Memories of Light: Prologue

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A/N: This is a departure from my main series. Its continuation depends mostly on how many reviews I get and whether there is any interest in keeping it going. It is also a homage to the Cowboy Bebop movie. That doesn't mean that I'll rip out the plot one hundred percent but there will be many moments that will feel very similar whether it be lines I'm cutting out of the movie or what not.

The room crackled with the sound of electricity, the air filled with the smell of charred flesh. Lying face down on the floor, I wondered what cruel twist of fate had brought me back to this life. For a moment, I don't want to move but then more memories begin to return. They are a blessing as much as a curse and suddenly I am filled with rage. Who has dared?

Pushing up with one arm, I raise my head and see a pair of black boots. I follow them up past a body garbed in gray robes and to an old aristocratic face, framed by spiky brown hair. The man gazes back down at me impassively.

"Wh..." I croak out, realizing that my throat is parched. Swallowing, I continue again, "Why?" My voice is as firm as I can make it.

"We had need of you?" The man standing over me says. "I will explain everything later." He bends down and thrusts some articles of clothing at me. "Get dressed and we will brief you."

It is only now that I realize that I am completely naked. With as much dignity as I am capable of, I take the clothes. The man turns around while I get dressed. My old instincts kick in as I begin observing my surroundings. I am standing in a small room with bits and pieces of machinery hanging from the ceiling. There is a small tube behind me, which I can only assume was used to create and hold this body I am now using. A further moment is used to look at my hands. The fingers are long and slender, almost feminine. For a moment I wonder if they've brought me back as a female but other evidence disabuses me of that notion fairly quickly. My body is now much leaner, not as muscular as it used to be.

"Finished?" The man ahead questions softly.

Sliding a sleeveless T-shirt over my head, I say, "Yes, let's get going."

The man leads me out of the room and into a hallway. I follow him as he leads me through several similar looking hallways with signs posted here and there leading to medical or towards other facilities. My senses have begun to kick in by then and using the signs we cross, I affirm that he is leading me towards the main command.

My legs begin to burn as we walk and I realize that I am still not fully functional. I have felt pain before though and my mind knows how to block it. That is one relief in this whole experience although as with most gifts it is double edged. For having a complete mind means that I also remember her. I quickly shy away from that line of thought. There is too much pain there.

"Inside," the man gestures and I realize we've come to a stop in front of an open door.

With a shrug, I step inside and the door slides shut mechanically, behind me. I am in a small office room now and right across from me stands an old wooden desk. Behind the desk stands a chair on which is seated a familiar figure.

"Welcome back," he says genially. "Take a seat, your legs are probably feeling pretty stressed right now."

I walk over to one of the empty chairs beside the desk and sit down. "Why and how did you bring me back, Gennai?"

Pouring water from a pitcher in a small glass, he passes it to me. I gulp down the water as he starts talking.

"As to the how, we had a backup of all your memories. I figured they would come in useful someday." He reaches under his desk, opening a drawer and withdraws a mirror. "Your body is different, it was custom made to hold your memories and is capable of doing anything you require of it."

Picking up the mirror, I see a stranger staring back at me. Raising a hand, I run it through my overly large, spiky brown hair. "Why didn't you just snap a pair of goggles like Daisuke or Taichi's over my head."

Gennai looks at me, his lips twitching in amusement. "To be honest, the thought crossed my mind."

I lower my hand from my head and set the mirror down on the table. "Ok, now that that is out of the way, tell me why."

"Ryo Akiyama."

The name triggered its own flood of memories. With deliberate calm, I battle them down. "What about him?"

"He has gone rogue." Gennai hit a button under his table and the wall behind him flipped around, revealing a display screen that was showing an image of a familiar blue planet. "This is Earth number 4087. It is of the classic Earth variety. There are no demons, no digimon, just humans as inhabitants. The laws of physics are the same as they are for the classic Earth division. You are to go in and apprehend Akiyama."

"You brought me back just for this." I am suddenly very angry. "You have a whole army at your disposal, old man."

"Akiyama was the best, better perhaps then even you. You are the only one we really have who can theoretically match him."

I close my eyes, my anger fading to be replaced by a deep sense of weariness. It was supposed to be over. Looking up, I say, "I will do as you ask." There is no other choice really, at least at this moment.

Gennai smiles. "There is just one more thing I need to tell you." He reaches into a side drawer of his desk and pulls out a collection of syringes. "Your body is a loan. We built in mechanisms so you don't try to escape. These drugs," he motions towards the syringes, "will keep your body from breaking down at the cellular level. When the drug supply runs out, you are as good as dead. Furthermore, your body contains a self-destruct mechanism that we control. If you try to run, we can have you killed at any time. If you show any deviation from your mission, we will have you killed. If you are foolish enough to try and go back to your home dimension to visit your lovely ex-wife, we will have you killed. Your only choice is to comply with us."

My anger is great but there is nothing I can do. Masking my face, I nod in compliance.

Gennai smiles again and says, "Let's get your prepped for the mission then."

Five Hours Later

The portal snaps close behind me and I look at the small room I am standing in. It is bare except for a cot set in one corner and a desk with a computer sitting on it. Disregarding the computer for the moment, I walk over to the lone window in the room. It overlooks the street outside and I find that I am on the second floor of some building. Looking down at the street, I am hit with a sense of heartache. There are sights there that I have not seen for a long, long time. Car's whiz by and people traverse the sidewalks going about their normal business. All of it is overwhelming and the one thing that I want most at the moment is to go out there. The mission can wait for the moment.

Turning around, I exit the small apartment. It takes me only a few moments to locate the stairway to my immediate left and in a minute or so, I am standing outside the building. Checking the address and memorizing it, I start walking. There is no particular destination I have in mind, I just want to walk and take in the sights of this ancient suburbia.

A great while later, as night starts to fall, I stop at a Convenience Store. There is nothing that I need to justify the stop but I remember a similar location from a long time ago. Miyako Inoue once worked at a store much like this one. For the sense of nostalgia alone I find myself walking towards the store. A small bell goes off as I open the door and step inside.

There is a man at the counter with a gun that immediately turns in my direction. Quickly, I take full account of the situation. There are three of them, one at the counter, one roaming a side aisle and one at the back of the store. They are amateurs, half scared out of their wits at committing something like this.

"Hey you," the man at the counter yells at me, "what do you think you're doing?"

I shoot him a contemptuous look and calmly walk over to where they keep the snacks. Breaking open the seal of one, I bite into it.

Growling, the man strides forward brandishing his gun. I wait until he is close enough and then my foot lashes out. The speed of the move surprises even me. In my own body, I had been fast but now I am much faster.

The man recoils, holding his hand as I kick the gun out of it. I jump as it flies in the air and catch it. In the same motion, I turn in the air and shoot twice. The first shot hits the man in the aisle and the second takes the guy at the back of the store. They had both begun to go for their guns. As I land, the guy whose gun I had taken rushes me. I duck his first punch and drive an elbow into his short ribs. The breath whooshes out of his mouth and I follow up with a kick that sends him to dreamland.

It is then that I turn to the girl standing behind the counter.

"You might want to call the police," I say lightly. "The other two are injured but alive." Their moans are a testament to my words.

The girl though looks at me, her eyes wide. "W... who are you?"

Twirling the gun on one finger, I reply, "Just a humble civil servant, darlin'."

I am so bad ass.

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Gummed up, brain dead and can't decide

you can't pray enough, you can't hide

You can be cool or you can cry

Do it wrong

Not it all

Or do it right

No one owes you,

no one's to blame

Save for bad genes or DNA

Ask your conscience the why and how

Do it then

Do it when

But, do it now

What's up sweet cakes?

Who's hip anyway?

Earthgirls are easy

What you gonna do lil' buckaroo?

(Hey you, you better ask her nice!)

All you gotta do, happy fool, is ask your mom

No we all can't be Superfly GQPhdFBI

You can pretend or you can try

Move ahead

Lay down dead

Or slip on by

When the truth seems so far away

Buddha loves you and Jesus saves

You need answers for your dismay

Ask yourself

Ask your mom


What's up sweet cakes?

Who's hip anyway?

Earthgirls are easy

What you gonna do lil' buckaroo?

(Hey you, you better ask her nice!)

All you gotta do, happy fool, is ask your mom

Kamakamakama ask your mama

Super groover Dahli Lama

What's up sweet cakes?

Who's hip anyway?

Earthgirls are easy

What you gonna do lil' buckaroo?

Come on!

What's up sweet cakes?

Who's hip anyway?

Earthgirls are easy

What you gonna do lil' buckaroo?

(Hey you, you better ask her nice!)

All you gotta do, happy fool, is ask your mom

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