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Chapter 4


"This is Jesse, he's a ghost."

"I know," Michael said. "I can see him"

Suze POV

Mia's mouth dropped. "Good God, not another one!" I exclaimed, threw up my hands, stood up, and walked towards the window. Jesse was much more subtle than Mia or I was.

"You can see me?" Jesse asked, a shocked undertone to his Spanish accented voice.

"Yea... I thought I was the only one." He looked at Mia and me. "You're saying you guys can, too?" I nodded.

"I've been able to my whole life... but Mia, when she had her accident, died, then when I revived her or whatever, she could. My powers traveled through the life I gave her or something. So Father D's theory says," I explained.

"Who's Father D?" Michael asked.

"Father Dominic is his real name," Jesse said. "He is the principal at Susannah's school, and a mediator also."

"Oh..." Michael said, clearly in awe of finding out that not only was he not the only mediator, but his girlfriend and her personal assistant were ones too. And he's learning all about another one from a guy in britches and a pirate shirt. I'm sure this happens to him every other day. "So... who are you?"

"Jesse de Silva," he answered . "I believe I should go tell Father Dominic about you. He would want to know," he explained. Before dematerializing, however, he came over and kissed me on the cheek and squeezed my hand. Michael raised his eyebrows.

"Whoa.. he is your boyfriend or something?" I nodded. "But he's dead," Michael said bluntly. I sighed.

"Thank you, I didn't realize. I'm glad everything's clarified now."

Mia checked her watch. "Oh! I'm supposed to be back at the hotel in twenty minutes. The Ambassador from Japan and Grandmere and I are having tea." I lead them downstairs, and saw my mother eying Lars uncertainly as she offered him something to drink.

"Lars? Can you call the car?" Mia asked, and he nodded. Moments later, we piled into Mia's limousine.

"Where to, Princess?"

"Back to the hotel." Her driver sped through traffic, and the little flags on the car apparently made us immune to traffic laws. "Here you are, Princess." Lars brought us up to Mia's suite, where her grandmother sat on a chez sipping a drink. Her eyes darkened when she saw Michael. She asked Mia a question in French, to which she was answered with an exasperated sigh.

"Maybe because he was concerned for me? Which you obviously are not. You didn't even visit me in the hospital, after I nearly died. Died!" Her grandmother continued with a rapid scolding, apparently, in French, after which Mia looked dejected.

"Susannah, will you please help Amelia get ready, and then attend the tea with us, in case we are in need of anything?" Before waiting for a reply, she turned to Mia. "Now get into one of the tea dresses Sebastiano designed for you, and meet me out here in 15 minutes... the hair stylist will be here then." She then floated into a different room, still sipping her drink. Mia rolled her eyes, and went into her bedroom and changed.

She came back a moment later, wearing a knee-length, A-line white dress. "Mia, I'm gonna head back to my hotel now... I'll call you tonight, alright?" They kissed quickly, and he left.

About an hour later, I stood in a private parlor at the Grill, pretending to be invisible, as Mia, her grandmother, and an older Japanese woman sat and sipped at tea while discussing world events. I was stifling a yawn when Mia suddenly choked slightly on her tea. As her grandmother reprimanded her in French, I saw what Mia had choked about. Right behind the Ambassador had just materialized a little kid, about 6 or 7 years old.

"Are you the mediator?" He asked with a slight child-like lisp. My eyes widened, and Mia tried to shoot me a glance, as if to ask what to do. I shrugged. "I tried to subtly mouth to the boy "Just a moment," But all I got was a raised eye brow from the Ambassador. "You are the mediator! You see me, don't you? Can you help me? My mommy thinks I'm at Katie's house, but her daddy hit one of those big wooden things on the side of the road." Mia tried to ignore the little boy, but to no avail. "Hey. Hey! Why aren't you listening to me?" He tugged on the table cloth, only a little too hard and half of it slid off the table, and the cups and saucers shattered.

"What's going on?" the ambassador asked, shocked. As far as she knew, the table cloth had just shot out from under her. The little boy went over to Mia's chair, and shook it.

"Lady, please, listen to me!" Mia gripped on the sides, frightened, as the boy wobbled her more and more violently. He started to cry. Wail, actually, as my eardrums felt like they would split. Mia clapped her hands over her ears, and the other two women with her looked at her uncertainly.

"Amelia! What is the matter? What's going on?" His new ghost-skills were fairly powerful, because the lights dimmed and brightened, and some of the chandelier bulbs popped. The Ambassador and Mia's grandma screamed.

"Jesse!" I called in my mind, and he soon showed up.

"What's the matter, querida?" He asked, but then saw what was going on. He whisked over, grabbed the little boy, and dematerialized. Everything stopped.

Hearing the shrieks of the ambassador and the dowager princess, the hotel staff shot in. "What happened here?" the manager asked, as waiters scurried around, cleaning up the mess.

"I haven't a clue," the Ambassador asked. She reiterated what had happened, and Mia's Grandma injected her opinion.

"It's haunted! Things were moving and the lights were flashing- and Amelia apparently heard something none of us heard. Is that right?" Mia was apparently a little shell-shocked from the whole experience.

"I-I.." she barely managed to stutter out. "I don't know." I rushed to her defense.

"Your majesty, Ambassador." I curtsied. "Having worked here previously, and living in the area, I know that sometimes the sea breeze can make some peoples ears ring. It's something I experience often."

"Sea breeze making ears ring? I've never heard of that before..." the ambassador said.

"it's a rare condition. It only occurs to those who have sensitive eardrums," I said solemnly. She looked confused for a moment. "Now, as Princess Mia has tea spilled on her dress, I will take her upstairs to change." With that I grabbed her arm, and pulled her to a nearby elevator.

"What happened, back there?" She asked shakily.

"That is what you're life is going to be like from now on. Ghosts popping up everywhere, at all times, asking for help."

"Is it always going to be so... violent?" She asked, referring to her being shaken and the plates being shattered. I laughed.

"You haven't seen anything, yet."

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