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Nothin but a Mutt

Chap1 Dog gonit

Joey looked at the shiny penny in his palm. He was going to throw it into the well to make a wish. He hoped his wish would come true because he really needed it. "I wish I was da- " Mutt!" Spinning around Joey accidentally dropped his coin into the well. He cursed under his breath because that was his last one for today. "I can't believe you actually think that your dreams will come true by throwing a coin into a container filled with water," he said. "It is a well for your information it is a wishing well and now you owe me a penny," Joey said sticking out his hand.
Kaiba dug into his pocket bringing out a chew toy and placed into Joey's hands. "What is this?" Joey asked. "Your doggie toy I found on the ground. I just wanted to return it," Kiaba smirked. "FOR DA LAST TIME KAIBA I AM NOT DA DOG!" Joey yelled.
Kaiba only turned around walking down the street not even paying attention to Joey screaming. Joey decided he would go home that there was nothing to do. As he left the penny in the well began to glow. At home he could hear the sounds of his sister Serenity laughing upstairs. Looking at the time he realized it was almost 12:00 midnight, so he went straight to bed.
The next morning he woke up having a strange urge to drink out of the toilet. He got out of bed and dragged himself to the bathroom. He looked in the mirror seeing to ears sticking up from his hair looking exactly like dog-ears.
"WHAT THE HECK!" he yelled to himself.
He slowly touched the ears on his head then flinched when he found out they were real. How could this be? Why did he have dog- ears?
Joey had to hide his new found dog-ears, but how? Walking out of his house he kept his ears hidden under his hood. No way was he going to let his friends see his ears. Opening the door to his homeroom he saw his friends sitting in their usual spot. He plopped down next to them not saying much.
"Joey how was your weekend?" Yughi asked.
"Um it was interesting,"
"How so?" Tea asked.
"I um- well-
"Hello class now that everyone is- um Joey could you take off your hood remember you are not allowed to wear it on in school," she said.
"Um- well- I can't,"
" Is it a bad haircut?"
"Take off your hood or you will get detention," she sternly said.
Joey took off his hood and everyone laughed at him. The teacher had an angry look on her face
"Joey take off those dog-ears right now. I will not have a clown in my class," she said.
"They aren't fake they are real," he said.
Joey reached for his ears and tugged as hard as possible but they wouldn't budge. The teacher came over to Joey's desk and began to pull on Joey's ears causing him to yelp.
"They are- are- real," she said before fainting.
"I told you so," After the sudden shock the teacher was given, someone rung up the principle to call an ambulance. Forty minutes ticked by before the ambulance got there. People began to laugh and smack Joey on the back saying ' nice one wheeler' or ' you are so hilarious'. Feeling that urge to drink out of the toilet again Joey went to the bathroom. In the bathroom he kneeled down and began to drink out of the toilet. He never thought the water from there would taste good even better than the fountain water.
"Returning to your dog instincts mutt?"
Joey wanted to yell an insult Kiaba but all he could do was growl. Kaiba thought this to be funny so he kept saying more.
"I knew you were a mutt but I didn't think you were the type that drank out of the toilet,"
Tried of all this Joey crawled over to Kiaba and bit him the leg. Screaming out in pain Kaiba cursed freely. Joey sat there laughing at Kiaba.
Joey got off the floor and hurrying back to the classroom. He saw his friends and sat down. Kiaba came storming in a little while after with a dangerous glare on his face. He stood there staring at Joey as if he could kill him with one look.
"Kaiba I am so sure that Joey who would never bite you, never bit you," Yughi said.
"He bit me and I have proof," Kaiba said showing them his leg. Kaiba's leg had deep teeth marks in it making his leg bleed. No one believed Joey was able to do that to Kaiba. They all turned away and began talking amongst each other.
"Is it true you got a dog?" Yughi asked Tea.
"Yes it is-
" Hey guys leaving us out of the conversation,"
"Oh hey Malik, Ryou, Marik, Duke, and Bakura," Yughi said.
"Don't forget me,"
"Yami I thought you didn't want to come to school,"
"Changed my mind. Hey Joey what is up with the hood?" Joey pulled down his hood to show them his cursed ears. They all fell on the floor-laughing making Joey angry. Putting back on his hood he yelled at them. After a while of yelling the lunch bell rang signaling them to go to lunch. Eating his food Joey ignored all of his laughing friends. Finishing his whole lunch he began to have a horrible stomach ache which was strange because Joey never got one of those. Clutching his stomach he began to groan in agony. His friends immediately stopped laughing at his ears and began to worry. "Joey what is up?" "I have a stomach ache," "You're kidding right?" Duke laughed. "No," "Once you see my new puppy, friendship, you will feel a lot better," After school they went to Tea's house. Her dog was a very energetic animal. Everyone got along with the dog except Joey. For some reason Joey kept growling at it. When they left the room it was just Joey and the puppy. The puppy walked over to Joey and sat there with its puppy eyes. Joey just gave it a mean growl.
"What's your problem human?"
"What did you say?"
"You can understand me?" Friendship asked.
"Yeah it is weird,"
Joey clutched his stomach again. He didn't feel better at all he felt like he was going to barf.
"What is wrong?" he asked.
"Well, Friendship I-
"Don't call me by that retched name call me Moe,"
"O.k. Moe I have stomach ache,"
"How did you get it?"
"Well by eating food,"
"I see,"
"That's not all I drank out of the toilet and this," Joey said taking down his hood and showing him his ears.
"This is obvious you are turning into a dog,"
"What but I-
Joey stomach began to still hurt. Feeling woozy Joey threw up on the floor.
"The funny thing is I am still hungry," Joey said.
"Well since you are turning into a dog. You need to get use to dog food," Moe said walking over to his food bowl.
"Can't I be turned back?"
"I am a puppy not a scientist," he said.
"You have no idea then?'
Moe told Joey to eat some of his dog food. Joey tasted the stuff in the bowl. He loved it as much as drinking out of the toilet. He happily chewed away.
"I can explain I-
"No one can explain that. It is too weird to explain," Bakura said.
" Don't listen to her. She is a fool," Moe said. Joey snickered at what Moe said. "YOU LAUGHING JOEY HUH? I DON'T THINK IT IS FUNNY!" " You know what is funny her lousy friendship speeches," Moe said. "I know her friendship speeches are lousy," Joey replied. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU MEAN – UGH!" Immediately Joey left along with the rest of the gang. When they were about to walk down the sidewalk Moe or Friendship came up to him. "That was a bad thing to do because humans can't understand when dog language," "So, Tea, didn't hear everything you were saying?" "Only one that understands dog language is you about to be a dog and other dogs and animals," "Well thanks for the info, bye Moe,"
They left Tea's house and then split up to their own houses. How will I survive this? Joey asked himself. On his way to his house he stopped at Pet Co and bought dog food.
Before Joey went to bed he drank out of the toilet. He slept on the floor instead of on his bed.
Review to see how Joey handles being turned into a dog slowly.