Disclaimer: I do not own anything you recognize, I just like to play with the characters

Drabble Theme: Enemy/friends

Word Count: 498 (sorry!)

Extra: Unbeta'd and not really following the theme either


"Da'! Will ye stop it!" Jack Sparrow, fear of the British Navy, let his head sank on his hands. He wasn't entire sure how much longer he could stand this.

Ana, on the contrary, was amusing herself immensely. With one arm wrapped around her shoulder was a man, sitting so close to her that she could clearly feel the warmth of his body. His head was turned to her and he was talking with his other hand moving around in the air, as if he wanted to draw it all out for her.

"Yeh know, yeh black blossom, yer should stay with me on me island!" Jacob Sparrow, father of the infamous Jack, moved even closer to Ana and she could feel his breathing on her face. John lifted up the bottle in his hands and took a couple of large sips from it. "Yeh know, yeh should really do tha'."

"Da!" Jack needed rum more than ever, but unfortunately all the rum was gone already, with expectation -of course- from the bottle in his father's hands.

Jacob Sparrow was simply an older version of his son. The only differences were the lack of trinkets in his hair, the gray color of it and the lack of beard. Jacob never had been patient enough to keep his beard in good condition so he simply left it out completely.

"We must be going," Jack muttered and he quickly stood up, grasping Ana at her arm with all intention to simply dragging her along with him, but that was not Ana's idea. She shot him a dirty look before turning her attention back to Jack's father.

"Yeh know, black blossom? 'e," John nodded in Jack's direction, "never bothered te look after his ol' dad." A tear slowly slits down his face. "Never."

Jack stared openmouthed at the older man who somehow managed to makes himself even more comfortable next to Anamaria.

"I NEVER ---" Jack gasped for air. "I GAVE YE THIS BLOODY ISLAND!"

"'e never cared bout poor ol' Cutthroat Jacob," the old man muttered sadly, while his head dropped suspiciously towards Ana's breasts.


Cutthroat Jacob still tried to look innocent, however unfortunately for him Ana starts to notice that something is wrong.

"Sparrow!" she yelled while jumping on her feet, making the much older man almost fall flat on his face. She quickly turned around and slapped the old man in his face.

"Ye're all the same!" she yelled angry. Behind heard she hears how Jack tried his very best not to laugh out loud. Unsuccesfully.

"Ye found that funny!" she roared and she slapped him as well, before leaving the small house in a hurry.

Both Jack and Jacob are wathing her go, both with one hand on their slapped cheek and a shocked look on their face.

"Will yeh every understand them, Jack, boy?" Jacob muttered after a moment, while his son seated himself next to him.