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Give The World

Chapter one: Dreaming Again

He watched with the young child next to him. Watched as an orphanage, the young child's home burned, taking all her friends and "family" with it. He saw a few tears glisten on the child's small face, like crystals reflected in the moons dim glow. The flames where dancing, mirrored in the child's cerulean eyes, along with the pain he could feel radiating from her small fragile body. He looked down to the child and hugged her tightly. He listened as the child pleaded with him to not leave her...that she didn't want to be all alone. The child asked him if he would leave her...just like everyone else. He said he would never truly leave her. She asked if she would see him again. He told her she would. He wished to stay there, but could feel his body start to be engulfed by time's deep-set web of lies. Everything spinned around him. The background blurred and the image of the young child changed to a 16-year-old girl. A girl seeming to by some dark void drift away from him. Taken away again.

"Kid" Serge's mind called out. As Kid's figure gradually shadowed he called again...trying desperately to keep her there. She was all he wanted. But she continued to be shadowed over until Serge could no longer see her childlike face and cerulean eyes.

Serge was left in complete darkness, without even those evil burning flames to accompany him. There was nothing...no one...just dark...and him. He was drifting. Just drifting. To where he did not know or care. Serge didn't put he effort in to direct himself in any particular direction. He didn't have any effort left in him. So he just drifted endlessly alone. Without Kid.

Serge awoke to the loud banging on his door. Yawning and rubbing his eyes, he made his way to the-oh so politely knocking person who had come to pester him. Serge kicked some objects out of his way as he left his room and entered the living room, heading to the kitchen so he could answer whoever was at the door, then tell them to leave.

A lot had changed in theone year since the time devourer. Serge hadn't ever been more miserable in his life. He missed the Australian that put the joy and adventure into his days, which now were so quiet. That is take the constant annoyance all his friends gave him. They were always worrying about him. Serge's mom had died. Thus he had the house all to himself now. However, that misfortunate event had cuased a dramatic increase of how much they worried about him.

Once finally reaching the door Serge opened it a little. Unfortunately it was Leena on the other side. As soon as the door was open she burst in and started complaining about what a mess it was inside. Serge thought that if it was such a mess inside then she should go back outside.

"Serge you really need to propose soon...heaven knows you need someone to do the housework." Leena of course meant for Serge to propose to her. She had been tossing or blindly chucking full-blown out marry me now or I'll kill you at Serge, who to say the least had no interest in her what so ever, for about he last 1/3 of a year. Serge had no intention on ever marrying Leena though. He thought she was a rude, selfish, whiney bitch who by no means would ever shut up. She was still whining about those god damned Komodo Dragon Scales. Serge didn't know how much more of Leena he could possibly withstand before he blew.

"Oh Serge, did you hear about how my friendSarah is getting married? They are only 16!" Serge knew this was another hint for him to marry her and that it meant they were old enough for it. Serge chose to remain silent then answer Leena and tell her how many times she really had told him this, which was in the leagues of about 30 or so.

Leena had started to pick up Serge's living room...he hated that.


"Yes Serge." Serge never failed to be surprised at how much attention Leena gave to what he said.

"I'm kind of busy right now so if you could leave...it would be great." Serge lied. In truth he just wanted the annoying year younger than him girl to leave.

"I'll see you later Serge" Serge hoped she wouldn't.

Serge made his way back to his room, falling on his bed with a loud thump. His main goal in life at the current time was to escape this stupid brutal reality he was forced to live. The music in Serge's room echoed throughout the room, drowning out the other sounds of Arni Village. Serge closed his eyes. Trying to stop himself form thinking about Kid. A while back he had declared that an impossible task, but here he was, once again,aiming for the impossible.

Serge heard screams. People screaming. Serge opened his eyes...it was still there. Serge for the first time in months opened his curtains. Havoc was wreathing outside. For as far as Serge could see there were shadow cats destroying villagers. A fire burned and destroyed most the town already, and was spreading quickly. Serge grabbed his swallow and was gone.

Serge slashed a few Shadow cats here and there, as he tried to comprehend what was going on around him. What was causing this? The thing his mind told him was the thing he didn't want to hear the most. Lynx...Serge hadn't seen the demi-human for over a year, not since he had defeated him...and he thought just that...that he had defeated him. Obviously he was mistaken. For there in front of him was Lynx...s smile on his cat-like face. He was enjoying this, wasn't he? Enjoying watching this village burn...just like Kid's orphanage. Besides Lynx was another familiar demi-human...Harle, who mouthed an apology in Serge's direction.

Serge expected to awake any minute now. Any minute. He did not do such a thing though. Serge could feel the flames around him, as they lapped at the buildings surrounding. He could hear all the screams, all the deaths. How? Why? Why was Serge's world crumbling even further beneath his feet everyday?

Lynx snickered, and smiled at Serge, taunting him. He did a good job of it. Serge went to attack him...but soon as his swallow made contact the Feline disappeared, along with Harle. Serge was outraged...confused...alone...he turned to see the scene of the last fiery bits of his home...well...what used to be.

Serge stood silent, his swallow made a dull thump when it fell from his hands hitting the ground. So many un-answerable questions raced thorough his mind. He dared himself to awake.

A sharp stabbing pain went through Serge.

"Sorry my dear Serge...please still dream of Moi." With that the harlequin blew Serge a kiss and disappeared. Serge felt the blood coming from his wound...felt unconsciousness dominating. So he let himself drift away. He'd always lose to the darkness

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