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Hojo rubbed the bridge of his nose with his middle finger and thumb while closing his eyes, in hopes to ease away the oncoming headache he felt.

"Look Higurashi, I don't have time for any of this right now. I'm tired and I want to go to bed. So can we please save this issue for another day?"

Kagome fumed with anger as she stood before her husband. With both hands tightly clenched on either side of her, she spoke.

"KAGOME! MY NAME IS KAGOME! KAH-GOH-MEH! Got it? I am not your drinking buddy and I am not your neighbor from down the street, I am your wife! And I wish you'd treat me as such!"

Anger seethed through Hojo's body at the use of Kagome's tone. He wasn't one to be talked down to and he wasn't about to start. Hojo's piercing hazel eyes bore into Kagome's brown ones as he spoke in a low and threatening tone.

"You've got some nerve Higurashi…how dare you? How dare a once lowly country bumpkin like you speak to me Hojo Hataka that way! I will call you what I please! You do owe me that much wretch!"

Kagome scoffed in disgust.

"I owe YOU nothing!"

Hojo's eyes became dilated as he reached the peak of his anger, He walked over towards Kagome; slowly closing the gap between them and roughly grabbed her shirt collar, bringing her face to his. She gasped.

"The hell if you don't! Why if it weren't for me you'd still be living in Shibuya working in that damned so-called shrine, damn-it! I've been calling you Higurashi for as long as we've been friends and NOW you want to say something? So please dearest Higurashi, for your safety and my well being… DON'T tell me what I can and cannot do!"

Hojo roughly let Kagome's shirt collar go, all the while pushing her a small distance away from him. Stumbling slightly she caught herself and stood her ground. Kagome's head hung low. With her raven bangs covering her eyes from view, and both fists still tightly clenched at either side, Kagome responded in a voice dangerously low and soft; barely above a whisper.

"I didn't… I didn't ask for any of this. I didn't want any of this. I can't believe… that you even have the gall to even stand here before me and talk to me like I can't live without you."

Kagome slowly looked up; just in time for Hojo to see a single tear stream down her beautiful face and hurt written in her eyes.

"I don't need you Hojo, I really don't. You know just as well as I do that our marriage was for convenience for our families' businesses. You should know better than I, that our friendship as well as our love for one another died that day…when we both said 'I do'. I can't… can't do this anymore Hojo… it hurts too much. I wanted—I wanted to marry for love. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the man that I can't get out of my mind. I'm tired! I'm tired of pretending to be the oh-so-perfect couple of Japan; smiling and waving at all of those damned cameras…when inside it feels like I'm going to die. So please, please Hojo for your sake…don't think for one second that 'I need you'.


The pale moonlight illuminated off of his naked body, making it seem as though the half dog demon was a god; his beautiful hair giving off an eerie silver glow about the room. He stared out the huge glass window, looking down upon Tokyo in his pent house hotel room at the 'Four Souls Hotel'.

His partner that lay in bed close by was starting to stir.

She gazed upon him for a brief moment, trying her best to enjoy the scene before her. There before her stood a god himself, standing there in all of his glory. Seeing him naked in the pale moonlight turned her on. Never in a million years would she had ever thought that Inuyasha: Japan's biggest and most famous playboy, want her as his playmate.

Propping her head in her hand while she continued to lay on her side she spoke, still staring at Inuyasha's backside.

"Chi wants to know what Inuyasha is thinking about."

Still staring out of the huge glass window, Inuyasha answered.

"Nothing much Chi, (sigh) I was just thinking…I was just thinking about us."

A look of concern fell upon Chi's face; she sat up completely not thinking once about covering herself.

"What is there to think about? Chi doesn't understand."

Without even turning around Inuyasha could tell that Chi had her famous confused look upon her face, and for once he did not want to see it.

Inuyasha turned around and walked towards the bedroom door, picking up his white Armani shirt. Still refusing to look at her Inuyasha began to put on his shirt all the while looking for his pants.

"You don't need this Chi. You're a good girl…you don't need a dog like me who's just gonna hit and run. You need a man who's gonna take care of you and stay by you side…"

Inuyasha finally found his black Armani pants over by the grand mahogany chair; where he had thrown his shoes. Having his pants on he then sat in the mahogany chair; putting on his shoes.

"…Aren't you tired of being like this Chi? I mean…sneaking around the way we do. You need a better life for yourself, but not like this."

Inuyasha finally looked up only to find Chi standing there naked before him.

She had started to cry.

He wondered to himself how on earth could he give up such a beauty such as her. Her long blonde hair barely touched her feet; while her busty figure and well sized breast cried for attention from any man that may pass by her. But he knew why, he wanted Chi to find herself a good man; one that would take care of her and gave her all that she needed and wanted. Not some ignorant baka like him that was only using her for his pleasure.

"But…Chi doesn't want her life any other way. Chi wants Inuyasha with her. Chi wants Inuyasha in bed doing all of the things he does to her to make Chi feel good. Doesn't Inuyasha want that for Chi too?"

She looked at him, cocking her head to the side while she waited for his answer. He stood up now completely dressed; he started for the door.

Chi took a step to follow him.

"DON'T! (sigh) Don't follow me Chi, not this time."


Reaching in his pocket Inuyasha took out some money and sat it on the table next to the door. Turning the knob, Inuyasha slightly opened the door and paused for a brief moment without turning to look at her.

"There's some money for a cab to get you home and to buy yourself something to eat, I won't be back…not this time."

And with that Inuyasha opened the door completely and stepped out of the room without looking back. He closed the door behind him now standing in the living room area of the pent house. He stared upon the darkness of the room; only the light from moon lit the room partially, and even that seemed to grow dim. He listened for a brief moment, listening to Chi's soft sobs of despair. Inuyasha walked across the room towards the door that would allow him to leave all of this behind forever….

…..Inuyasha stood in the elaborate hallway of the 'Four Souls Hotel' his hung low, and sadness written across his face. He let out a long and ragged sigh before he continued on.

"It's for the best Chi…it's for the best."


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