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Notes: This is a coda to the episode "The Disease". I wrote it back when the episode first aired and had it on my Paris/Torres website up until about two months ago. However, despite placing it on a P/T site, this is thoroughly Kim/Seven. Enjoy!

Romantic Love

Seven of Nine stood before the young man behind his computer.

"Ensign Kim, I would like to discuss love."

Harry turned his head slowly, looking at the ex-Borg dubiously. "I'm not really in the mood for irrelevant discussion right now."

"When will you be available for small talk?" she questioned him, unfazed.

Turning back to his computer, Harry mumbled, "later."

Rather than upset the ensign further, Seven took the hint and began walking toward the exit. As the doors opened, she commented, "your eyes dilated .847 millimeters more when you looked at my body."

"Excuse me?" Harry didnt' believe he'd heard her correctly.

"Your eyes - they dilated only .591 millimeters when you looked at Tal. It would follow that you find my form more pleasing."

Harry momentarily left behind his pain in amusement. "If I didn't know better," he began, "I'd think I was listening to some Borg vanity."

"The Borg are not vain," Seven replied with a hint of indignance.

"But humans can be," Harry pointed out.

"Perhaps my humanity is asserting itself again."

There was a silence, during which Harry Kim wondered what prompted the subject of his former infatuation to visit. Seven, in turn, moved again toward the door.

"Seven, wait." When she turned back around, he continued, "what's your point?"

"My point?"

"You said that my eyes dilate more when I look at your body. What are you implying?"

Seven almost smiled. Instead, she moved to stand directly before the young man, watching his eyes grow larger. "A year ago, you rejected my offer to copulate. Yet you knew Tal only two weeks and had no difficulty accepting her offer. Why?"

Harry had been unprepared for that question. Was Seven of Nine jealous? Harry pondered the question, then stood up, feeling less flustered.

"I guess it's because you and Tal were offering different things."


"Well, Seven, you wanted to copulate, and learn more about humanity."

"And how is that different?"

"Because --" Harry sighed, not certain how to explain, "because for many humans, copulation is an expression of love. Tal and I loved each other. You and I didn't."

"So love is a requirement for sex to occur?"


"You are confusing me."

"I know," Harry sighed. "Let me try again. You noticed that I was attracted to you, and decided that I would be an appropriate partner for your learing experience. But I didn't want to be a 'study in sexuality' for you. Tal and I were in love. That made the sex different."

"But love is not a requirement?"

"No, it's an ideal. I feel more comfortable sharing myself with someone in a romantic context. Not all humans feel that way. But I do."

Seven stood in silent contemplation. Then she looked at Harry again. "If we shared a mutual attraction, and were 'in love' would you accept an offer of copulation?"

Harry blushed. "I -- I suppose I would. If we were both in love."

Seven accepted his answer and turned toward the mess hall exit again. "Thank you, Ensign Kim. I believe I understand now."

Harry waited before Seven had left before sliding back into his chair and letting out a deep sigh of relief. "You're welcome, Seven."