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Give the World

Chapter 21:

The rest of the day was spent running around like everything was back to normal. Back to the year before, when they'd still been out adventuring. And Serge realized in time, it could all be back to normal. Sure they wouldn't exactly be constantly in that lethal excitement the frozen flame had brought back then, and the Chrono Cross, but he'd have everyone, have himself. All he had to do was deal with the remaining havoc. Besides his life so recently seemed to have a knack for attracting odd adventures. Maybe it was just part of having Kid around.

They ran across a few people, Orlha, Leah, along with some others. They even had to dodge Korcha and Leena now and then. It was always interesting. They didn't really know why they escaped from them. It just felt right. Fun. Like children playing pretend spies, having to keep out of sight in the shadows.

Eventually they were informed of a meeting that was to be held later at the Manor, but they tried to postpone thoughts of reality. Exiling Lynx from their minds completely. They would live in today. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. And yeah, eventually it would catch up with them. But eventually wasn't here yet. Maybe eventually wouldn't have to come…

Wishful thinking…

Eventually however was forced upon them, as the last rays of the sun were touching down.

It appeared some genius had found out where Lynx was going, while Serge and Kid were running around. Serge felt a little bad for making them do all the work suddenly. But really he did enough of it, right? Lynx was trying to do something with the ruins of Chronopolis, something about becoming the new fate…Serge found that highly unoriginal.


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