Dog Star
Do dogs really go to Heaven?
Or has your loyal soul been sent
To Canis Major?
Perhaps Sirius, the dog star, glows
Ever brighter for your blazing presence,
Sparkling against the black velvet sky
That was your lustrous fur.
The stench, no doubt, of your damp and
Perfumed coat, has been sent back into the
Bowls of Hades, from whence it came.

I miss the sound of a padding foot fall,
The slinking shadow, silent as a spy,
Or as boisterous and playful as a whelp,
Ever eager to ingratiate,
Begging for food or attention.
You savoured every second of applause,
A healthy appetite sustained by love.
I bleed when I think of your hunted haunted years,
Incarcerated with your misery, innocent in the cold,
Cut off from all warmth of emotion.

You believed I saved you that night,
When in actual fact you were my salvation,
A burning fiery spirit that melted my demons.
I hate you; I am exposed again, the pain is unbearable,
And I long to become ice once more.
But I am no longer quite alone, I am aware of
Two bright dark eyes following me laughingly.
Yet they are a little saddened,
That we, such close companions,
Now walk such worlds apart.