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Summary: Draco Malfoy is a part veela. How will he react on his seventeenth birthday, the time when the veela in him chooses the person that he would be living with for all eternity? He does not know what path to chose, but he is headed straight for Harry Potter. What happens during Draco Malfoy's ultimate quest for happiness? (I SUCK IN SUMMARIES)

Setting: Sixth year in Hogwarts, during Draco's birthday, and right after Christmas Vacation.

Pairing: DM/HP

All this is done in Draco's POV.

Chapter one:

I stayed home for the Yule Holidays. It was boring, but alright as well. I don't want to stay at Hogwarts when everyone leaves for their Holidays! At least it's better at home, where I'm free to roam, and invite couple of acquaintances over.

T'was the night before the day designated to go back to Hogwarts, and I sighed as I waited for the time to tick by.

"Draco, dearest, have you found a mate yet?" My father asked, as he passed by.

My parents have been pressuring me to find my mate since I turned seventeen, the legal age for the wizarding world, and the day that my veela powers are finally in full operation. I'm a half veela, and the veela in me is supposed to find me a partner that I shall live with for the duration of my life.

"No, father." I replied simply, as usual.

"Then invite more friends over. Perhaps one of them will turn out to be your mate." My father said, leaving the room and slamming the door with a bang.

I sighed and stood up, heading off to my room to relax. My bedroom is my only sanctuary in the Malfoy Manor, the manor I am to inherit after my parents' demise.

I entered my room and sat on the bed, sighing. I didn't know exactly how I felt, and how to find out if I was attracted to someone. If the veela in me was, rather.

I thought about Pansy Parkinson. The very thought of marrying her and living with her for the rest of my life made my heart skip a beat. In disgust. I absolutely loathed that girl, I loathe her with a... passion.

Millicent Bullstrode however is a nice person... If you could call her that. She is a true Slytherin, just like me.

I thought about a few more people, sighing as I lay down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. Not too long after that, I fell asleep.

I felt someone, or something, poking me. I simply grunted in reply and rolled over, covering my head with my pillow. The prodding kept coming, and I finally opened my eyes and took my head out from under my pillow to see the source of the prodding. I saw that it was one of the house elves, and when it saw me awake, it gave a small smile.

"Marny, what is it?" I asked, still sleepy. Normally I'm nice to house elves, but I found that I tend to take my frustrations out on them.

"Will Master Draco please get up now? His bath is ready. He needs to leave for Hogwarts in two hours." Marny said.

"Shit! I forgot about today!" I said, scrambling out of bed and rushing into the bathroom. I did my morning duties and dressed myself up. I had laid out an outfit on the bed earlier, and I looked it over. It would probably look good on me, and I pulled on a pair of tan leather trousers, which were quite loose, yet tight at just the right places, a dirty white long-sleeved turtleneck sweater, and I topped it off with a tan trench coat. I would be transported to King's Cross by Muggle car, and so I dressed in what resembled a Muggle-like outfit.

"Is my breakfast ready, Marny?" I asked the house elf that was still waiting for me in my room. It nodded and dragged me by the hand to the breakfast room, where I devoured my food in a hurry. I headed off to outside, where a carriage awaited to transport me to King's Cross.

At King's Cross, the Muggle station for trains, I headed to the brick column concealing Platform nine and three-quarters, pushing my cart along with me in a hurry. I definitely didn't want any Muggles to hit on me. After all, my veela powers is in full operation. I did notice, though, that a lot of people would stare at me as I passed by. I entered the Platform, and headed over inside the train, levitating me things behind me, towards the Prefects' compartment.

I was allowed magic, since I had already turned seventeen, and I am very grateful about that. Potter, however, had also arrived early and noticed me using magic.

"Of age already? I see you're able to use magic freely outside of school grounds." He mentioned, his arms crossed as I passed by him, who was leaning against a compartment door.

"Of course. Apparently you aren't of age yet. Poor Potter." I mocked him, yet turned away as I felt a sudden attraction to him. A heat rose to my cheeks, and I hastened to walk away from him, to try and hide my blushing.

He only smirked and chuckled, making me roll my eyes. "Later." I said, bidding him temporary goodbye. Our relationship of hatred had cooled down, not to the point that we're friends, but we don't fight much anymore. We prefer to leave each other alone, even though we still get into bickering sessions sometimes. Still, we have settled into teasing each other, no longer insulting each other. Potter's friends find this unusual. So do mine.

I levitated my trunk to one of the baggage compartments, and sighed as I entered the Prefect compartment, where Weasley and Granger already were, as they were prefects. I ignored them as they glared at me whilst I entered, and looked out the window.

I wasn't in the mood for Weasel and Mudblood bashing that day, but they kept on insulting and provoking me.

"Why, has daddy's little boy finally run out of insults?" Weasley mock-asked, causing me to turn to face him, a deadly look in my eyes.

The two looked at each other and shut up finally, letting me stare at the passing scenery.

"It's your turn to do your rounds." I stated simply, coldly, and indifferently, indicating that they start with their prefect duty. I would start with mine later on.

They nodded and stood up, exiting the compartment to do their rounds. Granger had still a book with her. I shook my head, chuckling lightly. "How could that girl possibly read too much and still come second to me?" I asked myself, as lately I had studied a little more than I normally did, pushing my normally above average marks a little bit higher, topping every class I was in.

I don't know what had gotten into me, but I suddenly felt the need to study. I guess I was not contented with being second in class. And I had wanted to make my parents proud. I waved my wand, and I was immediately wearing already my Hogwarts robes and uniform. My earlier outfit was back in my trunk.

I sighed as I looked out the window, staring at the scenery, the animals we pass by, the birds... and I wished that I could be as free as them. I wished that my father would understand my wish to keep myself neutral, not to pick a side in the war. If I chose to be on the light side, it would do me good, but my father would probably kill me on the spot. If I chose the dark side... let's not go there. I don't even want to kneel in front of the Dark Lord and worship him, kiss the hem of his robes... It's just disgusting to work and defend such a snake. I do know that I am a Slytherin, but still... as much as my father tries to deny it, the Dark Forces are getting weaker.

A while later, I stood up to do my rounds of prefect duty, walking around the train. I passed compartment after compartment, listening for any trouble. I'd sometimes slide open the door and surprise the occupants, checking if they were causing any trouble. I would, of course, slide the door closed immediately before any of the occupants would submit themselves to the attraction that my veela aura would cause, and pounce me. As I neared the other side of the train, I had already confiscated a lot of illegal objects. As I passed by certain a compartment, my heart leapt.

I walked over to where the compartment, my heart beating rapidly, my breath quickening.

This must be it. The veela in me has probably already chosen for me the mate that I will live with my entire life.

I felt compelled to see who my mate is supposed to be, and panted as I anxiously slid the door open, staring at the occupant.

I broke into a sweat, staring at the occupant, my mouth agape, my eyes wide. I could not believe it. I knew I had felt something for this person earlier, when I passed by.

"Are you alright?" The only occupant in the compartment asked.

That voice. That gorgeous voice. I felt as if I wanted to listen to it all day. My heart rate quickened, if that was still possible, and I struggled to get myself in control.

How could it be? It's simply impossible! I mean... of all people...

I was feeling a pull towards the occupant, my future mate. A tug, an attraction... And I tried my hardest to deny it.

"Are you alright, Malfoy?" The person asked me again. This successfully awakened me from my temporary daze. I took in a deep breath and struggled for my composure, before I nodded.

"I'm alright." I answered, before I headed off to finish my rounds, albeit still in very much shock.

I finished my rounds and entered the prefect compartment, before I slumped down on a seat and fell into a tired slumber.

Before I knew it, I was in the great hall, awaiting Dumbledore's speech. I excitedly waited for the food, but I still could not dismiss the sense of worry and foreboding that I felt once I found out who my mate was. I, of course, kept this a secret.

"Draccie, have you found out whether or not I'm your mate yet?" Parkinson said, clinging to me. I brushed her off and glared icily at her, sending her scurrying away to another seat.

As Dumbledore finished his speech, I started eating, finishing both main and dessert courses in a hurry. I stood up and left, heading for my private rooms.

I stood in front of a door, and beside it was a sculpture of a snake. I placed my hand on the head of the snake, and the door immediately opened.

I was the only one who could access my room, as it was my magical signature that the snake's head would sense out. That, and of course, my finger and hand print.

I entered my private chambers, walking towards the fireplace. I waved my hand and a fire suddenly lit. I threw some floo powder in it and recited my father's name, and his head appeared in the fire.

"Yes, son? I take this is a matter of much importance as you had just pulled me away from my dinner." Father said, looking me straight in the eyes.

I nodded, and answered, "Yes, father. I have found my mate on the train."

"I see. Very well, I shall have the ceremonies arranged." Father said, nodding once. "Dare I ask who?" He added, and I swallowed.

"You wouldn't like who it is, father." I replied.

My father quirked his brow in reply, indicating that I answer him.

"I'm telling you, father, you would not accept it! I am still in shock myself!" I said, trying to warn him.

"Just tell me, Dragon." He replied, using my household nickname.

"I-it's..." I started, taking in a deep breath. I rarely stammered.

My father nodded his head, telling me to go on.

I finally managed to mutter my future mate's name.



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