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Setting/Time: Some thousand years ago in ancient Egypt; also takes place in the middle of the Sahara (underground).

Character Pairing(s): Anzu/Bakura, Isis/Yami, Malik/OC, and Shadi/Mai.

Summary: Bakura vanished beneath the sands of the Sahara when he was twelve. Now, five years later, Anzu is being forced to marry Prince Yami so that he may become Pharaoh. A month before they're married, they travel to the Sahara to prepare. However, Anzu 'accidentally' falls into a deep cavern beneath the desert. A beautiful rainforest awaits her, and so does an old friend. But can she remember the love she away so long ago?

Beneath the Desert Sands

By: Chi Yagami

Chapter One – Sands of Time

Bakura gazed deep into her ocean blue eyes. They mesmerized him, like a hypnotist. Her hair blew gently in the wind as he pulled her in deeper. He could feel her gagging for breath, yet he refused to stop. Finally, he let go, and they both fell backward onto the sun-kissed dunes.

"Boy, Bakura, for a twelve-year-old, you sure are mature," she said, a blush creeping up onto her cheeks. "And a good kisser, too."

He looked at her. Eyes closed, she began to hum. He knew that song all too well: it was the song that had played at the Prince's ninth birthday celebration, where they had first met.

"Anzu?" he breathed.



'Is this it?' Anzu thought. 'Is Bakura going to reciprocate my feelings of love for him? He knows I would do anything to be with him, yet I know nothing of his feelings for me.'


Anzu sighed. Sometimes, she wished Bakura would be more open. Suddenly, she felt something heavy on her stomach. Her eyes flew open.

"Bakura? What are you doing?"

"Breathing in your scent, so that I may never forget you," he said, snuggling his face into her chest.

"You're too flat."

"What the hell? Bakura, you pervert! We're too young to think such things!" Anzu gasped.

"Obviously, that rule doesn't apply to Honda," Bakura smirked. Honda always tried to molest Jonouchi's ten-year-old sister, Shizuka.

"She'll never feel comfortable around a guy again," Anzu said. She could feel his body pressing against hers. 'All guys are such perverts, even the Prince.'

"Anzu?" Bakura whispered.


"… I want you."

Anzu looked down at the top of Bakura's head. 'Is he serious? I love Bakura so much, but we're a little too young for that!'


"Yes?" he purred.

"Bakura, look at me. I love you and everything, and I'm even willing to run away to the middle of nowhere with you, but I have to put my foot down somewhere."

"What do you mean?"

"Bakura, we're only twelve. Don't you think that's a little too early to lose your virginity?"

He didn't blink. 'Doesn't she want this?'

"Not if I lose it to you," he replied, starring into her eyes.

Anzu felt it getting hotter. 'It's just me… or the desert.'

"Bakura—" She was cut off by a pair of lips meeting hers. They lay there for a long time, kissing under the blazing sun.


Bakura and Anzu looked up to see the Pharaoh's army, as well as Anzu's parents, surrounding them.

'Aww, crap. I knew they'd find us after a couple of months.'

"Bakura, you will be put to death for stealing away Miss Mazaki!"

"He didn't kidnap me; I ran away!" she pleaded.

"Do not listen to her," Mr. Mazaki said. "Obviously, that Albino freak is using the Millennium Ring to control her!"

'Foolish mortals,' Bakura thought. 'My Ring doesn't have that kind of power.'

Suddenly, a whirlwind of sand surrounded them. When it was gone, Bakura was no where to be found. Anzu sunk to her knees.

"Bakura…" she cried.

Most of the chapters in this story will be really short kuz I'm only updating it like twice a month. Sorries!