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"Let It Burn" by Tueske Koenami

Twenty-five years old, slightly tall, beautiful long black hair, promising soft brown eyes and killer legs to DIE for! Well that's what it said anyway in the 'Japanese Weekly' magazine. Kagome Higurashi, well known by and loved by all, and creator of the fragrance every woman in Japan and America bum-rushed for: 'Shikon no Tama'. Brings home a lovely seven-digits a year and married for three years to Japan's number one heartthrob, Hojo Hataka, and still no children.

Inuyasha Takahashi sat in his 32nd floor executive office, enjoying the luxury of a nice hot cup of freshly made Folgers Coffee, and reading his favorite magazine of all time: The Japanese Weekly. A certain woman had caught his attention on the front cover, on his way to work this morning. He read through the article carefully and whole- heartedly, wondering how on earth could such as Kagome Higurashi, still be married to a creep; that wouldn't give her kids.
Inuyasha 'kehed' and took another sip of his coffee, only while doing so a certain greenish toad-like youkai walked in, causing Inuyasha to spill a little of his coffee onto his lap. Inuyasha quickly jumped up and 'yelped', glaring at the toad youkai while doing so.

"Got Damn-it, this had better be good Jaken or else you'd wish you never worked here!"

"Hmph! You should talk, ruffian! Master Sesshomaru wishes to see you NOW!"

The toad-youkai in return succeeded in making the hanyou's temper rise, causing him to throw the first the first thing he could get his hand on: a stapler.

"Get the fuck out of my office now! Ya dirty toad!"

The toad-youkai quickly retreated form Inuyasha's office, as Inuyasha hastily tried to wipe the coffee stain from his newly purchased gray Armani suit, all while having a few choice words of a certain toad-youkai.

"I don't think that it's hardly healthy for you to swear and curse in the ways that you do."

Inuyasha looked up form his task at hand, only to find Sesshomaru his older brother and head of the Takahashi Brother's Worlds United: 'Bringing Youkai and Ningens Together', finely dressed in a silver Armani suit and long silver hair neatly in place; with his hands in either side of his pockets, his stoic mask never leaving its place.

"Keh, you're one to talk, you actually tolerate that toad! What the hell do you want anyways!?"

Sesshomaru eyed Inuyasha with a bit of annoyance, his mask not once ever leaving.

"Jaken is only following his orders, I want to know how far you've gotten with the Pilaf and Yurameshi issue?"

Inuyasha's temper sparked.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THIS GUY!? Does he get a kick out of fucking with our best clients!? First it was the Pilaf and Goku issue and now THIS?!"

"Relax little brother," Sesshomaru stated while walking away from Inuyasha's desk towards the door. You should know just as well as I do that this is the way we make our money. If it weren't for that incompetent fool Pilaf we wouldn't have those two clients. Oh and by the way, he stated while pausing in the door way without turning around, make sure you close this case by the end of the week, we have other matters that need attending to."



"Mmph..." BZZZ! BZZ...

Kagome tiredly climbed out of her luxurious made-for-a-queen Serta bed. Dragging her feet as she went along, desperately trying to make the 27-step journey to her bathroom without turning around and climbing back into bed. As she passed by all of the things in her enormous room, Kagome glanced at the giant gold and diamond crusted clock.

"*Sigh* 4:23A.M. and I'm still not awake. Oh Kami this is going to be a terrible day."

Kagome finally made it to her over-sized bathroom and made her ways towards the sink, grimacing at the way she looked in the mirror. Still dragging her feet Kagome mad her way over to her walk-in shower and adjusted the waters temperature. Slowly she removed her red lace Victoria's Secret bra and panties, neatly folding them and laying them onto the pedestal by her vanity, now full naked Kagome shivered a little a the loss of warmth and stepped into the shower.


Running around her enormous mansion like a chicken without a head, Kagome frantically searched for the much needed and misplaced documents she had the night before.

"Kami! Where are they?!"

Kagome ran passed her kitchen lounge-way and stopped abruptly. Slowly turning around she eyed some papers that were neatly placed underneath cellular-phone. Kagome rolled her eyes in annoyance, grabbed her phone and the papers and stomped out of the door, more or so annoyed with herself forgetting that she placed the papers there last night so she would NOT for get.

6:32A.M. and still running around frantically like a headless chicken Kagome stepped out of the elevator onto her 30th CEO office floor. Walking towards her office Kagome waved a hasty hello to the white haired woman that sat behind her desk. Kagome hurriedly dropped her belongings off in her office document papers in hand and walked up to her beloved secretary Kanna Kotenamei. Kagome shook her head as she walked up to the young woman, thinking how on earth was it possible for anyone to keep their cool just as she did.

"Kanna any phone calls?" she ask placing both hands upon her hips.

"No Miss Higurashi, but I did receive a note from Ms. Yuki from downstairs, she says to give you this; its from your husband."

Kagome took the note out of the young woman's hand, opened it and read it carefully out-loud.

"My Dearest Higurashi,

I must sadly inform you that I will be leaving out of town today and I will not be back for another two days. I am sure by the time you receive this message it will be the following day. Please accept my most sincerest apologies for my absence."

Hojo Hataka

Great, Kagome thought, another lonely night in bed with no one to keep her company. She angrily crumpled the small piece of paper and threw it into Kanna's wastebasket. He was the last thing Kagome needed to worry about. She slowly rubbed her temples feeling the effects of headache coming on, so early in the morning.

"The board-meeting, what time is that scheduled for again?"

Kanna cleared her throat.

"They already started without you Ms. Higurashi, they said that you were taking up too much time."

This did not however help Kagome's oncoming headache, in fact it just fed it a little more, including her rising temper.

"Thank you Kanna." And with that Kagome made her way to the elevator and on to the 14th floor.

DING! The elevator signaled that Kagome's journey to the 14th floor was over and she had to get off. Slowly stepping out of the elevator, Kagome straightened her attire and hair and walked confidently down toward the last room of the hall labeled 'Executive Board Meetings Only', and that when her anger stabbed through her body like a newly sharpened knife, piercing through her body.

'How DARE they start this meeting without me, when I'm the one who called forth for this meeting!' And she knew just the person who was held responsible for this action. 'Naraku Soatome'

Kagome boomed through the door faced flushed and anger flaring like an uncontrollable fire and marched right up to Naraku, stopping the meeting abruptly as all eyes turned on her; all stood.

"Saotome, how DARE you start this meeting without me! HOW DARE YOU," pointing an accusing finger in his face.

Naraku backed away one step in protest.

"Ms. Higurashi, please accept my humblest apologies, I did not think that you mind at all. I only aimed to please you in while doing so, and as I can see I have failed, I am terribly sorry Ms. Higurashi!"

All eyes were on her. She let out a ragged sigh and eyed the audience before, taking a seat at the head of the table she spoke.

"Okay, so... where did you leave off?"


Inuyasha walked out of 32- floor building and towards the parking lot, to his 1973 XLT Convertible.

(AU: I don't know much about cars so don't flame me and say that it doesn't exist.)

Beeping the car alarm and checking the red beauty for any unseen scratches, Inuyasha turned on the roaring engine, music blaring as if it were a fanfare. Inuyasha sped out of the parking lot, and made his way onto the major autoba-n. Inuyasha hurriedly made his way out of Tokyo-city and to Shubuya, Tokyo. Turning the radio up Inuyasha blasted the song "Burn", thinking back to the problem that lay before him: his girlfriend Kikyo Hantono and playmate Chii Baxter.

The words played through his mind as he thought about his situation.

It's gonna burn for me to say this But it's comin' from my heart It's been along time coming But we done fell apart

'Kikyo I have to let you go'

Really wanna work this out But I don't think you're gonna change I do but you don't Think it's best we go out separate ways

'I can't be with you either Chii'

Tell me why should I stay in this relationship When I'm hurting my baby...

'Kikyo I'm sorry'

...I ain't that happy baby

'It's time for you to move on Chii, find yourself a real man'

Plus there's so many other things I gotta deal with

'Kikyo and Chi'

I think that you should let it burn

'What have I gotten myself into?'

When your feeling ain't the same and your body don't want to But you know you gotta let it go cuz the party ain't jumpin' like it used to Let it burn Let it burn Gotta let it burn

Inuyasha shut off the radio and parked his car in the parking-lot of the 'Lime Light' bar. He walked steadily to the door, still lost in thought. Inuyasha stepped inside the bar, inhaling the scent of stale cigarettes and Black and Milds. The place reeked of old liquor and blood.

'Probably from some brawl earlier,' Inuyasha thought. He made is way to the bar and seated himself on one of the rickety old stools, motioning the bar tender to bring him his usual: gin and tonic.
Seven shots later his situation was drained away and forgotten from the alcohol's poison.

"Gin and tonic please." Inuyasha looked up from his almost empty glass to see who was responsible for distracting him in his drink, only to find the last person he'd ever expected to see in an old beat up place such as the 'Lime Light'.

"Kagome Higurashi?"

The young lady looked to her right to find the source of the voice, in doing so she found a man overly striking handsome but drunken man, seated next her right. Kagome began to rub her temples again.

"Oh Kami, please don't tell me you want a autograph for your wife, I've already signed way to many to count just on my way up here alone."

Inuyasha eyed the raven -haired beauty and inwardly smirked. 'Well, well, what they say in the 'Japanese Weekly' is true, she does have killer legs.' Taking a sip from his glass Inuyasha answered her.

"No, no, it's nothing like that. You see I'm not even married." He held up is left hand for her to see.

"I just wanted to make sure if it were you or not; just to prove how drunk I really am. Proves that I can't be all that drunk if I can decipher you from the rest of these hags in here."

The bar tender handed her, her drink; she gulped it down in one swallow.

"Good, she stated wiping her mouth off with left hand."

Holding out her right hand she said "Kagome Higurashi and I am pleased to meet you, for once all day, you are the first person whose seen me and did not want an autograph."

Inuyasha shook her hand with his left and replied.

"Inuyasha Takahashi, what brings you here to Shubuya?"

"Long story", she replied.

Inuyasha shrugged, "That's okay I've got time, if you've got time to tell."

He placed his right elbow onto the bar and supported his chin within it.

"Fine by me."


Inuyasha absorbed every word and detail that she made, and when she was finally finished, he felt a bit of disappointment.

"So this Hobo guy, your husband, you think he's cheating on you?"

Kagome laughed whole heatedly at Inuyasha's mispronunciation of her husband's name. He smiled at her, thinking of how beautiful she was when laughed.

"His name is Hojo, and yes, I do believe he is cheating on me."

"Oh? So what do you think your gonna do?"

Kagome sat and thought for a while and after what seemed like forever, she finally gave him her answer, all the while glowing from what it seemed to be, she was going to be pleased with her response.

"Let it burn."

End of Chapter 1

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Meaning and Description of Words :

Autoba-n -- highway

Shubuya – actual town inside of Tokyo; pronounced [Sha-BOI-yah]