Misery Undeserved

Have you found what you sought, my lord,

Have you found the thing you so desire?

The light you were born in yet remains

Marred by the misery you did not deserve.

By an oath sworn in haste you are driven

An oath that will cause misery immeasurable.

What profit was it to spill the blood of kin,

Under orders, perhaps, of a father gone mad?

You abandoned your cousin, dearest of friends,

Who still deeply cares, and will come at your need.

Now you dwell in a cold, lonely place

That neither suits heart nor will.

Forever keeping watch for the causes of woe

The Jewels, so precious, and the one who stole them

Would you follow the counsel of your brothers

Ones that would gladly leave to follow their own designs?

You take no joy in this place, but are bound to it

Forever are you shut from the home you left

Only by death can you find what you lost.