Nothin but a Mutt

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Chap5 The Man Behind the Dog

Joey woke up to the scuffling of feet outside. Wondering what the hustle and bustle was he went out his open door. He saw Mokuba and Kiaba running down the hall like there was a fire loose. He followed them both into to the Kitchen where they rummaged through the fridge.
"What is going on?" Joey asked getting used to speaking dog.
"Oh big brother this is mayhem I forgot to tell Little Seto that we are going to school," Mokuba panicked.
"So it is one place where I won't have to see that mangy mutt which is mot mayhem for me," Kaiba said setting down his cup of juice.
Joey's Pov The hurrying, the backpacks the looks of utmost horror in their eyes of course they are going to school. I should have known. Wait I will be all alone.

"What do I do?" Mokuba asked his brother.

" Well if I were you I would leave the little demon without looking back,"Kaiba said.

" All alone in this big mansion,"

"Mokuba do you want to be late for school? Hurry up!" Kaiba yelled.

"Little Seto, school is only well 9hrs( AN: guessing) so don't get into trouble ok bye love ya,"
"Yeah don't wreck the house or I will kill you,"

After they left Joey decided he would go to school. Walking through his doggie door Joey decided he would go to Domino High since he didn't know where Mokuba's school was. Making his way slowly up the stairs he stayed as low as possible so no one would see him and kick him out. Joey saw his room 204 staring at him and he heard the role call a boy ran in opening the door giving Joey a chance to walk in.
"Joey Wheeler,"
Everyone turned to look at where the sound was coming from.
"Awwwww, the puppy came to school to see if Kaiba was ok, now that is true friendship, I wish my puppy would do that," Tea said.
"How does the puppy even know where the school is anyway?" Tristan asked.
"Maybe there is more to this puppy then meets the eye," Duke said.
"Maybe he is a pup bent on world destruction," Marik said.
"Guys the dumb mutt isn't mine it is Mokuba's and it will be heading straight home right now,"
Joey didn't move of course he wasn't going to be told what to do when to do it he was no ones pet. Kaiba seeing the dog wasn't going to leave on it's own he picked it up by it's collar and took him outside.
"Listen here puppy I don't know how you got here or why you are here but I know how you are going to get back,"
Joey Pov Blah Blah blah blah you talk too much.

Joey wanted to stop his dog instincts but he found himself licking Kaiba's face, which was really gross, but what could he do. The dog part of him was trying to take over.

"Mutt I demand you to stop right now- ok right – now," Kiaba commanded, " I guess you aren't so bad after all I might get to like you someday maybe not today or tomorrow but someday. NOW GO!

Joey couldn't argue with Kaiba's death glare and gripping hand around his collar so he left. Walking back inside he felt the loneliness in gulf him. How he longed for Mokuba or sad to say even Kiaba to give him company. Joey went to his room and slept for a while hoping when he woke up Mokuba would be home.

Waking up he found himself still alone so he sat there. Then something happed to him because he bolted outside his doggie door. He looked at all the mud puddles everywhere from the rain. His dog instincts said make a mess but his human instincts said mess up Kaiba's house. So he jumped into the mud.

After a long frolic in the mud Joey walked inside and rolled all over Kaiba's bed making sure to get it extra dirty. Then he heard the door opening. He ran to see the person was Kiaba. Looking extra closely he saw no Mokuba.

"If you are wondering where Mokuba is he went with his friends to the ice cream parlor and will be back in a while," Kaiba said, "and sadly I have to take you a bath because Mokuba said it would be doing him a favor."

Hearing the word bath Joey ran for his life. It wasn't the fact he was a dog now and dogs usually don't like baths it was the fact that Kiaba was going to give him one. Joey ran from room to room not stopping he ran back outside played in the mud a while then jumped back out once Kaiba came out screaming.

Picking up Joey Kaiba flung him into the bathroom and closed the door. Joey had nowhere to run Kiaba in front Bathtub in the back he was well doomed. Joey sat in the tub while Kaiba scrubbed. The phone rang sending Kaiba away. Joey thought of running off then decided it was useless since Kiaba probably just catch him again. Slowly Joey just let him self sink into the bathtub of bubbles and relaxed. Walking back in Kiaba felt around the tub to find the little pup but what he felt wasn't a pup.
"Um mutt where are?" Kiaba asked.
Joey came up to see the look of horror on Kiaba's face. He wondered what was wrong. "What you haven't seen a puppy in a bathtub before," Joey said laughing.
Joey was clueless he got out of the tub as he crawled out like dogs do he noticed he had hands. He was a boy again it was great he was so happy he hugged Kaiba.

"STOP HUGGING ME YOU ARE NAKED!" Blushing like a beet Joey got a towel and put on some of Kaiba's clothes. Knowing he wouldn't mind now.


"You really want to know?"


"Really really?"


"Well you know Little Seto?"

"YES! I wonder where he went he must still be in the bathtub."

"No he is out here."


"You're looking at him."

Kaiba faced turned red then he looked like he ate some cafeteria food and was about to blow so Joey left knowing that there would be more screaming. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Joey closed the door behind him as he walked down the stairs. Running as fast as he can he ran into Mokuba.

"Joey what are you doing in there and why are you wearing my brothers clothes?"

"Umm- well- let's just say-that Little Seto isn't little anymore," Mokuba looked at Joey confused as he opened the door to be blown away by his brother's screaming.
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