinking. He was unhappy about that. He was going to make a clean get-away to leave her behind. That was not happening and he knew it. He sighed. Today was not his day.

On the other hand, Ayumi was rather happy. During the movie, Syaoran had fallen asleep. Ayumi was nearly sitting on his lap. She took advantage of when he was sleeping, and began pleasuring herself. She rubbed against his body in ecstasy, feeling his muscles and manly form. Too bad she had to stop when she accidentally woke him up, when she got so caught up in the rubbing that she pressed too hard on him and nearly squashed him.

She already bought a sexy, revealing undergarment to seduce Syaoran. She was definitely not giving him up without a fight. She knows that that so-called best friend of his, Sakura, wanted him. Who wouldn't want him? He's handsome, sexy, adored by all girls. Sakura was closest to him, next to her. She was definitely not taking that chance to let her move ahead. She scrunched up her eyebrows in fury. She will not let her get to him first, not over her dead body.

Syaoran had noticed how Ayumi seemed to be in a foul mood all of a sudden. He will never understand girls, even if he had lived with four all his life. Okay, maybe it was more than four, precisely five, including his cousin who visits occasionally.

It was true he doesn't understand girls. He could never tell what Sakura is thinking. She seemed to read him like a book, but he could barely decipher whether she was being sarcastic or not, let alone knowing if she was serious or was just telling a joke. He knew he's pathetic, he knew Sakura since he was four, yet she's still a mystery to him.

That year, his mother had made him start his training early, considering the fact that he had to take over the clan when he came of age, which wasn't soon at that time. He was only three, for goodness' sake. He can barely read and write, but his mother pushed him nevertheless.

He never had any friend, since he was always training. He was trained so hard that he was able to carry a girl his age. He was really lonely. He didn't know how to interact with people in school, so no one dared get close to him. He was so cold that every word he said sliced the air and made his classmates shudder. Every one of them except one girl, the one and only Kinomoto Sakura.

Sakura was a cheerful girl, and she warmed the hearts of everyone she met. Syaoran was no exception.

When Syaoran first met her, he found it easy to talk to her, especially since she didn't mind his offensive comments and evil smirks. She talks to him like she would to any other people. Syaoran was grateful for that. As his life went on, his training continued and increased, and his friendship with Sakura grew stronger.

He would say a few cuss words every now and then, but he was not as cold-hearted as he was. Sakura taught him how to act more like a gentleman, which came in handy when he flirts with the girls. Of course, Sakura never liked that; she thinks sweet-talking is just another word for lies, which is something she doesn't like.

Syaoran once again found himself in Ayumi's grip. He was getting tired of this quickly. The "right girl" is hard to find these days, especially with his dashing looks, and wealthy status. Syaoran smirked arrogantly. That was quickly swiped off, when he remembered his company.

He'd rather listen to a buzzing bee, than listen to Ayumi talk about underwear. What did she think he is? A man who could be easily seduced when a woman appeared in her underwear or when a topic of that kind came up? Okay, maybe if that girl is hot and has a sizzling figure, it might turn him on. But he is definitely not that type of person.

Syaoran decided that this has got to stop. Before Ayumi, he had dated Umi, Megumi and Yoko. One of them actually got close to seducing him to the point that they were going to have sex. Like he said, he wasn't that kind of person, and had kicked her out of the house quicker than the speed of a flying fly. She was real mad after that, and she blamed him for her cold. It wasn't his fault that she felt like taking her clothes off in a place other than her home or a changing room. Yep, he still had his mean attitude. Well, it takes a long time for one to change one's personality. Eighteen years is just not enough for him.

Syaoran cut in the middle of Ayumi's meaningless chatter.

"Look, you're great and all, but you're just not for me. So let's pretend we never met each other and move on with our lives." The first part of the first sentence was a lie, and it took Syaoran all his strength to say that.

Ayumi glared at Syaoran, "What does she have that I don't have? A friendship with you? You son of a bitch, I hope you rot in hell. You jerk. Fuck you, you asshole…" and a lot of other colorful words she had stored in her mini-dictionary in her tiny head.

Syaoran yawned. That was the most boring breakup he ever had. Umi had given him a long, "breathtaking" kiss as a last attempt to lure him back. Megumi flashed him, though there was nothing much to see. Yoko was the one who ended up with a cold when she put a move on him. He had to try not to laugh as he listened to her talk over the phone, when he broke up with her.

"You ahole, you undi bra. I'm da uman for you an you turn me ow." It was hilarious. Of course, Syaoran was not a hole, or underwear or a bra. What's the deal with her being an omen? And he wasn't the one who made her say ow. He didn't kick her that hard. He knew what she was trying to say. He then later mimicked her to Sakura when he dropped by her house.

"It was hilarious. See, she was trying to say 'you asshole, you ugly brat. I'm the women for you and you turn me out,' and instead it came like 'you a hole, u undie bra. I'm da omen for you and you turn me ow.' She talks like a mentally-disabled person."

"Syaoran! That's so mean and rude. You've already made her catch a cold, and you had to rub it in her face."

"She deserved it. That should teach her not to touch the future leader of the Li Clan."

"You're too full of yourself. You made yourself sound as though you're untouchable."

Syaoran laughed at that memory, and it angered Ayumi. Why is he laughing? Is hearing her swear that funny. She swore that it was totally embarrassing. The insults had absolutely no effect on him. She left him in anger, as he continued to laugh.

When he realized she left, he was relieved. No more of Ayumi's blabbering for him. He caught a whiff of Ayumi's perfume on his sleeve. What's this? Ew…what's that white stuff on my pants. She had better not been messing around when I was sleeping during the movie. He went home in a hurry to change his clothes. He didn't want to have anything that had to do with Ayumi, especially the white stuff. Girls are horny and desperate these days. Can't believe they would do that to a sleeping man!

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