We Think Alike

Chapter 4: Beating Gippal

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters! They belong to Square Enix.

            "Oui zang!" Rikku screamed, jumping up. She stepped forward and pushed him with all her strength. Gippal barley moved. Rikku flung her fist at his face, hitting him square on the nose. Blood shot out of his nose and covered her face. "Yuck!" Gippal's mouth was hanging open. His hand shot up to his face and he peered at his hand, which was covered in blood. He didn't seem mad.

            "What was that about?" He said, rustling her hair. He was acting like this happened everyday. Rikku gaped at him and shook her head. She did feel guilty, but she was still upset.

            "Leave me alone!" Rikku pushed his shoulder back, causing him to stumble. Rikku started running in the direction of the temple, never looking back. Yuna watched her retreating back and shook her head. Tidus was standing there, still utterly clueless. Yuna looked over at him. She shook her head. Guys.

            "What's up with her?" Yuna chewed on the side of her cheek. What was she going to tell him? Same thing she told Tidus. Yes, she decided. She cleared her throat and stage whispered.

            "Girl things, it's that time of the month…" Gippal's eyes widened much like Tidus's did minutes earlier. Gippal turned to Tidus and shook his head, his mouth still hanging open.

            "I know…" Tidus shook his head and mumbled, "Girls." Gippal agreed with him and they started walking back towards the temple, hoping to avoid Rikku at all costs. No one liked a girl who was in a bad mood and was suffering from cramps and mood swings.

            "So, where's Rikku? Something wrong with her?" Paine asked, filling her plate with food from the buffet. Yuna started explaining the afternoon's events. Paine sat down at the table, nodding every couple of minutes. "So, what do you think we should do?"

            "What should we do? Why do we have to do anything? I bet Rikku's just got a little crush on Gippal, it will pass." Paine salted her fries and gobbled down a few. Yuna frowned and shook her head. Paine urged her to share.

            "Rikku's my cousin. I know her. She doesn't get all crazy over guys unless it's serious… But since she's never been serious about guys, I guess I don't know for sure. But she did go out on that one date with Baralai…" Yuna gasped and covered her mouth.

            "Did we have to bring that up?" Paine said, clenching her fists. "I just got over him." Paine counted to ten and started eating again. Yuna cautiously started talking again, afraid Paine would explode.

            "Well, we have to do something… That's why I invited the master on love to come to dinner with us tonight-" Paine looked up from her plate with a horrified look on her face. Yuna smiled apologetically and looked around for their dinner guest. "Over Here!" Yuna called out. Paine glared at Yuna over her plate.

            "Why hello loves!" LeBlanc said, smiling at the pare. Yuna smiled back, while Paine just grumbled while she continued eating. LeBlanc didn't seem to notice the lack of enthusiasm. "So, why was I invited here?" Yuna smiled deviously.

            "You're going to be playing matchmaker…" LeBlanc smiled and sat down. "Are you up to it?" LeBlanc waved her hand at Yuna. Just as they started talking, Tidus came up to them and smiled.

            "Hey! Finally found you! I had to check all the restaurants in the city, but I finally found you!" Yuna looked up at him, her eyes mere slits. "What's wrong hun?" He mumbled, backing away from her slowly. "You're, uh, scaring me Yuna…" Yuna calmed down a bit.

            "Um, it's nothing; we were just having a private conversation, sit down… I know you'd love to hear about our girl problems." Tidus yelped and went to sit down crossed the restaurant. Yuna smiled and went back to LeBlanc. "Rikku needs our help. She likes Gippal, but she saw him kissing Nhadala. Truly, no one knows if they're dating…"

            "you can count on me, loves, it's just a matter of time. I can weasel it out of Gippal in no time." Yuna nodded and started eating her salad. "I'd better get to work! I'm going to go find Gippal-"

            "Wouldn't you like something to eat, I mean, it's already seven o'clock! You can wait a while to start your investigation until tommarow…" LeBlanc just sighed. She rubbed her stomach and shook her head.

            "I'm on a currently on a diet, can't eat until eight, I might as well get started." LeBlanc wandered towards Tidus's table, motioned him to Yuna's table and she walked out the door. Tidus slowly drifted towards the table and sat down cautiously. "what's wrong honey?"

            "Um, done talking?" Tidus said, wrapping his arm around her waist.

            "maybe…" She mumbled, chuckling as his face went blank.