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Disclaimer: Meg Cabot/ Jenny Carroll owns all characters (though I wish I could own Jesse)

Summary: Princess Diaries-Mediator fusion- Mia goes to Cali for vacation and meets the One and only Suze... and when a freak accident makes HER a mediator, she can meet another of our favorite characters too. Takes place summer after Haunted, and Suze is working at Pebble Beach again.

Rating: PG-13

Chapter One


I sat in Granmére's penthouse, waiting for her to give me the very important news she had called me over for.

"Amelia, next week we will be going to California." What?


"Amelia, how many times have I told you, never say, 'what' like that. It is always, 'I beg your pardon.' And yes, we are going to California. You have been spending far to much time with... that boy... and besides, I need a break from this wretched city. You will need to pack your things, and the jet will leave on Monday morning, and you will return the following Wednesday. Make sure your mother knows this." My mouth hung open, and Granmére sighed again. "Amelia, close your mouth. It's unseemly." I snapped my jaw shut.

"But Granmére, it's summer! I'm supposed to spend time with that boy, who, I might add, has a name. Please call him Michael, alright? And besides, how do you know my mother will let me go? This is awful short notice."

"Oh, she'll let you. And Michael can wait for one week, can't he? Come now, I thought you would like going to California. The resort really is very nice." I sighed, admitting defeat.

"Fine. I'll be ready for then." I gathered my things and left.

Suze POV

(one week later)

"Simon, Susannah?" Jenna, the new staff assistant manager, called.

"Right here," I said, and went up to receive my assignment. To my surprise, the usually calm and cool Jenna was quivering with excitement.

"Suze, you are so unbelievably lucky. The Princess of Genovia is staying here, and you've been assigned to be her guide and help her with anything she needs!" Genovia? Princess?

"Wait. What? What are you talking about?"

"Princess Amelia of Genovia, and her grandmother the Dowager Queen are staying here for a week, and apparently Chris thought you would be best for the job of being Her Majesty's, well, accompaniment for the week." She handed me a folder. "You're to basically give her a tour of the town, hang out with her, and get her anything she wants. Alright? She should be arriving in about half an hour, and her grandmother requested that you be waiting in their suite." I gaped at Jenna as she walked away. Why me? I get to hang out with some spoiled brat royalty for a freaking week.

Sighing, I went up to the suite number indicated on the folder. I had never been into the suites before, and I thought the regular rooms were generously sized. This mini apartment was enormous. Four bedrooms, a living room, a balcony overlooking the ocean, and a fully decked mini-bar- but there was nothing mini about it.

"Susannah?" I heard my boyfriend, Jesse, call from behind me. I turned around and smiled at him. He kissed me quickly. "What is the matter? You seem a little upset." I sighed.

"For the next week or so I'm being the surrogate best friend for some Princess. She's probably going to be some stuck-up snob who I'm gonna have to put up with for 9 days." Jesse looked at me sympathetically, and joined me on the couch I was sitting on. I smiled. "But at least I have you." He returned my smile, and kissed me gently. We remained in this position, until I heard someone coming up the elevator, and we broke apart and he dematerialized.

"Hello, Susannah, is it?" A young woman, about 25, came in.

"Call me Suze." I shook her hand.

"Suze, then. I'm Cara. I've been assigned to be Her Majesty the Queen's assistant, and you are Princess Amelia's, correct?" I nodded. "Good. They should be up momentarily." And, as Cara promised, a moment later into the room paraded... the oddest looking group of creatures I'd ever seen.

First came a tiny old woman, dressed entirely in pink silk, with the highest eyebrows I'd ever seen, carrying a bald, skivering Chihuahua in a pink Louis Vuitton bag. Following behind her was a tall, stick-thin girl with curly brown hair, and looked like she would be very pretty with a straightener and a few curves. She had on jeans, combat boots, and a light blue "Save the Whales" tee shirt. She looked at me somewhat apprehensively, and was clutching a red notebook.

"Your highness," Cara said, and curtied. I followed suit.

"Miss Simon?" The old woman barked.

"Yes?" I asked nervously. Jesse appeared, sitting on the couch I had just vacated, and gave me a reassuring smile.

"This is my granddaughter, Amelia." The tall, gangly girl was the Princess? Go figure. "I ask that you help her with anything she needs. And judging by that Dolce & Gabanna ensemble-" I had changed out of the uniformed khaki shorts and polo shirt, to a sheer black blouse and tight white skirt- "you obviously have impeccable fashion sense. Perhaps you can rub some of it off on Amelia. Now, I have some business to attend to with the Emperor of Japan, so how about you two go off somewhere for a little while? But Amelia, be back by 6. The British Ambassador is nearby, and will be having dinner with us." I nodded my head towards the door, and Amelia- and Jesse- followed me.

"So, you're name's Susannah?" She asked as I hit the buttons on the elevator to bring us down to the pol area. A big security guard stepped in with us, and took the notebook from Amelia and put it in his briefcase. I was somewhat startled to notice that there was a gun and grenade in there, also.

"You can call me Suze, Princess." Jesse smirked at my sudden good manners and I smirked back, though only to get a raised eyebrow from the guard.

"Call me Mia. Everyone does." We arrived at the bottom floor, and I showed her out to the pool. "And this is Lars, my bodyguard." He grunted a greeting and I smiled waveringly at him. "Um, I'm gonna go get myself a smoothie real fast, do you want to grab a couple of chairs and I'll meet you there in a second, alirght? Do you want anything?" Wow... this chick was actually pretty nice.

"Sure, can you get me a Coke?" She nodded and headed off to the snack bar. I spotted two of the lounge chairs, and hurried over and claimed them before some 40-year-old carreer woman took them. Mia joined me a few minutes later, and handed me the coke.

We sat there and sipped our refreshments and told each other about ourselves. I found it fascinating that she hadn't known she was a princess till she was 14.

"Ouch! The pavement is so hot... I'm going to go put my feet in the water," Mia said, and tiptoed across the deck to the pool.

It was then that it happened.

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