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Chapter 9: Is this him?

I blinked. Once. Twice.

OH, HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I absolutely forgot about today! We were supposed to leave for the manor at eight in the morning! It's half past seven, I've only just awoken, and Potter is still snoring beside me!

Beside me!

Bloody hell, Potter is beside me! As in an inch away from me, beside me. I sat up, and checked if this was my bed, or his. Maybe it was me who slipped into his bed last night, because him sleeping beside me is impossible. Yes, it was my bed.My heart was jumping in my chest happily. He slept beside me! I stopped myself from laughing before I woke him up. Oh, wait, I did need to wake him up.

Why am I feeling so giddy? Gah.

Maybe because I'm thrilled he slept beside me, that he was at least willing to share a bed with me. There was no need then for my summoning another bed.

Or maybe he just made a mistake and slipped into my bed unknowingly, noticed that it was mine far too late, and he was just too lazy to move to his bed?

What if he woke up and started screaming bloody murder?

Why am I thinking like this? It's seven thirty-seven, for Merlin's sake, and we're still in bed!

Oh dear Merlin, I want to kiss him.

"Harry, wake up," I managed, and gently shook him awake.

He blinked owlishly and sat up, his hair even messier than usual, one side standing up, one flat on his head. That made him look so cute, although I would rather cut my tongue off than admit it. He yawned and stretched his arms.

"G'morning. Time s'it?" He asked, still sleepy, rubbing at his eyes. "I just had a very goo' rest,and tha's v'ry rare," He mumbled as he yawned, having some trouble forming syllables. He was still too lazy, not yet wanting to get out of bed, and not to mention he was still sleepy.

Although the fact that he rested well even if he was beside me was very heart-warming.

"Good morning. We've no more time for chatting right now. How can you be so relaxed! There are only twenty minutes left before eight o'clock, and if you would remember, we have to leave for the-"

"Oh gods! It's nearly eight o'clock? Why didn't you wake me up?" He exclaimed, nearly jumping off the bed, and I looked down guiltily.

"I just woke up myself, too." I explained with a shrug, and folded my arms at my chest. We were so close that if I leaned a few inches forward, I would be able to kiss him. It was far too early, but I would take my chances… I just wanted to kiss him so much.

I leaned forward and gave him a small smile before my lips ghosted on his, touching his lightly. He was in shock, I knew, and I pulled away and got out of bed before he would be able to chop my head off. I smiled at him and headed for our bathroom so that I could take a quick shower.

I took one of the quickest showers I had ever had, and dressed up formally. Certainlymy parents would be upset ifI wore casual clothing in their presence. I walked to our room, clad in black dress pants, a white shirt, and a dark green cuffed dress robe. As I passed by Potter, who gave me a small smile, I advised that it would be best if he dressed up formally too to meet my parents. "And make it quick," I had added. Potter simply shrugged and headed to the shower, his bath towel slung over his shoulder.

I sat on the already made bed—the house elves, I assumed, had already been in to clean—and sighed, standing up and pacing. I knew how unreasonable my parents could get if I was late. Likely even moreso if Potter and I were late… especiallysince I would be introducing him to them formally.

Five minutes passed, and I was already pacing, pondering if what I had done earlier was acceptable.

Was kissing Potter reasonable?

What was I thinking!

He could very well hate me now.

Two more minutes, and I was near panicking. Three more minutes and it would be eight o'clock, and we would be late! To my intense relief, however, Potter clambered up the steps, his hair still wet from his bath—and still sticking up—wearing an emerald green robe which brought out the color of his eyes. I smiled at him, and we headed over to the fireplace. I handed him the dust-less, soot-free floo powder, which promised to get us to wherever we wanted, still squeaky clean. "To Malfoy Manor," I informed him, and smiled. I soon followed.

We arrived in our floo room, finally, and I dusted myself, even if I was clean as ever. I simply couldn't stand being dirty, I suppose. Potter, I noticed, was doing the same. He happened to look up, however, and stopped in his tracks, gaping. "Uh. Nice..?" He offered.

I chuckled and nudged him forward. I could imagine his shock and wonder; I did feel like that when I was a kid. Even if I did live in this manor, I was never allowed to floo much as a child. My mother feared I would get dirty. The invention of the soot-less floo powder guaranteed though that I would be able to travel as much as I liked. Through secure floo networks, of course.

The room was enormous, quite possible the size of two-thirds of the great hall, and in the middle was a fountain, round and continually pumping water. In the corners were four columns, so big that my arms would wrap around them only half way. The intricate carvings on the columns never ceased to amaze even me. The fireplace from which we came from was on one wall, big enough that the whole Weasley clan would fit in it, and on the wall opposite it were the double doors leading to the hallway, two times my height, made of wood. The room was made of marble, and the lighting came from the windows around the dome ceiling, and the chandelier hanging in the middle, atop the fountain. Surrounding the fountain were black leather couches, which perfectly contrasted the off-white of the marble.

I led Harry into the hall, around the manor, through some winding hallways, up some stairs, and stopped finally in front of the double doors that led to the parlor.

"We'll meet my mum and dad here. Just remember to be polite, keep your back straight, and don't talk to them unless they talk to you. They're sticklers for manners, and you know that."I said, smiling. He smiled back nervously, nodding.

"Malfoy? Are you sure meeting your parents is safe..?" Harry asked.

I grinned, rolling my eyes. I didn't bother to reply. He was still suspicious of my father, but that was alright by me. I knocked thrice before we went in. I nodded to my father curtly, and gave my mother a hug.

"Father, mother." I greeted, and went back to Potter's side, and pulled him by the arm gently to stand in front of my parents. "This is my mate, Harry James Potter." I stated.

"Pleasure meeting you once more, Potter." Father had said rather stiffly, and offered his hand for Harry to shake. Harry did so and said the same thing my father did. My mother then came forward to inspect him. She walked around him, as if a predator, quirking her brow as she inspected. With a final nod of approval, she gave Harry an almost undetectable smile and gave him a hug.

"Welcome to the family, Harry." She smiled, and broke the hug. "I do hope you will enjoy your stay here. I know that you will find having my son as a mate wonderful," she said. I smiled and Harry did so too. I could tell that he was thinking that it would have been easier to get along with the Malfoys if we were both as nice as my mother.

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