Title: Faceless Crowd
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: PG
Pairng: SasukeNaruto

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and never will. If I did, then Sasuke and Naruto would be paired up in the anime! XD All I own is the poem and this story so no stealing. XP


Faceless Crowd

Walking down the winding road,
I saw your smile and eyes
I never really saw your face
Nor heard your silent cries

You stood up tall and hid your tears
No matter how much you hurt
You kept on running and kept on standing
Whenever you fell on dirt

You faked your smiles and ignored the stares
Hid under a mask so loud
You stood up tall and hid your tears
While running through this faceless crowd


Naruto wiped the tears that formed in his eyes as he finished the poem. He let out a strangled sob, not caring that there was another occupant in the room. This poem was beautiful. He held the paper closer to him, but making sure not to tear it. Sitting on the bed, he sobbed harder as gold bangs overshadowed cerulean eyes. "Sasuke..."

Sasuke smiled softly, moving across the bed before pulling Naruto into a warm hug. He was the one that wrote the poem a few years ago, when he and Naruto were still acting as bitter rivals, even though he was aware of his little crush on the loud-mouthed ninja. His smile became even more gentle as Naruto cuddled closer to him, burying his face in Sasuke's shirt all the while hugging the precious black paper with silver writings.

Naruto looked like an angel under the moonlight, in his arms. He looked like a lithe child. A tear escaped Sasuke's own eyes, sliding down his cheek, Naruto never deserved the people's hatred. It wasn't Naruto's fault that Kyuubi was sealed inside him... he never deserved that pain. The tear dropped on Naruto's own cheeks, as the blue-eyed boy raised his head to look at him.

"Sasuke, you know me better than I thought. Thank you." More strangled sobs escaped those pink lips and more tears came. Naruto buried his face once again on Sasuke's shirt, hugging the dark-haired ninja around the waist tightly, the black paper squeezed between their bodies.

Sasuke smiled wider, his face buried in golden locks. "Did you like it?" He didn't really need the answer. Naruto's actions showed a lot. He hugged the boy tighter.

Naruto gave a weak laugh, "Like it? I love it." He loosened his arms around the dark-haired ninja's waist to pull back a little, staring at the once cold and steely black eyes. The eyes were now soft and loving. The same eyes that made Naruto fall in love with Sasuke even more. Leaning further, he captured the Uchiha's lips in a soft kiss.

Sasuke eagerly kissed back, deepening the kiss even more. He nibbled at Naruto's lower lip, asking for entry, which Naruto gave without hesitation. The dark-haired ninja let his tongue slip through those wet, luscious lips. He explored every crevice of Naruto's mouth, memorizing it once again. Naruto lifted his own tongue shyly and entwined it with Sasuke's.

When they parted, both were gasping for air, cheeks tainted in a red hue. A trail of saliva connected each of their mouths, and their breath mingled with each other. Eyes fill with desire, Sasuke pushed both of them further onto the bed and laid Naruto down. "Ai shiteru, Naruto."

"Ai shiteru, Sasuke."

The black paper fell to the floor.


Author's Notes: I kinda just wrote the poem while I thought about Naruto... and when I typed it, something clicked and it eventually became into a little ficlet. ;; Oh, and the poem was crap, I know. Err... review...?