Here I will post the drabbles I've written for the weekly theme on the Black Pearl Scrolls, a PotC writers MSN group. If you want to join, just leave a not in your review with your email addy and I'll sent the address to you :)

I'm not sure if I will be able to participate in the theme every week, but then again, once in a while I will write more stories inspired by the same theme. These stories have nothing to do with the ones I'm already posting here.


Disclaimer/warnings: Don't own. Not beta'd. English is not my first language

Drabble theme: Anything that has to do with 'that bloody island'

Word count: 96

Warning: Not beta'd

A Charm

Black sails were slowly disappearing at the horizon. He watched them becoming smaller and smaller until there was nothing left to see, except of an empty space.

Only then he dared to look at what was behind him. The view was way too familiar for his own likening. Although some things had changed; almost all the trees had been burned to ashes. And all the rum was still goneā€¦

With a sigh Jack drags his exhausted body higher up the beach. It was time for an impossible escape again.

Three times was a charm above all.